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SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)

( Designer)

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Biography SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
Active and multifaceted artist's creative activity began in Moscow, where in 1979 he built the first theater in the USSR Fashion. Theater of Fashion "Style" was not at that time unique in the country and became one of the brightest events of those years Variety

. Theater of Fashion "Style" was a participant in the cultural program of the Olympic Games in Moscow (1980), . actively starred on television in many television programs, . a concert program, changing fashions and rhythms, too, "the theater of fashion looked more than half a million people in Moscow and Leningrad,

Raf Sardarov with his team visited almost all the major cities of the Soviet Union. Foreign tours were held in Germany, Spain, Italy (photo-session in Venice), Hungary (tours on the government line), Poland.

Raf Sardarov its collections for three consecutive years was a guest of the Berlin Film Festival (1990-92 yy). As the director Raf Sardarov, in addition to his theater, he worked at many festivals fashion and beauty contests.

Raf Sardarov Studio

Among them, "Miss Moscow - 89", "Miss Electronics", "Miss Warsaw", "Miss Naberezhnye Chelny", "Miss Togliatti" I etc. In his luggage staging a solo concert of Alexander Malinin in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses "Easter ball of my soul", the show program "Unisex" theater mode "Style" on the scene of the October Hall of St. Petersburg, etc..

However, the main line of the artist's work - this is fashion design, the development of image. In this area, Raf Sardarov worked and is working with Russia's pop stars such as Edith P'eha, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Malinin, Valery Leontiev, Anastasia, Marina Klebnikov, Natalia Vetlickaya and other.

Models and accessories with the label "RS" are in the collections and the world of celebrities, including by Thierry Mugler, Iman-top model and wife of David Bowie, Andrew Logan, Leo Arippy etc..

Three years of work primarily as a stylist competition of young performers "Moscow-Yalta transit" resulted in the project - Session Club "Paradox" where people of creative professions. The result of four one-year work of the club - a lot of interesting projects: exhibitions, gokazy, recording new songs, etc.

. To date, Raf Sardarov is the head of the design studio "RS", . operating in the city of Moscow, . art director of the International traveling exhibition "RAF Line", . author and presenter of the radio program "RAF Line" at the radio station "Moscow speaking", . As a journalist and critic collaborates with magazines and newspapers.,

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  • Nastyona for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • Raf-best designer I know, seeing his collection just fell in love ..
  • roza for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • Rafa, I'm looking tebya.otzovis.nina adhesives
  • Sergey for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • A remarkable man!
  • Elena for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • adore, but rarely see
  • Elena for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • But his birthday soon! Happy! I'll see!
  • antochka for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • yes, raf, where are you???
  • dew for SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)
  • RAF. Il tempo con lei gentilissimo. auguri da INNA DOMOREVA DA ITALIA T. 346 763 1212
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    SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff), photo, biography
    SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff), photo, biography SARDAR Raf (Raf Sardaroff)  Designer, photo, biography
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