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Vyacheslav ZAITSEV

( Designer)

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Biography Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
photo Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
Slava Zaitsev - couturier, . artist, . poet, . President of the Moscow House of Fashion, . member of the Union of Artists of Russia, . Honored Artist of Russia, . State Prize laureate, . Officer of the Order for "Service to the Fatherland, . Professor, . honorary citizen of Paris, and Ivanova,
. Man of the Year in the fashion world. At the festival "The best five designers of the world" in Japan, a collection Vyacheslav Zaitsev recognized as the best.

Zaitsev often quoted a line: "I owe everything to Providence ...".

Born March 2, 1938 in Ivanovo, a working family.

1956 - graduated with honors from Ivanovo Chemical Technology College, was qualified as an artist painting on fabric.

1962 - graduated with honors from the Moscow Textile Institute. Works on an experimental garment factory Mossovnarhoza, leads an experimental group in the All-Union House of Models at the Kuznetsk bridge.

1965 - became acquainted with Pierre Cardin and Marc Boan.

1979 - Zaitsev away from the official fashion and starts all over again in a small studio, which later grew into Moscow House of Fashion.

1980 - the release of two books Zaitsev: "Such a fickle fashion", "The diverse world of fashion". Creates costumes for the participants of the Moscow Olympics, for which he was awarded the Order of Honor.

1982 - Zaytsev Fashion House, and in 1988 became its President-Elect.

1988 - Paris Mezom de Couture gave VM Zaitsev right to participate in these collections. For the first time this honor was awarded a Russian artist named Man of the Year in the fashion world. He became honorary citizen of Paris.

1991 - received the order and creates a new form for employees of police. Awarded the rank of "Honored Artist".

1992 - Publishing News "issued on the English-language book about it" Nostalgia for beauty, "and publishing" Image "a book of his poems and graphics" I owe everything to Providence. Branch of the world's leading cosmetics company L'L'ORц+AL launched into production the first Russian designer perfume "Marusya, then a new line project Zaitsev, Maroussia - creams, lotions, deodorants, soap.

1993 - Belgium released trial set of chairs on the design of Russian couturiers. Collaboration with the French firm "Reviyon" in creating Zaitsev clothes haute couture of fur and fabric. Since 1993, Zaitsev - president and chairman of the jury of the annual contest Russia's domestic fabrics and collections of models "Textile Salon" in Ivanovo. Presentations at seminars, consultations artists, an initiative of Ivanovo in the festival "Children's fashion," participation in the protection of graduate student ISTA.

1994 - the first time in Russia, he holds a competition of young fashion designers of the N. Lomanova. Contests headed "Exercise" (teachers and students of colleges and lyceums sewing), "Golden Needle" (Russia's Association of children's creative teams of Fashion), Festival "Velvet Seasons in Sochi".

Despite its tremendous employment, Zaitsev is multi-faceted creative work with young artists, fashion designers. His work - this is truly selfless work of Russia's intelligentsia in the name of Russia, the prosperity of its talented people.

Throughout his creative activity Slava Zaitsev is revealed as an extraordinary, multifaceted with unusually thin kind man in love with his native land.

The main theme of his work as an artist-designer - is the search for harmony of content and form, the relevant moral criteria of aesthetic society at this turn of civilization. This constant desire to prove, . that man can not only create beauty, . but be an example of this beautiful world, . not pollute our air environment - nature and society, . get used to a harmonious, . admiration of people the perfection of form and rich color palette, . agreed in detail,

Vyacheslav Zaitsev created costumes for many productions of the Moscow theater, film scores, for pop bands and artists.

Moscow Fashion House, led by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, has become a true center of education of good taste, and fashion theater Zaitseva convincing spectacular form of propaganda Beauty. Largely thanks to his efforts, Russian fashion has reached the world level, taking a worthy place on a par with such recognized trendsetters such as France and Italy. Canada, Finland, USA, Germany, India, Sweden, Austria, Italy - this is not a complete list of tour of the theater.

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  • Elen for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Hello. My name is Ellen, . I'm from Armenia, . Stepanakert .. and I am 28 years old .. you know, . All my life I dreamed of being a fashion designer, . and participate in shows ...... finally 3 years ago I had this opportunity arose. I'm studying fashion designers at the university and went to 4 last year at, . This year in August, will be screened graduate and I will also take part with their 5-S models ....... but we have a small town and the post-war. if I stay here, . I'm not able to achieve. and I will not be worthy uchitaley ..... and so I decided to write to you ... please, . Take me under your wing. and give a chance to achieve their dreams ....... if you will be interested, . I will send my sketches ..... thanks in advance. with best wishes Helen,
  • Anonymous for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Hello
  • Faith for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Hello, greetings to you from the Solar and Baikal Buryatia. I admire your work, Cinderellas are turning to Princess. I want to ... We are with you vidilis in Kaliningrad and photographed in the fishing village, excursion boat. Come to visit us. While ...
  • Tatiana for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Hello Vechaslav, perhaps the question would not sound correctness, but what your nationality? your fan Tatiana Orenburg.
  • Anonymous for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Elen, this is a link to his website. Come and see, I think - it's a chance;)
  • Tanya for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • Hello Vecheslav Zaitsev! I just want to say that I adore you! I do not want to become a model, just admire you!
  • Father David Courter for Vyacheslav ZAITSEV
  • I have owned and enjoyed one of your Pencil on Paper pieces, NU VII, since I purchased it in San Francisco in 1987. At this time, I regret that I must sell the piece due to the economic needs of my ministry. Since I do have such a love for this piece, I would like it to go to a collector that will appreciate it as much as I do. I do not wish to auction it as that seems so impersonal. Can you assist me in any way in finding a home for this very beautiful piece of you?
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    Vyacheslav ZAITSEV, photo, biography
    Vyacheslav ZAITSEV, photo, biography Vyacheslav ZAITSEV  Designer, photo, biography
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