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Biography Tatiana ROMANYUK
photo Tatiana ROMANYUK
Included in the repertoire of the leading Russian designers, which is very difficult to get and where no less difficult to resist. According to the sign - Sagittarius. In 1984 she graduated from the Moscow Technological Institute of Consumer Service. Was invited to work in a new fashion Babuchkinskaya branch of the famous studio? 42 at the Kuznetsk bridge. Two years later, was awarded the studio suites, incidentally, the second after Slava Zaitsev Fashion House. This was followed by an invitation to the experimental department of the prestigious Fashion House on Arbat Street, where she worked for five years, creating the author's collections and studying the laws of the podium. Suddenly performed, according to many, crazy and adventurous act, however worthy Sagittarius: throws familiar and comfortable rut and goes ... nowhere.

In 1993, opened her firm TA-RO "(the first letter of name), became its director and chief designer. It is poorly represented, what really will, but firmly, knew one thing - everything from beginning to end will make SAMA, then the failures and victory will be entirely its. A person associated with the remarkable umelitsami Ryazan firm Lace by Diana, offers her the idea to do a lingerie design with hand lace. Another designer working in the Fashion House on Arbat Street, Tatyana faced with unfamiliar material - hand lace - and once and forever in love with him. Few things compare with the lace on the elegance and warmth of positive energy, it has a special aura, keeping warm hands and hearts of its creators, making a note of intimacy and exclusivity in any thing. It looks fine and underwear, and evening gowns.

Lace detail in the clothes like a precious stone which attracts attention. Everything else - winning, but all the same frame. In lace of opportunities opens up a whole layer, . not comparable with any other material: it can be made from almost anything - cotton, . wool, . silk, . Flax, . synthetics: In the old days with lace jewels have inherited,
. Looking at women's portraits XVIII-XIX centuries, always notice the lace.

Thus was born her first collection of lacy lingerie, received the proud name of "Russian chic", which later became a trademark of Tatiana Romaniuk. The name "Russian chic" Tatiana came up to the occasion, hurry, before traveling to Paris to participate in the Salon of Pret-a-porter in 1994. The name should be easily understood by foreigners and carry Russian flavor. Over time, began to fill him with his sense. Ask myself: What, in fact, differs from the Russian woman chic chic American or French? American chic - something grandiose, glittering, public display.

French - sophisticated, coming from the details of costume, accessories, special skills to teach themselves. Schick Russian women that it attracts as dating and communication, as well as the lace in her dress, because it does not scream at her, but he wants to be considered for a long time near. Russian woman prefers to wear something that suits her, not that ultra cool. An additional stimulus served as the direct assessment of fashion models during the show. "What smart things" - they say, and often bought something from the collection, which is doubly nice. Mannequin has to show a bunch of trendy things, so they often lose interest in them. Jeans, T-shirt or sweater - the standard uniform. Generally, Tatiana underlines the paramount role of fashion models for their impressions.

Specificity hits underwear imposes its own characteristics: the girls look at the podium helpless, or, psychologically trying to protect themselves, behave vulgarly. Tatiana noticed that the mannequins feel differently when they are busy hands. Therefore, in displays were used decorative cushions (round, heart-shaped and pr. ) That look like theatrical handbags.

Despite urgent requests and flattering offer, almost any product from the first of his collection Tatiana not sold. All of them are stored in a wardrobe in a comfortable cabin of the firm. The collection she made together with Any Kulikova, and "otshila" all practicable one. Now the state company more than twenty people, for whom she feels responsible. Hard to reconcile the position of Chief of the artist - the creator, the directors. The whole day is painted on minutes: meeting with clients, . fitting, . Bank, . Tax, . Stores: To find the missing practical knowledge management and real help from the Department of Labor and Employment Moscow, . Tanya graduated from the Academy of Management and female entrepreneurship at the President of Russia,
. She singled out an interest-free loan for the organization of new jobs, which, alas, almost all "ate" "repair Cars. But their obligations to the Government it is fully implemented, expanding the staff at the expense involved with the Labor Exchange.

At the 1st week, Russia's Sochi in the fashion firm Yves Saint Laurent, evaluating the collection "Russian chic" as the most sensual, a special prize awarded to Tatiana.
Collection of Russia Fashion Week spring 1996 called "Five Evenings", corresponding to the five conceived as a female character: an elegant woman, romantic woman, a female teenager, fatal beauty, the bride. During a collection, there were five exits fashion models, each of which showed a mini-wardrobe, made in one style: a coat, hat, dress or suit, underwear. In each model attended lace. Were invited to the best fashion models, who could, like the actresses, to create an image, thought through all the details of the five mini-performances, including music, working on image. At the screening room violently reacted to the scene liked.

Despite teatralizovannost, every thing from the collection absolutely nosibelna. Not without its metamorphosis: a container of shoes from Italy before the show somewhere have got, as a result had to be first available shoes toned eye shadow. It may seem ridiculous, but this is something from the notion of "Russian chic."

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Tatiana ROMANYUK, photo, biography
Tatiana ROMANYUK, photo, biography Tatiana ROMANYUK  Designer, photo, biography
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