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Alexei Sedov

( Photographer)

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Biography Alexei Sedov
photo Alexei Sedov
Alexei Sedov, was born February 16, 1972 in g. Lyubertsy.
In 1991 he graduated from college photographic.

Worked in magazines:
"Premier", "Bazar", "Ptyuch", "Elle", "Officiel", "Fit for Fun", "Cosmopolitan", "Marie Claire", "Playboy" and other.

His childhood took place in a Lyubertsy, where Alex attended various circles involved in athletics. From his childhood dream of being a pilot, but did not take because of the large growth. About the photos he had never dreamed. Alex really wanted to parents presented him with a receiver Sokol, and grandmother insisted on camera. Since then, photography was his hobby.

Alexei's first order was a task to photograph a Moscow railway station for some school stands. This was in fifth grade, when he earned his first money. Parents identified Alesha closet under lab.

. Since the first class he tried to make quality pictures, . but then the boy knew only, . that the film is to be displayed, . and had no idea, . that it should also fix! 'I will never forget his feelings, . when the image on the film began to disappear! - Says Alexey,
. - It is, but everything is black and fades out: So I filled up the first film. Then I exchanged with some other guy on camera, . gave him a lot of machines and in addition: I already had a camera, . which is cocked with the hammer! I had no problems with the equipment, . especially, . that my mother worked as a laboratory X-ray, . other words, . we were doing about the same thing, . only it worked with the innards, . and I'm the opposite: ',

. After a time he has a new dream - the operator
. Only then came the first clip, everything was very nice and attractive. Alex decided to come to VGIK, but: thought and thought: 'I'm from Lyuberets and I can not bear examination. " And in the certificate he had two triples: in Russian and Physical Education. (Alex just hate skiing!) With this "troika" had to pass all the exams, not two, as we would like. Besides, he unforgivably bad knowledge of Russian. To somehow get around this problem, Alex decided to go to study in college at the photographer, and then, with a diploma from the photographer, it would be much easier to come to VGIK. He did, easily and freely out of the habit, was the practice at Mosfilm, and came to VGIK. "They looked at my work, diploma and offered me work for them and also learn. I had to give students a different chemistry, barrels and so forth, - says Alexey. - I looked at their future place of work and: as soon as everything is dependent on myself, I began to delay a response as long as possible. As a result, I will not go. I must say that in recent years, new technologies, equipment, allowing normal work "

Alex is sure that each photo is something objective and subjective. A picture should please, and no matter what it displays. "Right now, nobody pays attention to the studio, the main thing - punktum (studio - one that is shown, and punktum - something like that). What should be done to the photo was beautiful and interesting? Is a girl: beautiful things, normal light, but that something is wrong ... In photography, three important things: first - you have to like yourself, the second - to like the model and the third - some close people who know this model. "

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    Alexei Sedov, photo, biography
    Alexei Sedov, photo, biography Alexei Sedov  Photographer, photo, biography
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