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Zasypkina Maxim

( Designer)

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Biography Zasypkina Maxim
Already two months on the street Vaneeva in Nizhny Novgorod working studio Maxima Zasypkina. Mistress Julia studio turned this place into a cozy and hospitable home. And this house has many friends. God, what beautiful things are here! At a simple fitting can be regarded as a theatrical show. Before the huge mirror in the company of gold dummy master not only poshyut you dress, but her bag of beads and build upon the head of something unimaginable navernut.

But let's still on the main. On delightful Maxim Zasypkina! The designer, whose collections press has always enthusiastically rewards epithets. The author of "bitchiness" and creator of the collection of "the triumph of bad taste". It creates a stunningly beautiful evening gowns. Beauty of Russia in 1999 went to Miss World contest in the attire of Zasypkina! He does not play in vogue. He creates!

And it all began with the collection of paper. And there were "Dolls samovar" polyethylene, "waffle" of the waffle towels, "Orphans besprizornitsy" and "Lady in polka dots" of curtain fabric.

The first collection after making a sensation, came to the Golden Podium called "Style omen". But among journalists, she acquired the name "Bitch". There were also "billiard balls" and "African juice" for obese women. Collection "Advanced" was nominated collection of.

At the competition "Smirnov Design" collection "Favorite song of my mother Shizgara" took the prize at the regional round and went to Moscow. In Moscow, this collection has the nomination "The most dynamic collection".

The latest sensational collection from Maxim Zasypkina called "Fifa Beach" (some naively believe that this is Fifa on the beach, but Max knows that this simply Fifa Female). Yakushina calling her a "triumph bad taste". And many journalists gladly took up this definition.

But while journalists enthusiastically trampled Fifu Beach, Maxim has received a proposal to put on Miss World. More precisely, first, he sewed a dress for Anna Tatarintseva beauty contest in Russia in 1999, then director of the Bureau Miss Moscow offered to dress for Elena Efimova at Miss World.

Pretty: How delightful are born your collection?
MZ: I keep in the heat of passion. In my head constantly some silhouettes, the images. I sit down paint. A lot of sketches. Basically - Drafts. Thus was born the whole image, texture worked out how to behave in this silhouette, fabric, will all appear as conceived. Collections are born due to shake-up. Communication, the scandal may push. Emotional outburst. Often creative crisis, something is missing. In competitions and festivals main thing for me this show. The main emphasis is on entertainment with attempts at scandal. Produce their collections I do myself. From the exit, and music before turning his head and grins. In the girls first and foremost for me is important image. The models should be an actress, should be able to play. Selected certain я-пTп©п¦пT. That has been done to Podium - is self-expression, art, something that can not be. In any designer should be nenosibelnye and nosibelnye things. The most crazy ideas can be used to create nosibelnoy clothing. Studio works with clients. Casino "Russian Lion" for the program variety booked orders. Interesting. I was given the opportunity to develop their own costumes.

Pretty: How to tailor your work and get on the artist?
MZ: I'll sew. We are working on the technological aspects for the creation of non-standard items required non-standard treatment. Sewing - for me, entertainment. Sam sat down at the typewriter. The need for new rags realizing himself.

Pretty: Your favorite color?
MZ: Favorite color - green. All shades of green. Color of young green favorite. Generally prefer pronounced color.

Pretty: What, in your opinion, is an extravagance?
MZ: Extravagance - an unusual approach to fashion, nosibelny vanguard.

Pretty: What is refinement?
MZ: Subtlety - simplicity with a twist.

Pretty: Elegance?
MZ: Elegance - dry Classic.

Pretty: Style?
MZ: Style - a framework in which a man sets himself.

Pretty: Who is the most famous fashion designers do you like?
MZ: I like the very Yudashkin, Chapurinskaya straw is very interesting. Of the world classics like the idea of Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, Kenzo. All the work is interesting to watch. I wonder what grounds did the designer to create collections.

Pretty: Tell us about fashion 2000.
MZ: The turn of 2000 has not made significant changes in fashion. In fashion their timing. There are new people, new trends. Modern cut simple, angular. Textile strongly developed. There are new textures.

Pretty: Your plans for the future.
MZ: For me this is not a game in fashion. I put for a global plan for the future. I'm trying to show to the world level. There is talk about Russia's participation in the Festival of Fashion this year. The basic rate for Moscow, a little make some noise in Moscow. From the Moscow model agency received offers of cooperation. We associate with Yuri ARS (he did some interesting things for famous people, such as Na-Na), was a proposal to work with him. I would like to learn from someone from famous designers. Work with them. Look on the approach. I would like to be able to be in Paris as Yudashkin. Why not!

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  • Xenia for Zasypkina Maxim
  • Hello, Maxim .. It makes you from Surgut concerned not recall rodstvennikoa there?
  • Alevtina for Zasypkina Maxim
  • Hello, my dear brother! Ksenka had found you in inete! Well, at least here met! How are you? "As parents? Hugs ! !
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    Zasypkina Maxim, photo, biography
    Zasypkina Maxim, photo, biography Zasypkina Maxim  Designer, photo, biography
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