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FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre)

( Designer)

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Biography FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre)
photo FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre)
Dzhafranko Ferre, once and forever vanquished traditional houses Dior, not cultivated 'restraint', typical of Valentino or Armani. In its collections, luxury - a welcome guest. Perhaps that is why his contribution to the prosperity of the Italian and the world of fashion can not be overlooked. Gianfranco Ferre ',' bearded colossus', as journalists called him, is headed today prosperous enterprise whose annual turnover exceeds 300 million, and profit is 70 million. FF.

A born couturier, who yearned to become a pharmacist, in the small town of Legnano in northern Italy, August 15, 1944. His grandfather was engaged in the production of bicycles, and my father was an engineer ... Initially Ferre followed the advice of his father and went to study at the architect.

Perhaps the architect's expertise helped make the first step on the path to glory.
One young Gianfranco, almost in jest, invented and fashioned ornaments. They liked the knick-knacks and they were ordered specially. Now the career of the future master was determined. Soon Ferre began working simultaneously at several companies that produce clothing. In the cases of one of them, who made coats, he went to India for a long time. 'There, I learned a lot ... All these new and wonderful experience helped me realize the existence of another reality and a way of life '- later told fashion. Returning to Milan, Ferre acquainted with his future partner Franco Mattioli, and in 1978 they are organized by Gianfranco Ferre. The success of the first collection exceeded all expectations. 'From that moment, truly marked the beginning of my work in fashion', says Ferre. However, this was only the beginning.

In 1989, the president of the group LVMH, Bernard Arnault offers Ferre take place Mark Boana, who reigned in the House of Dior. Italian - French fashion designer famous fashion houses! The audience took the news as a challenge. But time has shown that Bernard Arnault, was not wrong. Ferre was able to return to the origins of the House of Dior, he boldly combines the former classical virtuoso with the lush luxury. For the very first fashion collection was 'The Golden Thimble'. Eight years later, when Ferre was at the height of fame, a contract with Dior suddenly was not vozobnavlen. In Paris rumors about the feud between the designer and president of LVMH. However, all versions proposed newspapermen were wrong. October 8, 1996, daily show its latest collection of pret-a-porter for Christian Dior in Karuzel du Louvre Dzhpnfranko Ferre explained everything: fashion designer Dior could not manage his own household Maud, who have been Ferre in Milan. The designer, fell in love with the style of Dior suddenly said: 'I'm never going to create a fashion Haute Couture. Not under your name or under someone else. This pleasure can only bring himself in Paris, in the House of Dior '.

However, his promise only partly fulfilled couturier. Soon Ferre began regularly create exquisite evening dresses, and sew them still. Release lines pret-a-porter de luxe under his own stamp couturier told the press as follows: 'The years spent at Dior. left me a huge luggage. This experience and the love and passion, and friendly relations with both employees and with customers'. In the late 90's started a real expansion of Italian fashion throughout the world. Such a turn of events in no small measure contributed to the sharply changing needs of women - now needed a modern clothing at reasonable prices. Ferre was able to use this situation to fully. In his Milan studio, he creates clothes, building in the first place, the material and not from a sketch. Pinning samples on a large board, he decides, from which it is born costume, from what - a new white blouse ... Direct in nature, the most demanding in relation to their employees, he can work 14 hours a day. Company Ferre, along with Valentino, Armani and Versace, Italian fashion has provided global success. However most couturiers like that better works of Karl Lagerfeld and Yohji Yamamoto.

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    FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre), photo, biography
    FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre), photo, biography FERRET Dzhafranko (Gianfranco Ferre)  Designer, photo, biography
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