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Alexander Denisov

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Alexander Denisov
photo Alexander Denisov
Denis Alexandrov was born July 21, 1974 in Kemerovo. In Siberia and Dennis spent the next 25 years, changing only the place of registration. Numerous trips were always directly related to its two main activities - music and medicine.
. As it should, with seven years Denis joined the school as early as ten began studying at the children's music school? 2 cities of Ust-Ilimsk on bayan
. Initial musical education was well received six years later - as befits a real musician, with honors and a triple on the specialty solfege.
. For many years next Alexandrova lost somewhere in the vast Siberian expanses
. We only know that in 99 th year Denis ends Irkutsk Medical Institute, and soon moved to Moscow, where he currently works as a doctor, a radiologist at the Research Institute ambulance Sklifosovsky. Thus, the word 'doctor' in his stage name Alexandrova came not by accident.

However, in the capital of Denys went not without some ambitious plans, with medicine in no way related. Again, as expected, everything began with The Beatles - being started when the young Aleksanrovu barely 5 years:

'I said:' Beatles', and mean: 'Music', I say: 'Music', mean: 'Beatles'. And it all began with the tape reels of my father, who in his youth very fond of music and listened to everything that was in the time available. From our artists his father had many recordings of Vysotsky, 'Time Machine', Pugacheva, Antonova, other sovestrada. I am very fond of Vysotsky, driving the coil with its records in a circle. I believe that Vladimir Semenovich - is a genius, comparable to Pushkin. And, maybe steeper - Pushkin's not singing. Between the ages of nine I had myself becoming a record, extending their papa's music library. "
. For 'Beatle' and the Vysotsky was followed by 'DDT', 'Nautilus', 'Civil Defense', Janka, 'Zero', 'Sound of Mu', 'Kinks' and 'Kalinov Bridge' - their songs Denis strumming a guitar along with the receipt of initial music education bayan
. It is clear that the move to Irkutsk and further acquaintance with modern music situation is completely out of control.

When Alexander began writing her own songs, he himself does not seem to remember. But it is known that it is now in its assets 8 tape album, more than 180 songs, a wide circle of friends and a healthy sense of humor. In the latter all seen in the summer of 2001, when the air 'Our Radio' premiere song 'Stop Narcotics' on the burning topic of harm of drugs.
. 'Yes, probably, no matter what style - the main thing that people liked the songs that were made by the mentally
. In this regard, 'Stop Narkotiks' has done no better service - people judge me on one song, and not all, of course, like this banter. And this same joke and nothing more, creativity is not there: Although, of course, a healthy call for urgent than ever. "

Song for a few weeks soared to the top of the charts 'Chart's Dozen', and in general proved to be extremely successful. At the same time Alexandrova takes under his wing warm label CD-Land, which is closer to the fall will release a full debut album project, for which his inspirer recorded 10 songs. Finally, a week before the festival of 'Invasion' in Ramenskoye 'Dr. Alexander' jumping on the bandwagon of the outgoing trains and included in the list of participants of the main festival of the summer.

"Music for me - a way of expressing thoughts, a sense of this world. Several songs were written in memory of my dear people, who are no longer. There are many humorous, funny songs, which are now so few. A song should not load, it should be clean, good bear. Or the meaning, which is also now a little. "

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Alexander Denisov, photo, biography
Alexander Denisov, photo, biography Alexander Denisov  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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