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Comments for MOSEEVSKAYA Galina
Biography MOSEEVSKAYA Galina
photo MOSEEVSKAYA Galina
Galina Moseevskaya - fashion with their own, different style. Many point out such features of its models as a dynamic, mysterious, fascinating and freshness embodied in these images. Sense of color and precision of the lines attached to each of its collections of its unique sound.

- You characterize one of its areas of creativity as a graphic style in fashion. What do you mean by this concept?

Fashion for me there in two ways: in the graph and in the "material". Through graphics can make all. Sketch - is not only a designer's fantasy. It is more. Even the first line in a clean white sheet of paper can "tighten" the plot, ask the nature of future models. Here, I believe everything that is "above". Expression of fashion in the schedule - this is completely independent of its manifestation. It is connected with fashion plastic and psychology. In reality, when we are working with fabric, texture - there interested in doing the volume, to breathe life into a product, create organic manner. For me, everything is important in this one the creative process: the search form, finish, movement of goods, its dynamics, "music" model. Here the world of graphics and reality whimsically interaction, feeding and enriching each other. It is interesting to observe how everything can change from seemingly minor stroke or a shift of focus. This is a game graphical interpretation of the model with its real embodiment of what I call a graphic style.

- How is the vision of fashion combined with the strict requirements of the market?

Of course, the need to take into account the requirements of the market seriously restricts creative flight of thought, down to earth ideas. There is always a contradiction. However, there is something universal, in that you can always rely. This quality, color, decoration, expressiveness of the image, style.

- What is the value you attach to the finish in your collection?

A very large, especially embroidery. Finishing gives feminine clothes, character, emotion, intensifies the effect of beauty. Chance there should be no.

- What do you consider successful collection?

Ideally, the collection should be seen not as something remote from life, a kind of abstract fantasy. For me, the success of the collection, about which I dream and aspire to that, it is an organic relationship with life. Each viewer directly to the show should take my style, the idea of collections. As a result, he must take a fresh look at your wardrobe, and possibly change its image.

- What for you is your website www.gala-fashion.com?

Probably every designer wants to be a Fashion House. I have it until the virtual. It is very important to have a means of expressing their ideas and creative ideas, communicate their vision of fashion to all who are interested, regardless of distance and borders. And these people are very much. Each tip of my work gives me a new impetus to the inspiring, the new surge of energy. Internet - it's just a gift of fate. It gives me a hitherto unprecedented opportunity to communicate with peers around the world. It stimulates the search, move forward. Someday, I believe, my virtual Fashion House will open and your real branch with the usual "earthly" address.

- You call your teacher Vyacheslav Zaitsev. What is the role he played in establishing you as a designer?

All of my work, its internal energy, the driving pulses, all the success and achievement - all the merit of my teacher Vyacheslav Zaitsev. I do not know anyone else who would have worked so selflessly, as he. And it was still under pressure in any art, any deviation from the "norms and rules". In those days, able to penetrate "hard rock" artistic council, to overcome persecution and humiliation ... He gave us, his students, the fire of creativity, helped to find their style and configured for each his "sound". For me - this is an example of the Artist. I think he has not appreciated in the present either in Russia or abroad. Fashion comes and goes, and Zaitsev remains!

- Tell us about your creative process.

Create a new collection - an agonizing process. Sometimes a model is born from a sketch, sometimes intuition is connected directly to the tissue, there is also something else in a precise ratio. But in each of the options has its own features, pros and cons. Sketch puts everything in its place: the image, proportion, detail. In the second version of the many unexpected. It makes you more determined and even bold steps. Always interested in the first fitting, when you can potvorit, when the model is manifested in the life. This model should live, even when it hangs on the "shoulders", while it should not look unhappy, wretched. The model, which carries the energy - that is a criterion for its successful in my understanding.

- What place in your work is actually on schedule?

Graphics - an expression of the ideas and trends that can not be realized in reality. I think the dream of any designer - the embodiment of all the creative ideas. But, alas ... In life, do not get. Graphics also allows me to overcome these natural limitations, rise above them. In addition, it is an abyss in the creative interpretation of the characters, to reflect the nuances of human feelings. This is a separate issue that requires full dedication of creative.

- What's new you see in fashion lately?

I notice an increasing dictatorship of the market, which violates the seemingly immutable canons of modeling and invade his creativity. A striking example of this - Care of fashion, Yves Saint Laurent. This sign loss in the fashion world, which is entering a new era. But outside the creativity fashion simply does not exist. So there will be new discoveries and new talents.


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MOSEEVSKAYA Galina, photo, biography
MOSEEVSKAYA Galina, photo, biography MOSEEVSKAYA Galina  Designer, photo, biography
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