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Biography KONDRATIEVA Irina
At first "Golden podium, she came to a mere spectator. Of its possession and on the second podium, she withdrew her first collection of "Non Artodox". And immediately became a winner. After parting with the sponsor, she did not waste time searching for new, but simply picked up and she earned money to create a second collection - "Kaleidoscope". Third - "High Tack", was recognized by a collection performed at the European level. Then there were the "Chemical Boys. All collections have earned the highest ratings of the jury. The validity of these awards confirms that all the work found its buyer.

She loves the perfume "Contradiction" and believes that they like her. The name of this fragrance from Calvin Klein is translated as "contradiction". Indeed. Irina Kondratieva - is: a serious businessman and a talented artist, a charming companion and reckless motorist, fashion designer, creating extravagant collections and the cutter, who believes that the main thing in clothes - is the functionality.

Pretty: Irina, as you have decided to do fashion?
IK: I always knew I would be a fashion designer. Sheila childhood. In art school, went. Entered the Moscow Textile Institute was unable. Art education has received in the Nizhny Novgorod Construction Academy. I consider myself a lucky man. My job brings me satisfaction and money. I can not imagine another life. Even if there were no victories and money, anyway, I would sit at home with clippers.

Pretty: How do you think of the contest?
IK: It's part of my life. The final few months of work. Prizes - a good. Well when you point out, but the main thing for an artist - self-expression. Podium - an opportunity to show their work, communicate with colleagues. Send Gift. And of course it is a holiday!

Pretty: Why did the last time you did not see on "Golden podium?
IK: I decided to relax. Two collections a year - difficult in financial terms. Much time and effort is atelier. But I participated in the "Dress of the Year".

Pretty: Who are you more - an artist or a tailor?
IR: Most of the time I cutter. With customers fantasies have to restrain. I try all customers to pay full attention to understand their. I try to break the stereotypical distrust studio. I cut out. I do fittings. I answer for that. But the main income still no studio, and things for sale. Making small batches. Less time spent on the creation, and the volume of more. Nice to meet outside his coat. Discern from head to toe. Fabrics - is a big problem. But the fabric in clothing is half the battle. Recently, a textile exhibition in Moscow. Prices bite. Brought Greek fabric, good composition, sew from her.

Recently tried to dress men. It turned out very interesting. The men finally woke up and wanted to stand out. Already sewed several suits of the original cut. Perhaps my next collection will be male.

In the creative plan best be something to do during a life crisis, stress. When will squeeze - the energy to throw out. When all is well, it was not until this. Many ideas were not realized because of financial problems. She took a pupil. Wants to quickly learn a little girl, to be free. If the deal only collections and not to think about where to get the money, you could go to the All-Russia contest of fashion.

Pretty: Your favorite color.
IR: My love for color changes often. Today, I really like the gray color, although it is already disappearing from the big fashion. What comes next is not clear. Black is always present in my life. Its all love, always buy. It can be worn every day. Actually, my range of colors - cold, I feel it better.

Pretty: Tell us about fashion 2000.
SG: I hope that will end a continuous deconstruction and the pursuit of fashion designers to stand out at any cost. Journals motto: "The worse is sitting, the better". I can not accept. I do not like the destruction, I am by nature a creative person. Everyday Fashion - modest, but expensive. No pretentiousness, extra parts. Simple, clear cut. Silhouette line, not soft, not fitted, no flounces. In the fashion and classic and sporty style, any length. Everyone can find something of their own.

Pretty: Your hobbies besides fashion.
IR: love machine. In the motor of course not dig. Just like good ride. Three years behind the wheel, and without a car does not feel like a man. Purchase of vehicles was a great joy. The car - a conveyance that is a pleasure.

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KONDRATIEVA Irina, photo, biography
KONDRATIEVA Irina, photo, biography KONDRATIEVA Irina  Designer, photo, biography
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