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Andre Lilienthal

( chess-player)

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Biography Andre Lilienthal
photo Andre Lilienthal
Born May 5, 1911 in Moscow

Winner of tournaments Stubbe (1930), jpest (1934).
Champion of Moscow and the USSR (1940).
Grandmaster since 1950.

One philosopher said, though 'a man who has no enemies - have not lived'. Andre Arnoldovich Lilienthal, whom May 5, 2001 marks 90 years has refuted this theory, it is quite complete without enemies. He has just friends! 'U Lilienthal - writes David Bronstein - very good in the world chess heart, and this prevented him from pursuing the necessary sports tournaments with anger - pity senior colleagues, peers sorry, not to offend the younger. Here are just friends at the chessboard he was not sorry one little bit '.

For many years, his name appeared next to such world-renowned artists as Emanuel Lasker, Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Tartakower Savely, Max Euwe, Salo Flor. But fame and popularity came to him not immediately. Had a long and difficult years of work and struggle to gain worldwide recognition, not just to become a grandmaster, and enter in the number of chess giants.

Improving his great chess talent Lilienthal began not in sports schools, as well as many masters, including the first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz, betting in the famous chess cafe. For many it was the only opportunity to earn his daily bread and significantly improve its budget. At the time Lilienthal could be found in a Paris cafe 'RLgence' in Vienna 'Centrale', or in Prague 'Continental'.

Along with his first teacher Saveliy Tartakower Andre Lilienthal had to hold the night in a cafe waiting for casual partners. And those expectations are not always brought the desired results.

A funny thing happened in a cafe 'RLgence'. Lilienthal asked the waiter with a request to speak, with whom he could play chess, and he pointed to the man who sat with a bored look at the chessboard. When asked to play, he replied that he played only on a bet, and also demanded 'blitsevat'. 'Well, - he thought Lilienthal - tuition fees must be paid'. The battle. The enemy has not won a single game. Lilienthal was happy: finally took his first earnings. But the enemy, as if nothing had happened, nothing.

- I think I owe something? - Timidly asked the winner to the loser.

- A young man, I am the master of the cafe. When I win, I should pay, but when I lose: There's never been the case that I paid.

It was funny and sad
. Bright tactical talent, . perfect technique of positional games did their job and helped the chess nuggets to be recognized as a strong chess player, . meet the board with the champion and former world champions, . succeed and join the group of the leading masters of the world,

Accidental meeting Andre Lilienthal with Alexander Alekhine in a cafe 'RLgence "AndrL gave additional confidence. And it was so.

Once in the cafe came Alexander Alekhine, and he submitted a 19-year-old boy, who play with all of blitz. Alekhine offered Lilienthal play four parties.

One can easily imagine what joy could feel any chess player, having received an invitation from the World Champion. Andre Arnoldovich was encouraged by this encounter, played with great enthusiasm, and in the first two parties could defeat. In the third and fourth parties Alekhine bounced back and the match ended in a draw. After that result, the world champion invited to play another four parties and began to arrange the figures.

- Doctor - Lilienthal said then - I do not want to play with you. This result is I'll leave a souvenir. Perhaps I am the only person in the world that can boast of such a score with the champion of the world:.

Alekhine considered touchy person, but this time he laughed and mixed figures. Later in Lilienthal formed an excellent relationship with.

In 1930 he began to participate in international tournaments. Winning the international tournament in Shtubnyanske Teplice (Czech Republic) was the first big success Lilienthal. He was in front of Flora, Tartakower, Pirc and Stahlberg.

Then he tied for first place in the tournament in another Czech town, took 3rd place at the national tournament in Hungary, 1 st place without the lesions in jpest (1933). At the traditional Christmas tournament in Hastings (1933/1934), he divided the 2-3rd places with Alekhine.

And, finally, v1935 year again Hastings, where the first meeting with Soviet masters, and where there was a game his whole life - with the great maestro Raul Capablanca. The party has played an important role not only in his sport biography. He was invited to participate in the 2nd Moscow International Tournament, Moscow, and abruptly changed his life.

In 1939, Lilienthal received Soviet citizenship and began to actively participate in many competitions held in the country. In the same year, Lilienthal successfully performed at the championship of Moscow, and when the victory was necessary to make only one draw, no one doubted who would get the laurels. Were prepared flowers, and he was at the close of the tournament to tell about the course of competition. But against it for the chess table sat a tall, slender young man who talked differently. Youth won a landslide victory, declamation Lilienthal did not take place, and flowers were presented to a young man named Vasily Smyslov.

A year later, Lilienthal took revenge Vasily Smyslov and became a champion of Moscow. Success of the XII national championship, in which he shared 1-2 places with Igor Bondarevski?, brought him the title of grand master of the USSR.

In the 40's and 50's of the Lilienthal continued with mixed success to participate in different competitions, but previous results again failed to.

Departure from active play does not mean that Andre Arnoldovich ceased to love chess. He retained his passion for chess adventures of a lifetime. Suffice it to say that he was not only the editor of the chess section of the paper, but he was a coach with three world champions (Botvinnik, Petrosian, Smyslov), and to such work, as you know, invite only worthy.

And today, Andre Arnoldovich Lilienthal, despite its age, is always cheerful, open, kind and innocent man in life.

Lilienthal played parties belong to history. In conclusion, we would remind our readers the most brilliant of his party, which he spent in the 1934/35 year at a tournament in Hastings, in which he defeated the great maestro Raul Capablanca. This party became the party of his life.

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    Andre Lilienthal, photo, biography
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