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Natalia Drigant

( Designer)

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Biography Natalia Drigant
Creative biography of Natalia Drigant not replete with facts victory in the competition mode. It is in them and did not participate. Although would be to show commendable ideas. Complete absence of Natasha ambitious and vainglorious qualities, perhaps in the future not to move it to the accumulation of decorations. However, her talent has deservedly marked by high jury awarded her first place at vypuskonom graduation exam at the Higher School ESMOD Paris, which she successfully graduated from specialization "Haute couture". The following awards can be considered a proposal from the houses Cristian Dior (studio JSFerre), Nina Ricci and Torrente-Mett. Soon she introduced France to the final of the international competition of young fashion designers of Paris Chamber of High Fashion. All this happened in 1992 - 1996 years.

Precursors of any profession is always possible to find in infancy. Natasha Drigant they were typical of many designers childhood and adolescence hobbies dressing dolls. The family's grandfather was a prophet: "Be you, girl, a fashion designer." My mother - a doctor and father - the economist predicted her future otherwise. In connection with what she four years, from 1984 to 1987, under the influence of the sister, the soloist of the Kremlin Ballet, conducted at the bench in grades Moscow Choreographic Ballet Academy. Incidentally, when Gerard Piparu (Nina Ricci) talked with Natasha, he was surprised at the lack of artistic its family tree roots that sustain a certain kind of creativity. But, as often happens, the talent is not continuity, but rather dropped the pen fabulous firebirds. That's why she was not on the ballet stage, and in the Textile Academy. Kosygin. Total year's stay there allowed her to feel confident enough in the walls ESMOD. The cause of the "treason" family hearth to be found in the depths of her nature. "If an opportunity to do something inappropriate, . I do, . - She says, . say, . move the charm of a Moscow student life in France. "The reality is there is hardly turned up a sweat and urgent study of French language courses at the Sorbonne,
. Home, she returned, eager to creativity and create their Fashion House. Two years were spent in search of artistic forms, lines, colors, style of the final determination of the collections and work to establish their home.

The first domestic collection, shown at the All-Russia competition "Russian Silhouette", refined, sensual, aristocratic, devoted to Pushkin, was an expression of her nature. This is clearly manifested in the following two collections, shown in the winter garden and the Kremlin Palace in the St. Danilov Monastery. Both of them presented a style recognizable by femininity, gentleness, a certain extravagance, the color scheme, where there is a game with the noble semitones, announcing, in addition to a sculptural purity of line, a kind of aristocratic dress.

A year ago, Natasha opened the house ND with his father, who became Director-General of the House. The best traditions of the past and a bold vision for the future will create stylish clothes that combine comfort and beauty, functionality and aesthetics. Trademarks Houses: This casual clothing, . produced in small batches, with elements of romantic youth and sports styles for leisure and recreation; pret-a-porter de luxe for special occasions; Haute Couture, . executed in a single copy of the client,
. All this is done on the complex technology of high quality fabrics of the latest developments. House creates clothing for the modern business women, who appreciate the rhythm, confident, extravagant, boldly expressing their taste and an extraordinary perception of life, infinitely delicate, in its essence in secret. Sure, . need to have creative independence, . harmony of feeling and understanding, . certain boldness, . that in 25 years to decide on such a step, . but there are of great help - Methods, . approach, . mechanisms of, . which Natasha absorbed in the process of learning in Paris, . used in the development of a mini-wardrobe and combined with each element of women's clothing, . in which the line, . clear silhouette of the sculpture creates a high level of cutting and sewing,
. By the way, and the fashion house Natasha viewed not as a fact meet the artistic ambitions, as well as the following, after the workshop, step development. "A man must make himself a life constantly, otherwise it will deteriorate and consumer lives. To do this he must, that it was good to his children and grandchildren. "

Needless to say, we have had to face and overcome that in the process of creating their offspring.

With all the realistic perception of life, Natasha has one quality that can be called the prime mover of all her creative endeavors: Romanticism as a natural feature of her nature. Hence its positive perception of life, . thirst updates, . transfiguration something, . strong, . Although hidden feelings, . rich insight, . depth of her spiritual world, . strong bond with nature, . infinite admiration for its beauty and in all its manifestations, even small,
. This led her to a special kind of creativity - the creation of church vestments as a conscious impulse toward something sublime. Comprehending the meaning of the millennium canon of church clothes, this condensed reason of humanity, she opened a very interesting spring of creativity. Some design features of the clothes she reproduced in secular dress, comfortable and elegant.

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Natalia Drigant, photo, biography
Natalia Drigant, photo, biography Natalia Drigant  Designer, photo, biography
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