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Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi)

( Designer)

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Biography Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi)
At some night talk show host Isaac Mizrahi, one of the most famous and expensive of American fashion, some guest aunt told him that on it - his clothes. He was not particularly surprised or moved by. He did not say (at least out of courtesy) that she made a good choice, that she has good taste. "Oh, darling, I'm happy for you that you can afford it!" - Said Isaac.

Everything related to Isaac Mizrahi - shattering. He had not yet turned thirty, but he has captivated New York's Seventh Avenue
The question will be about a man really unusual. His name we have not enough knowledge to become a household word, but it confirms once again that Ukraine, though like all post-Soviet countries have a long way to the "Big World". For there, he is known along with Gaultier, Kenzo, and dozens of first-magnitude stars.

Popular advertising newspaper Women s Wear Daily (WWD) quickly christened Isaac Mizrahi - Miz the Whiz ( "Miz clever"). During the first five years of work, . He won three of high rank "Fashion Designer of the Year", . and is now rapidly extending its influence in Asia at a speed, . by WWD has defined as "a mega-step", . always inclined to joke, . she has long proclaimed, . that ": in a tizzy over Izzy" ( "all concerned that Izzy"),

There are several Jewish boys, who for 30 years making great strides. But Mizrahi is not concerned. His story of success - a typical American, and Mizrahi, with his Brooklyn accent and a good education for the common good Jewish boy - a typical New Yorker. Mizrahi is very similar to the ideal. Judge for yourself - beautiful, expansive, indefatigable, intelligent, rich, well-educated. He has an army of friends who adore him, and his range of interests. Circle, which is more suited to some wealthy scion of an ancient aristocratic English family name: Bridge, Bach and Ballet.

Mizrahi, Vogue magazine singled out as one of the representatives of the establishment of a new world of fashion, making a bet on the fact that in the beginning of the millennium his name is on everyone's lips. In America, this is so - at least among those who are well dressed - thanks to the remarkable documentary "His unbuttoned," which showed Mizrahi and his world.
"His unbuttoned" has won numerous prizes and immediately spawned a huge affection for this eccentric gifted person. This is a phenomenal influence on the popularity of Mizrahi, perhaps because he was shown a positive guy - extravagant, perhaps, but with a wonderful sense of humor. And best of all, that, unlike most other on-screen portraits prone embellish the actual appearance of the hero, in this case corresponds to the original reflection in the mirror.

Mizrahi and the real, everyday life speaks in capital letters, with many adjectives, using intricate grammar that according to a handwriting reflects the infectious enthusiasm with which he does. And that's inherent ability to see throughout the comic behind which became his hallmark magnificent colors (prompted, as he confesses, candy wrappers from the candy) and crazy designs his collections.

Having obtained a diploma in 1979, drama school, he enrolled at a school Parson. Why? What it is not fascinated by the actor's career? To blame his mother and the child's dream. Even with 12 years of Mizrahi knew he wanted to become a fashion designer. He knew that from that moment on television saw a repetition of the film 60-ies of disorderly affair one couturier. High Heels, taffeta, silk cuttings: he was astounded by what I saw on the screen, but it yesherskie teachers could not grasp why the eccentric boy insists that he wants to sew dresses for Barbie.

His mother (ie "Mom" instead of "mother", because like any other Jewish boy Mizrahi adores her), who liked to dress by Norell and bought them at some of the cheapest stores, have a remarkable sense of style. As Mizrahi says, "She dared to put on my father's beach pajamas, . when others have not thought about such: Seer. "Both, . and Mizrahi, . his mother, . understandably, . Tears, . learning - even after, . Isaac entered the apartment, . - That in an apartment house, . where he settled, . previously lived Norell,

It is strange that the general scheme of interior decoration, developed Mizrahi and his architect, Ross Anderson, largely borrowed from Norell - bleached wood and leather. His lucky find a tiny apartment in Greenwich Village continues to charm Mizrahi and now, . when, . seemingly, . he has the opportunity to buy as many square meters of prestigious housing, . as he dream: "To live in this place was a dream of my life,
. This apartment meets all my needs. This is the perfect size: I'm too busy, I was not up to the big flat ". However, Mizrahi often takes friends: "I prefer small companies, and it is good, taking into account the size of my home".

Although Anderson was also engaged in design studio Mizrahi, work progressed slowly over the flat, despite the fact that there really should have just put in order the interior. "I wanted something soothing. Cozy. Simple. I have a hard life, and I need a break. I do not want anything that would require a very careful care ". "True luxury is not contrary to fact, from what I worked in the studio: a combination of raw and processed items and texture finishes. While I have not bought a piano - the main subject of my apartment, I could not be squarely addressed the interior design. I knew that he would dominate, and realized that it is pointless to work with something else in the room. While it is not brought back, I lived like a monk. I waited and even almost unpacked, I was waiting for him - a grand piano "Steinway" around 1936. This is my most excellent acquisition: pure ivory, perfect tonic, a divine voice ".

Once the piano was installed, Mizrahi began to pick the furniture in accordance with the theme of design: "Fred Astaire Meets 2001 - A Space Odyssey". When you look at the apartment clean lines and classic design of products, it seems that Astaire came down from heaven and hung Mizrahi behind in those moments when he chose the furniture and arrange it in places. "All stop. I choose - is my "I". I think it is because I designer, I'm not so afraid to experiment at home. When you - the arbiter of fashion, you know how to answer many questions on design. But, knowing how many there are options that can be confusing and. And yet what I'm doing, interconnected. I do not know how it specifically, except to say that in everything I do, the same sensitivity manifests itself - whether it's room, costume, souffle or piano concerto ". Apartment sensual, sensual fashion. As a reflection of its essence. As a continuation of his nature:.

A pity that Mizrahi is not yet popular with us. Buying his clothes, you will get an excellent opportunity to bring him a piece of my life. Bit of a fun, stylish, intelligent and sensual. What is it you bad?

. Alain Maev

. Notes on the cuffs
. Christmas Eve, I ran into the street Mizrahi, . which ran across the road, . shuffling, . a rabbit or some other kind of insect, . very rapidly turning over foot-paws, . wretched and ridiculous form, . debility in his slippers on bare feet, . A simple blue jeans and hideous form an inflatable jacket with a hood from the shiny black Bologna,
. Trendsetter fled to a nearby Bodega - a cheap ole shop. Probably with a hangover. Wonder what he could buy it? Some crap - for Christmas gifts to friends and relatives? Pity I did not have with a camera. (December, 1997., Slava PA.)

Designer Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi) has recently presented a solo show on Broadway titled "Les Mizrahi". The director of theatrical activity, designed to give second birth anecdotes and jokes Mizrahi (usually addressed to the well-known personalities in the fashion world), made by Richard MSY (Richard Move)

. In his show, former designer and newly-comedian sends stinging arrows against former competitors (in particular, . Michael Kors (Michael Kors)) and in zahleb praises himself and his kin (claiming, . example, . that his mother was a beautiful figure, . The former pride of all the family) - in general, . seems, . Mizrahi that simply moved the tradition of the fashion on the theatrical scene,
. Musical accompaniment program provides a trio of Ben Valttsera (Ben Waltzer Trio). (October, 2000., New York newspaper "Daily Variety").

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Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi), photo, biography
Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi), photo, biography Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi)  Designer, photo, biography
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