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NEWTON Helmut (Helmut Newton)

( Photographer)

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Biography NEWTON Helmut (Helmut Newton)
photo NEWTON Helmut (Helmut Newton)
Over the past forty years, Newton created his own special style, a motion in fine fashion, theatricality and sexuality. This mix of eroticism, elegance and luxury dekadenstva influenced not only fashion magazine photo, but also very fashionable.

For the first time in the name of Helmut Newton reader could draw attention on the pages of the Evening of New York 'in the' Photographers live long '.

He was born in Helmut Newton was born on October 31, 1920 in Berlin, in a prosperous Jewish family. In 12 years, Helmut takes his first camera in Berlin's subway, in the 16 - entered apprentice to the photographer Mose Willow (Alcee L. Simon). With the growth of Nazism studio Willow was among the victims and vosmendtsatiletny Helmut Newton alone runs from Germany, having come to the end in Singapore. His parents and brother settled in Argentina. After living several years in Singapore, Newton moved to Melbourne. Here he finds the Second World War. He served in the Australian Army. After the war, Helmut opens a small photo studio, doing wedding photography, began to cooperate with Australian Vogue. In those years he met his future wife, Juno, actress, now known as the iconic fotorgraf Alice Springs.

In 1961 they moved to Paris, where Newton soon began regular work with
French Vogue. Over time, the circle of his clients include American, Italian, British and German Vogue, Queen, Marie Clair, and Vanity Fair.

What brings it to a photo of fashion? At its center - a model. Newton attract women with a strong character. Graceful, energetic, sexy - they set the tone for most of them devised productions. But no less significant for Newton of his own cultural attachment. His novels are inspired by the Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler, the post-war plays of the Swiss playwright Friedrich Dyurremantta, thrillers and James Bond of Ian Fleming. Among Newton's photographs are close night shots of the Paris demimonde Brassaц¦, photographs of European Industrialists Erich Solomon, news and police photos. Not forgotten, and memories of childhood, when the whole family on holiday stayed in luxury hotels, when life was joyful and happy. Is this what spurred him to withdraw his early fashion photography with a wide sweep and splendor somewhere in Paris, Italy or on the French Riviera.

But over time, Newton scenic backdrops became more modern, urbanicheskimi. He often takes the model against a background of New York skyscrapers, walls with graffiti, cars. Eroticism of his productions with bright, radiant energy models can not attract attention. It seems that Newton was able to capture the moment, which is about to happen in reality. The event could occur or not. He poddtalkivaet imagination, leaving the viewer with a desire to continue the story, finish a script.
Newton reveals secrets behind erotic. Man 'with a salacious imagination' refers to Newton his wife June. However, it is sexy, injected them into fashion photography, made him world famous.

Since the late 60-ies Newton began working with London-based manufacturer of mannequins, intending to take photographs of Van Okarito Brown Kiwi face to face with his counterpart. Since then, the connection of real and artificial is repeated in many works of Newton. And the mannequins so skillfully executed that sometimes they are difficult to distinguish from live models. But in some cases, Newton goes even further, using a mannequin productions. So he made several sexual pictures for magazines Oui and French Vogue, feeling that the mannequins are designed more for these scenes, rather than live models.

In 1971 Newton suffered a severe attack that changed his life, and his Attitude to photos. After recovery, he decided, continuing to take pictures, come only from their personal creative ideas, throwing frequent kompromicsy dictated by the requirements of customers. His images lost its fun, lightweight cheerfulness, became deeper and fine saturated. They contain the memories and observations, aspects of modern life and history was expressed in the language of fashion.

Although Helmut Newton is better known as a fashion photographer, he was 70 years and is engaged in portraiture, mainly for Vanity Fair, Stern, ameriknaskogo Vogue.

'I prefer to photograph the rich rather than poor, - he says. - They are funnier, perhaps without realizing it, sometimes ridiculous, often beautiful '. Among those he shoots more often, people from the world of fashion, entertainment and art, 'Famous and especially with skadalnuyu reputation'. Newton does not seek to give a psychological portrait of a man. It attracts an invented identity, the role of vestments which people prefer to be seen surrounding. In the portrait gallery of Newton french right-wing politician Jean-Marie Li Peng is surrounded Doberman Pinscher, . German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl with a topographically precise face, . actress Anita Ekberg and industrial magnate Gianni Agnelo expressing sculptural grandeur in the face, . Paloma Picasso's half-naked with a monocle, . Andy Warhol c eyes closed, . in the chair:,

. Portraits are so numerous that they formed a unique 480-page folio, size 20я-28 and weighing 66 lbs

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