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Anatoly Klimin

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Biography Anatoly Klimin
photo Anatoly Klimin
Anatoly Klimin - one of the most successful Russian businessmen, well known in our country, and in the West. In 1992, he created a company to produce garments "Tom Klaim Ltd.", Which is today represented in more than two hundred retail outlets worldwide. Women's clothing and accessories made by the company are sold in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Belgium. Recently opened boutique "Tom Klaim" on one of the most expensive and "trendy" the streets of Paris, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.

The holding "Tom Klaim" is its own production, television company Klimin TV ", the center of marketing research, advertising service, a powerful security department. Annual turnover - 100 million dollars. In all of its divisions are about four thousand people.

Today Anatolia Klimina 43 пЁп╬п╢п╟. He tells about his business and reveals the secrets of success.

- Today we can speak of an entire empire "Tom Klaim". Thanks to what came to see you succeed?

- I think that every person with a certain set of circumstances, and most importantly if you want success, of course, comes. The main thing - be treated with great love for what you do. Do not take the money that you want to win. It usually begins when the business people first ask themselves: How much will I get from this?

I am in his business such a question never put. I'm just working and enjoy my work, and money are of secondary importance to me. They are for me the material, which I use as well as machine tools, technologies, equipment ..

. Success comes to himself, if the manufacturer is closely monitoring its customers and is primarily concerned not about their personal welfare, and how to please a client, how to make the product better, how to bring maximum satisfaction from the goods

- What began your work in the field of fashion?

- Before the restructuring, I worked in semi-artisan household of household sewing machines. I created fashionable "cooked" denim dresses, women produced longer T-shirts, sundresses. Dozens of different technologies, I once mastered. I remember, for example, in 1968-69, the drivers have been the fashion for the pennant. And I made pendants. Drivers are happy to pay for the pennant by one - two of the ruble, which in those days was good money.

This is just one case, they can be remembered forever, as I always was in some sort of search. There was a day when I was not interested in anything and doing nothing. Many of my friends were amazed at the time: why I did not continue its current business? And explained everything is simple: in front of me was not on enriched tasks. Interest in the case has always stood above. It is the nature of my arranged.

- Now you, too, are doing just what you're interested in?

- Of course, creativity is always my first place. Even the production of sausage - creativity. On how creative people come up to packaging, to the content of the sausages, everything depends. But the ability to do business with creative people, of course, must be. Because whatever you did not create a good picture of what would be an excellent model did not, if you can not bring it up to all that work is useless.

- Are there any businesses that are for you to orient the business?

- Yes, and their large set. The sample for me, for example, Carnegie. Very interesting man with a very interesting fate. I study his life, I am pleased to read his books. If you understand his philosophy of life, anyone can succeed.

- How do you explain the success of special clothing "Tom Klaim"?

- Business is often based on paradoxes. At one time, three or four years ago we made a lot of noise unusual clothing. And it has attracted many people to our products.

You should always seek a paradox, or new technology. If we do the same thing as doing everything else, that success can certainly come, but he is very elusive. I am always doing what others do not. This may be the key to success, by the way, not only me but all the rest.

- Do you follow the fashion?

- I enjoy it in the first place. Working in this industry, if you are not aware of what is happening is not what this season, but even at this hour in fashion, then the next day would be unfortunate. Every day, you need to know what's new on the market that at the peak of that went out of fashion, which is convenient that it is not easy: in my office on TV 24 hours a day - fashion.

- Your structure works as a well-oiled clockwork mechanism, and one day?

- I do not agree with those people who say that business should be built for the ages. As time passes, the situation is changing, and I sometimes adjust the business four times in one month. If I build it for ages and confined in any frame, it is within this framework and will. Business must constantly improve and build their philosophy of conducting business.

- You recently opened a boutique in Paris monomarochny. Do you think that he is competing with the French brand stores?

- No. Boutique in Paris - is an image store, which is what we are doing, and with which we find new customers. French shop - a sort of exhibition of achievements of the company.

Of course, there is turnover, buy goods, and with pleasure, but I would not say that the shop is open for the sake of money, for the sake of business. Just because my business is not commensurate with the profits that this boutique can bring.

And I do not think that our unique boutique in Paris, working on image. Many of the shops on these expensive streets are made to express yourself: that you are able to keep the shop, show themselves, to change the collection ...

- What are the goals now stand before you?

- I'm always looking. Of course, not the purpose of my life to master new equipment, new technology or make a new fabric.

I often ask myself: what is my purpose? Lot of money? Like, I have them not so little. Maybe not as much as we would like, but I have enough for them to live peacefully and to implement their projects.

Maybe there is no purpose: I just live. Every day - this is my life.

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Anatoly Klimin, photo, biography
Anatoly Klimin, photo, biography Anatoly Klimin  Designer, photo, biography
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