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Andrejanova Victoria

( Designer)

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Biography Andrejanova Victoria
photo Andrejanova Victoria
Victoria Andrejanova - winner of the first contest "dress, 95" (the prize "Golden tab), . the top prize in the category "Urban dress" on the 3 rd competition "dress, 97", . Grand Prix "Silver tunic" for the best collection at Fashion Week - 97, . founder of design firm "Victoria-A, . artistic director at the Fashion House "President", . created on the basis of the company "President-service" and service the highest bodies of state power,

Victoria Andrejanova finished art and the wardrobe department of the Moscow Art Theater and Technical College. Her graduate work was Mstislavskaya costumes princess and queen Irina to play "King of Fyodor Ivanovich" in Maly. Soon the owner of a red diploma by passing the entrance examination only, became a student of the Textile Institute. Models Victoria Andrejanova like the middle class - those, . Who does not appeal to avant-garde fashion, . who value moderation and loves classic, . solid stuff, . solid and high quality luxury fabrics, . and costumes, . perfectly sitting on the figure,

Favorite age Andrejanova - woman, after thirty. Favorite style - the strict European clothes, ideally made out of expensive fabric - one that prides itself for parties and business negotiations, acceptable, and on weekdays, and holidays. Her credo - clean lines, simplicity and elegance. "I try to follow the rules - doubt, abstain, - says Victoria - when a model to remove all superfluous, it remains the perfect shape and quality fabrics. Then turns masterpiece. I try to do a thing where you can live, even if it is extravagant and it is shown from the podium ... "

In her models, any woman feels charming and secure. Victorian pleasure a good cut and fine touches that give a unique costume designer chic. Her model - simple and ascetic, but at the same time harmonious and completed.

It creates not only the clothing on individuals, but corporate identity. "I dream of such a company, which could order a thing Father, Mother and Children".
Victoria loves natural fabrics and gray. All of his shades, nuances, texture. But the theme of collections and their character changes from year to year. In 1997, the fashion week in Moscow, Victoria presented the image of the traveling aristocrat. The purpose of the collection - "to revive the tradition of aristocratic comfortable travel, women's ability to be elegant in any circumstances, the ability to change itself and change the world around him. Basic Materials - sided milled wool, tweed, heavy viscose jersey and cotton velvet, silhouette - vertical, narrow and very elegant.

In 1999, the face of the company "Victoria A" was the younger sister Andrejanova - Catherine Strizhenova, actress and host of "Good Morning", where Victoria, incidentally, works as a stylist. In the same year, markedly increased interest in its activities and on the part of Russia's media - about her writing not only the most reputable fashion magazines (Vogue, . L "Officiel, . Marie Claire, . Harper "s Bazaar), . but such political publications, . as the "Profile", . "Money", . Vlast,
. In 1999, opened a boutique Victorian Andrejanova on Kutuzov Avenue.

Victoria refers to the rare type of designers, who like all kinds of competitions. "The idea of competition makes some other way of thinking," she said. In March 2000 Victoria Andrejanova participated in the contest "Valenki - Valenki", organized by the magazine L "Officiel and the agency" Artifact (in the exhibition was attended by almost all of Russia's prominent designers) and won his. Her work - boots, covered with flowers orange blossom - organizers said a special prize.

Creative steps:
1989 - graduated from the Textile Academy. Kosygin.
1990 - leading artist Fashion Center Russia.
1991 - Internships in Singapore and Indonesia.
1992 - base their own design company "Victoria-A.
1995 - Golden hanger "at the competition" Dress of the Year ".
1997 - artistic director at the Fashion House "President - Service in the Administration of the President of Russia.
1997 - Collection "Travel aristocrat" in the fashion week in Moscow.
1997 - First prize in the contest "The dress of the Year" (nomination "Urban dress").
1998 - Collection "snowman" at Fashion Week in Moscow.
1998 - visiting textile mills in Scotland.
1998 - collection in collaboration with the "Saga Furs of Scandinavia".
1999 - a collection of "Happy End!" Fashion Week in Moscow.
2000 - winner of the contest "Valenki 2000" (draft magazine L'Officiel).
2000 - demonstration in Strasbourg at the invitation of the international club "Lady Leader".
2000 - costume designer for the movie "To fall down up.
2000 - Golden dummy "for collection" Caution! Woman! " Fashion Week in Moscow.
2001 - Golden dummy "for the collection of" demonstrative statement "on the fashion week in Moscow.

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Andrejanova Victoria, photo, biography
Andrejanova Victoria, photo, biography Andrejanova Victoria  Designer, photo, biography
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