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Biography QUEEN Olga
I have no special education. I graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of our own university. No talent for drawing, although the sly hand packed, well-developed spatial imagination. I see the thing in motion. She studied ballet, I feel like the thing will behave. Started as all sewed on a bit myself. In our family all the sewing, including men. My grandmother sewed beautifully, a man with good taste, embroider learned from the nuns.

She practiced shaping, made the costumes for the performances for themselves and for the team. Invited Lena Koroblevu, said that's a girl - can not draw, but the sea of fantasy. In 1997, began to prepare a collection.

The first collection of seven things called "Day of the young woman". It consisted of three trousers suits and evening gowns for the three mysterious stranger. Round off the day of wedding dress. I took 3 place.

Then there was the "Morning Breeze" is dedicated to my father's homeland Crimea and the Sea. Artek buhta.13 things turquoise. Colors of the morning sea of pale blue to blue.

My business card became "Ice Lady". They are prepared for a long time. Ideas difficult to translate. Hard to choose materials. 6 dresses - 6 snow queen. Everybody has their own image in white and a little red - the soul of a woman. Six womanly things: strict woman, erotic, eastern. The collection was created specifically for hits. Its a lot of show.

"Dragonfly" - this summer dresses. I sewed them being the eighth month of pregnancy. Fabric all slices and then all sewn back. The result was a new texture - like the wings of a dragonfly. I love all the cut. I also like corsets. In the romantic collection "Argentine Tango" was an interesting corset by a fan, fringe at the hem very nicely emphasizes the movement.

An interesting contest "Dress of the Year". Designers in many. I wonder how people can be realized in a single model. I sewed a dress under the influence of paintings by old masters. I called her dress "Glimpses of the past to the modern woman". In the gold ocher were sewn hundreds of beads.

In the spring I did a little strange for a collection. Always been my prize romance, even has a nickname - Queen of romantics For myself, I called it - sports romance. "March of the Chinese paratroopers, a combination of parachute and parachute suits. Sophisticated technology performance. Pocket on the pocket as a pocket of a skirt, top of the pockets.

Golden Podium "was for me a stimulus. This is the only competition - to get non-professional, if it were not for the Golden podium, I would not choose. I like the Golden Podium, if not grow, and live at the level of the stamp, inevitably withering away. In total network peak and decline. Must invent new heights and achieve them, otherwise you fall down. Last time was a little boring, do not expect. They introduced the technology and many have not been in the competition of Technology. Fashion House participates in the organization of the competition advocate for professionalism.

I work with the Fashion Center, preparing them for the collection "Winter Jungle. Pants, skirts and sundresses for the combination that winter can be worn with a turtleneck, with light summer tops. I'm trying to sew to order, home is not easy and I do the search space. Plans its own workshop, where you can work calmly.

At the end of the century Fashion scrolls past century, makeup fuchsia, return to the big shoulders. Fashion is becoming more vital, comfortable, back to knitting things, tunic instead of his jacket, jackets in the form of jackets, everything becomes more comfortable, the development of fashion is in the development of materials. Unfortunately, we in Russia could provide ideas in a cut in the finish, but not material. In a fashion fabrics of high technology, the new cosmo style, type of aliens from outer space, the desire to fly, shiny silver surface. Two years ago, was in vogue boucle, this surface is smooth, satiny, shiny structure. In a fashion handmade, knitting, embroidery. I often use a combination of the collections of knitted items, such as: sleeves, pockets, what did my grandmother. Today the pace of life of others, manual labor replace tissue with simulated hand-made.

I have a few favorite colors, I love all the bright and shiny, like all Russian women "malinavishno gold" I love. I love pink, burgundy shade of old red wine. Khaki, in various versions of golden glare. In clothes suitable black.

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QUEEN Olga, photo, biography
QUEEN Olga, photo, biography QUEEN Olga  Designer, photo, biography
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