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Biography Elena NAZAROFF
photo Elena NAZAROFF
In 18 years, Elena Nazaroff left Russia. Just 10 years took her to get on top of one of the most famous Parisian fashion houses - the House of Jacques Fath. ... The choice fell on Helen, because she knows what femininity. She understands the modern style. She is not afraid of innovative solutions and has a sense of humor. She - the woman. And, besides, Russian!

Biography Elena Nazaroff can be read as an adventure novel. Or a fairy tale?
Helen away from home, being the sixth month of pregnancy. Virtually no means of livelihood, she and her husband had to move from place to place. I managed to visit in Finland, and Sweden, spent two years in germanskom refugee camp, where out of Tolstoy Foundation. With it moved to South Dakota, from which went to Los Angeles. Talent and perseverance helped her to go to a private American College of Applied Arts. "I had no recommendations, no particular reason to apply for a scholarship. I just talked the director to give me any test, at his discretion. I was so insistent that there had been, - says Elena. - My life - a string of coincidences, but nothing was given to me by itself. Each step of the way ahead - the fight. Since 12 years I knew that I'm from Russia. I have always been self-willed and freedom-loving kind. Creative people are seeking to translate their ideas into practice, inevitably dart ".

Passion for fashion design, she took over her mother, designer knitwear. Helen recalls how in his childhood hours drawing outfits for dolls. Then she got into the theater. Santa Elena, a famous artist, author of historical paintings, one of the creators of "Stalingrad panorama", every Saturday, took her to the theater for plays and ballets. The girl began to think of costumes for the fairy-tale plays, which she was making up for the parents and their friends. Father of Helen, PhD, was her ideal and she always wanted to shine in front of him with their achievements. She was the only child in the family, but always felt different from other members. Native thought my views very extravagant, and no one believed that I could get her ". But life decided differently.

After leaving Los Angeles with her husband, Helen goes to New York, where she was studying at Parson's School of Design. Further events are beginning to develop an avalanche. Its model of buying wholesale firms with 7 th Avenue, she creates children's clothes for Guess, offers its own brand in one of New York stores. In 1994, together with a Russian model Eugenia Grozdetskoy Elena begins to release clothing line EV & EL, which immediately meets the approval of the public and the critics. In the list of regular customers Helena appear "star" name: Prince, Drew Barrymore, Ivanna Trump.

Relationship with Russia because of the circumstances was lost for years, but now, being in Europe, she feels closer to home and want to return. "Before 1917, Russia was a wonderful country, which has absorbed all the best, but everything was ruined by the revolution. And how could it be otherwise, when the country was ruled by the peasants of yesterday ... Thank God, now everything is different ". Helen helped parents to move from Russia to Germany, where they live happily to this day, being engaged in the education of grandchildren, seven years Jacqueline. Girl reading Chekhov and spoke in Russian better than my grandmother. Recently, it was sent to an international school in Paris. As for Helen, she enjoys the comprehension of Russian culture:

"I have reviewed a lot of old Russian films, and they helped me a lot to understand in themselves, - said Elena, - the pain, tragedy ... Throughout his life, so I quickly rushed forward, because I needed to survive, succeed. Now the first time I felt that I could afford to stop and think. Looking back, I sometimes feel like some sort of 49 years. But when a number of mother - I was not more than fifteen. It prepares, cleans, and I was lying down and rest ".

"I remember how once in Russia, I admired one old woman. This was our neighbor, from a very aristocratic family, almost royal blood. In the past it belonged to the mansions, a horse ... When I met her, she was 82 years old, and she lived in his own former house, which sat another 23 people ... Despite everything, at any time of day it was perfectly dressed and tinted. Among alcoholics around her and cockroaches, she was the embodiment of dignity. I love these people! This is not incomparable storehouse of the soul ... "

"Now I feel more mature. The main task - not only to successfully continue the work of Jacques Fatah, but also to preserve their own direction. Here there are known issues with the need to distinguish between two types of activities: work for the success of another house and deal with split personality. This skill impresses me in Karl Lagerfeld, because he had to work simultaneously on five different houses ".

"Ambitions have the ability to grow. Now I dream only about how to open his own fashion house with centers in Paris and New York. And why not in Moscow?
Today it is difficult to reach a sufficiently high level, being limited to just one city. Items marked with a real talent, sold worldwide. I would like to open his shop in Russia, to learn more about what is happening in Russia's fashion. I know that Russian women like to dress in style. In Russia, I should have lots of shoppers!

"I want to create clothes for women, because I love them. Women - beautiful and
fragile creation. Their lives are so many difficulties that femininity is often lost along with attempts to break through in this life, "" Inspiration I mainly I draw in nature. And this is connected not only with its rich color palette. I was particularly struck that nature is eternal and at the same time always looks different. Once I made a collection, based on the theme of waves ". I like all the famous fashion designers - Chanel, Dior, Fath ... and, of course, those who now manage their own inimitable style. Whose handwriting is easily recognizable and never looks like an imitation of someone else's work. I like Mugler, Lacroix, Gaultier, Versace, Westwood. In truth, I really would like to achieve recognition of such professionals. Maybe a little more than others I admire Gautier because of its focus on the future. He managed to say a new word in fashion, introducing tattoos. This is a very rare quality: the ability to see into the future and suggest to people that now appears unacceptable, but after a while becomes a new popular trend in fashion ". ... And not a word about his new collection. She wants to leave behind a name, fashion empire. No doubt remains: its energy, vitality, courage and determination ... Helen is clearly one of those people that came into this world to win it.

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  • nnataly for Elena NAZAROFF
  • I admire her history, I would like to know more about its current fate
  • Admirer 01 for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena is currently working on line with her one time employee the brilliant and talented Mario Moya and is also designing and developing her own line of organic clothing her work possessing its usual depth and imagination.
  • Anonymous for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena will soon be launching her web-site for Eternal Source an organic women's clothing line.....
  • Anonymous for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena is one of the most talented fashion designers to hit the scene, she has always been one step ahead of the trends.
  • admirer 01 for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena Nazaroff's amazing career is continuing with her ground breaking innovations in the world of eco fashion.
  • admirer for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Go Elena!
  • Admirer for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Just saw your blog at elenanazaroff.blogspot.com , so happy to see you are back at it and looking forward to any new collections you are involved with...kisses
  • Anonymous for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Anonymous for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Lewandoski for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Miss Elena Nazaroff is again creating and designing in collaboration with another brilliant designer haute couture and they will be releasing a new collection in September for an unnamed ( as of now ) couture house. The designs follow a deep rooted and historic tradition with the most amazing twist as only Elena can provide, I can't give to many details as to spoil the surprise but I can tell all you fans of hers I have been to the atelier and seen the collection from the inspirational boards to the sketches and watched the actual pieces being produced, they are amazing. I am proud to be associated with Elena and am of the opinion that her is global class as it always has been. Elena's introspect has indeed grown and when she reaches inside herself what she gives is nothing short of sublime......
  • ES for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena Nazaroff Fashion Designer extraordinaire has partnered up and is soon to launch a line of organic women's wear which can be seen at elenanazaroff.blogspot.com. Her work in couture is progressing wonderfully........hats of to elena !
  • fashion guru for Elena NAZAROFF
  • Elena is a true creator, an amazingly talented person. Beautiful human being.
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