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Biography TIMONIN Oksana
photo TIMONIN Oksana

- Stylist New Channel (2000 year)
- 2002. Serial "Tomorrow is tomorrow. Costume
- 2002. Third National Competition for Young Designers' Seasons of Fashion - Look into the Future. Prix.
- 2000. The "New Year on the New" on the New Channel. Costume
- 2000. International Competition "Admiralty Needle". Finalist.
- 1999-2000 i.i. The film "I п╞п╨я┴п╬ povernus". Designer.
- 1999-2002 i.i. VIA "Toys". Stylist. Ballet "A-6". Costume.
- 1998. Competition of young fashion designers "SMIRNOFF". Finalist.
Institute of Decorative and Applied Art,
Institute of Light Industry
Oksana Timonina - Collection "Ashes of Roses" (osen2002)
The ancient Greeks believed that Rose created from the body breathless nymphs.
Goddess of love gave her a piece of its beauty,
and the god of wine gave it the intoxicating aroma.
I also want to give you her image enshrined in my collection.

Delicate and airy collection debutants' Seasons of Fashion "Oksana Timonin not gone unnoticed by the public. As noted by Oksana herself she wanted to show that the materials "office" can do something interesting and non-standard. I must say that this venture it failed. The collection Timonina limited itself in four colors: ash-gray, pale pink, purple. Wool fabric in stripes, appropriate in a strict office suit and combined in models with chiffon, jersey. Also in the collection of used woven mohair, velvet, fur, velvet, hand-knitting, beadwork and fur. Silhouette models refers us to the beginning of the century. Of course, this is not a direct copy, but subtle associations. Original shoes - clogs with the right fabric or knitted fabric, attached to the integrity of the ensemble. Attracted the attention of knitted skirt, set in the coquette of the striped fabric and decoration waving while walking chiffon ribbons. Comfortably looked and mohair sweaters with the neckline for daring women with beautiful breasts. And the lilac jacket with braided strips of chiffon in the shelves of the same color has its eye most of the spectators.

After viewing the collection wanted to get acquainted with Oksana Timonin close.

Oksana was born as a collection?
- The beginnings of this collection appeared on the diploma at the Institute of Light Industry.,. Actually the very thesis collection was called: "Ashes of Roses". And in practice at the time I made a collection of toys. Since the theme of the diploma can not be altered, it had "ears" to attract costumes toys. However, if a standard diploma had to be sewn 2 products, then I had 3 ready-made collection. It is fortunate that the teachers understood that this is real work, rather than project-mongering.

In your collection of interesting blend fabric and knitted. Do you think this is a trend this season or do you like this combination?
. - I thought that my innovation, but then when I showed my sketches master Vadim farm laborers who did my shoes, what would he have understood my intentions, he said: "It's in your style - a combination of fabric and related"
. And then, when I view their sketches and photographs of models, realized that I really have a lot of models in this technique. Weave fabric and knitted hand knitted.

Who invented the pattern for knitting?
- I came up and calculate. I myself know how to knit, but since she did not keep pace, then drew a pattern, counted it and gave master. Then I collected model.

Build a model you own, or bring the designer?
- This is my first collection, where I worked with the designer. Elena Butenko, foreman studied for a course younger than me. Her first formation - the cutter menswear. Very serious training. Lena on my sketches done DOWNLOADS. Was complete understanding. Perhaps, by our communication was not understood: "Oh, so here, and here come on like this:".

A proposal for your promotion after "Fashion Seasons" were?
- Not yet. Frankly, I'm still impressed display. Although it turned out fairly decent, but I do see some nedodelochki. True, Irina Danilevskaya said that should continue to participate. After all, one collection is difficult to judge. Only after two or three can be said - took fashion or not.

In the following "Fashion Seasons are planning to participate?
- I do not know. At all need money. This year, I like winning "Seasons of Fashion. Pogljad have п╪п╟п╧п╠я┐я┌п╫? "Was on the free participation. Journal "OFFICIEL" sponsors of my show. And for the next year will need to sew a new collection, to pay for room, light, fashion models.: I will look for sponsors.

What is more valued in the modeling: non-standard, an interesting cut or invention of new material and its use in conventional products?
- To what is interesting. Who with more used to working. Someone invents a new technology, a burning laser for example, and someone takes the normal tissue and is engaged in the invention of a new cut.

And for you that interesting?
- I wonder what you think of decorating.

And the sketches for his designs you draw the full?
- Yes. I get great pleasure from this. I often say that the computer is faster. But this is so cool traced hands.

Computer and internet use?
- I am absolutely not a computer person. Once upon a time on the computer my brother drew his arm stripes for their course work. And then all included, configured and shown as. Over time, I think, establishments, and while I like it very much and do not need.

At work, how have you received your part?
- We have a very good team. All felt for me, before they can not bother, gave an opportunity to fully address the collection.

You work as a stylist New Channel. Whether you are sewing in their fashion, or pick up ready-made?
- Sometimes sew, but mostly select stores in Kiev.

You are interested in leading, that they would like to wear?
- Each has already established style. Therefore, we are leading going into the shop, with whom we have a tentative agreement, and select it:. Maybe he's leading in a certain store I saw an interesting thing. Then we go with him alone. In the leading men novostiynye program has its own uniform - a suit. Express yourself in a suit does not just. Color suits and cut their limited, and in television in general, stringent requirements for color. We have to "recoup" on shirts and ties.

In Kiev, in my opinion, not such a big selection of ties.
- It's only at first glance. We have to channel some of the leading men had their own collections. Prior to his work on New Channel for me, turned out to be superficial knowledge about modern man's suit. During this time, learned many interesting things for themselves. For me it was the discovery, for example, that the shirts are different styles of collars: English, French.

Such subtleties?
- Nonetheless these subtleties attached great importance to.

So we can say with any shirt collar in fashion this season?
- Yes. With expanded collar. As for color, for example, a couple of seasons ago was in vogue odnotsvetie. That is, a suit, tie and shirt were the same color, but different in texture. Now fashionable to wear a suit, shirt and tie different colors. Perhaps a tie in the design, use of elements color costume. And I notice that the MPs, and our president follow the fashion. Maybe yourself, maybe they have competent advisers.

And where do you get information?
-Magazines, Fashion TV, TV in general, feature films.

Want your little studio to open?
- It would be desirable, of course, but it is very expensive.

Items from the collection sold? The client?
- Nowhere to sell them. Many things are bought straight from the catwalk. Came up after the show, women, ordered knitted things. Tippet, who demonstrated Nastia Sukhanov, sold out immediately.

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TIMONIN Oksana, photo, biography
TIMONIN Oksana, photo, biography TIMONIN Oksana  Designer, photo, biography
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