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Biography Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee)
photo Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee)
November 27, 1940: Bruce Lee was born in the hospital on Jackson Street in Chinatown, San Francisco in the year of the Dragon and at the hour of the Dragon (between 6.00 and 8.00 o'clock in the morning). That is why the first time before the audience in his films, he appeared with the name Lee Siu Loong - 'Little Dragon'. His father, - Lee Hon Chuen - Chinese opera actor. His mother - Grace Lee - half German. And being a Catholic, baptized him, giving him the name Li Zhang Feng. The name is translated into English means 'The Return' mother explained by the fact that she was always confident that the day would come, and he again returned to San Francisco and will live there. One of the nurses at the hospital gave him the English name of Bruce, but that name is not mentioned until then, until he was already studying in college 'La Salle' in Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, show business was in his blood, his father was a known star in 'Kantovaye Komnani Opera' - a company specializing in the Chinese version of the music hall and variety. In fact, the only reason that Bruce was born in the United States, was the fact that his father committed at this time touring America.

1941, February, San Francisco: Bruce starred in his first film 'The Golden Gate girls' at age of 3 months. In this movie Bruce inherited the role of a little girl - the baby.
. 1941, Hong Kong: Bruce and his parents returned to his native Hong Kong.
. 1946, Hong Kong: It turns out the film 'The Birth of Mankind "in which Bruce starred when he was 6 years old
. This film he himself considered the beginning of his career. In the next few years, Bruce starred in more than 20 Chinese films.
. 1952: At age 12, Bruce began to go to college 'La Salle'.
. 1953: After several unsuccessful street fights, Bruce once told my mother that he wants to learn kung-fu
. He told her that he had been repeatedly bullied in college, and he wants to learn how to fight for real, to be able to stand up for themselves. His mother liked his desire, and she agreed to pay twelve Hong Kong dollars per lesson. His teacher was the great master Yip Man, a specialist in the style of Wing Chun.

1954: Bruce begins to take lessons in dance cha-cha-cha.

1958: Bruce won the championship in Hong Kong on the dance cha-cha-cha. In his wallet he keeps the card with a list of 108 different dance steps. Deleted in the film 'orphan', which performs the main role. This is the last movie, where Bruce Lee starred in the child and where he does not use kung-fu.
. 1958, March 29: In the same year, Bruce is involved in inter-school competitions Brother Kenny on boxing and defeats Gary Elms, three-year restraining title.
. 1959, April 29: Bruce accepted the challenge to fight on the roof of the members of a rival school
. Choy Lay Foot. The rules were: the one school, which will be able to drive his opponents for the front line, is declared the winner. Bruce received a blow on the sly, instantly falls into a rage and kicks the opponent a couple of teeth. Parents of the victim said the police, and Mrs. Lee had to sign a paper stating that she will be responsible in criminal proceedings for all future actions of Bruce. Only after that he was released from the site.

1959: After a few street fights, ending with police intervention, Bruce's father sends him to San Francisco - the city where Bruce was born. He has only one hundred dollars in his pocket and goes to an old friend of his father.
. 1959, San Francisco: From San Francisco, Bruce goes to Seattle to Ruby Chow, - another friend of his father, containing a restaurant.
. 1959, Seattle: Bruce got a job as a waiter in a restaurant at Ruby Chow
. She put him in a room above her restaurant. He managed to hang the bag in the corner of the kitchen of the restaurant and there, while there was no book, he practiced kung fu. By day he worked, sowing for language and mathematics, and in the evening worked. All this was necessary for him to college. Bruce goes to a higher technical school after. Edison.

1960, December, Seattle: End Edisonovskuyu technical school.

1961, March, Seattle: Bruce goes to the University of Washington at the Faculty of Philosophy. Work in the restaurant, he left and began to earn money teaching borbe.Pervaya group of his students worked with him in the park - not yet enough money to rent a gym. Much time was devoted to the study of philosophy. He lectures on the philosophy of kung fu and Chinese philosophy, and publishes his own expense books he had written 'The Chinese Kung Fu: The philosophical art of self-defense'. Meets with Linda Emery, 17 years. She studied at Garfildskoy school, where Bruce has lectured.

1963, summer, Hong Kong: Bruce visits his parents in Hong Kong for the first time since he left them in San Francisco. Then he returned to Seattle and continued his studies.

1963, Seattle: October 23, 1963 Bruce invites his future wife - Linda in a revolving restaurant 'Space Needle'. Bruce was magnificent - bright scarlet silk shirt, black satin tie, black suit, a red lining - not in love with this gentleman was not. They had a very romantic evening, everything was amazing. They talked about his childhood and youth, Bruce, and then about the philosophy and psychology, while he was studying the two disciplines in the College. That evening, he shared with Linda his plans to organize a network of schools of kung fu.
. 1963, Autumn: At this time, Bruce opens its first institute 'Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute' in the great hall - three thousand square feet of space - nearly an entire floor in the administrative building
. The hall was needed for training a few shells, and over the front door was the emblem of the school. He was already convinced that, teaching kung fu, he can earn a living. Bruce teaches all people of any race, while at the time of kung-fu in the remaining schools were taught only to people of Asian ethnicity.

In the same year, Bruce in Garfildskoy High School demonstrates his famous One-inch stroke. It was one of the crown of his numbers - a blow that he inflicted with a fist distance of one inch to the target. Those who once saw the work of karate masters or professional boxers, such as the champion Muhammad Ali or George Foreman, decide that it is most unlikely for a person to be able to deal a crushing blow to the forces from a distance of one inch. Classic kick in karate begins with the hips, and Bruce on this occasion was fond of saying: 'Look, how much lost time passes since the beginning of impact before coming to his goal. Meanwhile, there is no need, because you can deliver the same powerful blow in the shorter distance '. Bruce stood up in front of people so that his right leg was in front, and left a foot or so behind a closed fist, Bruce was an inch from the chest of the enemy. All that viewers could see is a barely perceptible movement corps Bruce forward with the heel of his left leg is lifted. Bruce produced such a powerful blow to the movement (rotation) of the hips, that person receiving the blow, flying a few pounds and flop on a previously delivered to him a chair and turns it.
. 1964: Bruce meets with John Rea at the international karate championship
. John Rea, - one of the leading instructors of the Korean karate - has become a good friend of Bruce.

1964 June: Bruce leaves Seattle and went to Oakland (California), which agrees with James Lee to open a second 'Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute'. Bruce was so captured by the prospects of development of kung fu in America, he decided to opt out of receiving further education.
. 1964, Summer, Auckland: Plans to open a second institution implemented, and Bruce takes a job as an instructor of his assistant and friend Taki Kimura, which he himself prepared.
. 1964, August 17: Bruce returns to Seattle, where marries Linda and - back in Auckland.
. 1964, Auckland: Shortly after the opening of the school kung-fu, to Bruce in the hall came the master of kung-fu Wong Jack Man with ultimatum
. Bruce suggested the following condition: if he loses a match, then either he closes his institute, or ceases to teach Americans. Bruce won the fight, but he was displeased with the fact that the fight lasted too long. The fight with Wong Jack Menom wonderfully changed his understanding and presentation of his kung-fu. Prior to this bout, he deeply believed in the possibility of improvisation and improvement in the style of Wing Chun, but then he suddenly realized that although he won the fight fairly easily, but his actions were neither animation nor effective. The fight, he realized, must end in a few seconds, during which he will inflict their first blows, but not last, to last, as it was with Wong, three minutes.
. 1964, . Long Beach: At the invitation of Ed Parker, . - Famous karate instructor (Khenpo) from Los Angeles, . police training, . as well as having among his pupils such figures movie, . as Warren Beatty and Robert Vogner, . Bruce demonstrates his skill in karate tournament,
. During demonstrations Bruce watched a large number of spectators, among whom were the leading masters of Karate West. Among the crowd that night was a hairdresser and makeup artist from Hollywood Jay Sebring, who later became one of the victims of gang Manson. Sebring was struck by what he saw and was able to assess the viability and attractiveness of Bruce. Therefore, when he was a few months later did her hair Wilma Dayzeru television producer, he mentioned the name of Bruce. Dayzer said that he is looking for an actor to the role of the son of Charlie Chan - son number one in the new series of films.

1965, Los Angeles: Bruce flew to Los Angeles for a screen test. Result - Bruce enrolled in the actors. Doze Lee pays 1800 dollars as a preliminary fee for services.
. 1965, February 1, Auckland: Born the son of Bruce Lee - Brandon Bruce Lee, who was Bruce Lee describes as 'the only fair-haired blue-eyed Chinese in California'.
. 1965, February 8, Hong Kong: Bruce Lee's father dies
. Bruce arrives in Hong Kong for the funeral and brought with him a little son.

1965, May, Hong Kong: Bruce decides to property affairs of his father. At the same time he wants to withdraw his teacher Yip Mena on film to show his students. But the teacher refused to modestly. Brandon Bruce is his teacher.

1966, Los Angeles: Bruce moved with his family in Los Angeles. By the time the idea of 'Son Number One' has already been completely rejected, but Dayzer hoped for the success of its new project - show 'Green Hornet'. Based on the successfully adopted in America radio series, . Launched in 30 years, . 'Green Hornet' was to show the exploits Brita Reid - journalist, . Publicist, . Editor, . who wore a green dress at night and turned into a fighter against crime,
. Speaking in the role of Kato - a bodyguard and assistant Brita Reid, Bruce in one night was in the starry sky of America. Received thousands of letters from fans, but after one season the show closes. In the same year, Bruce opens the third institution 'Jun Fan Kung-Fu Institute' in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
. 1967-1971, Hollywood: During this time, Bruce was shot in a variety of episodic and supporting roles in popular television series 'Batman', 'Ironside', 'Blondie', 'Longstreet', 'Marlow'
. In the film 'emergency team' Bruce removed from Chuck Norris. However, the screen at that time was not ripe for their fights. One of the series 'Longstreet' called 'Path obstructing a fist', (ie, Jeet Kune Do), in which Bruce performs a secondary role martial arts instructor. Bruce also gives private lessons for $ 250 per hour. By the time Bruce's students were such famous people like Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner, Roman Polanski, Kareem Jabbar and screenwriter Stirling Sillifant, who helped Bruce with scenarios.
. 1967, Washington: Bruce meets Joe Lewis at the 67th National karate championships
. Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris later became disciples of Bruce Lee.

1967, Los Angeles: 'Warner Brothers' suddenly grasped that the public imagination was captured by kung-fu, and then they decided to shoot on this topic ser. 'Warner Brothers' established contact with Bruce, and he was involved in work on the film. He gave them a lot of interesting ideas, which are further reflected in the film, will get the most rave reviews from viewers. The film was called 'Kung Fu', but in that starred David Kerredayn, because Hollywood producers decided that Bruce looks too Chinese, to play a major role in the western TV series. No special episode, do not bring profits, as fully realized on-screen complex nature of the eastern Kerredayn failed. Bruce, however, lost no less: the world did not see the screen another film featuring Chinese, bursting into a movie star. In general, Bruce suffered greatly when was rebuffed by 'Warner Brothers', after he offered them his services as an actor for the film adaptation of series.
. 1968, Los Angeles: Bruce begins to formulate a philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, or 'Way of the fist-ahead'
. Rather than block the blow and then hit yourself, JKD connects these two movements into one.
. 1968, Autumn: Sillifant and Bruce started working together on television have multiple film 'Longstreet', tells of private detective
. James Frantsiskas played the role of a detective, who was distinguished by extreme recklessness. Bruce played the role of the seller of antiques, he saves the life of James, who was nearly killed by two criminals during a fight in the dock. Of course, the detective wanted to know, as Bruce did what he did. Bruce refused to teach him anything, except revenge improper motive for the study of kung fu. Thus, the story tells about the 'Path anticipatory fist'.
. 1969, April, 19, of Santa Monica (California): I was born the daughter of Bruce - Shannon Lee
. 1970: Bruce asked for help to Sterling and James Coburn, when he had the idea of the film, based on the martial arts, which later became known as 'was silent flute'
. Coburn, Sillifant and Bruce wrote the script themselves, and then sent him to the 'Warner Brothers'. Studio endorsed it, but entered a reservation under contract to the effect that the film should be withdrawn only in India.

1970, Los Angeles: a back injury while training (he hurt his lumbar nerve). The doctor warned him that such an injury means the need to lie on his back and did not get out of bed until the pain disappears. Bruce stayed in bed for three months. But even during the enforced idleness of his brain was hyperactive. All these months, he wrote down his thoughts on martial arts. After his death, Linda will publish the book 'The Tao of Jeet Kune Do'.

1970, Hong Kong: Bruce and his son Brandon, briefly returned to Hong Kong to visit his mother. Bruce was quite taken aback by the reception he received. He had no idea how popular he was in Hong Kong. He did not know anything about that, 'Green Hornet' is the most popular television show in Hong Kong and South Asia, and he - favorite hero. Bruce becomes a superstar.

1971, February, India: Coburn, Sillifant and Bruce go to India. In the 'silent flute' there were many episodes that reflect the life of Bruce. Script talked about the evolution, . that happened to one young guy in his martial arts training, . the difficulties, . that he suffered because of his selfishness and courage, . which he trained himself in the cruel death struggles, . and at the end of his spiritual rebirth,
. Bruce was desperately trying to shoot a movie about kung fu in India, but in the end 'Warner Brothers' abandoned the idea.

1971, Hong Kong: After refusing 'Warner Brothers' from the movie 'was silent flute', Bruce went to Hong Kong. After the grand success of 'Green hornets' in Hong Kong producer Raymond Chow signed a contract with Bruce on two films - 'Big Boss' and 'Chinese liaison'. Initially Bruce in the movie 'Big Boss' was not given a central role, but after the first scene director Bruce suggested a major role. By the time Bruce had already realized that the only real way of promoting his art is fighting through a screen. And, perhaps, only enthusiasm and Bruce can explain that the film was brought to a conclusion. Take pictures with virtually no script, and directed by Lo Wei, a veteran of Chinese cinema, could not tolerate any advice or criticism. In horrific shooting conditions Bruce lost five kilos, bruises he received when performing techniques, inflamed and healed a long time, worried and old back injury. But despite all this, and the incessant conflicts with the director, Bruce worked selflessly. He, in particular, the idea belonged to shoot episodes of long fights fixed camera with a single point - so clearly was that the fights are carried out 'live', without tricks and stunt doubles. At the same time Bruce gets a small apartment on Van Man Road, 2. His brother, - Vu Ngan, - married and settled, too, with his wife in the apartment. Son of Bruce - Brandon begins to attend college 'La Salle', where he once studied and Bruce himself.

1971, Autumn: The film 'Big Boss' has won a huge hit with viewers. He brought 3.5 million HK dollars for the first 19 days of hire. Then he broke all known records before that time as in China itself, and in cities such as Rome, Beirut, Buenos Aires. All of what Bruce wanted, everything in which he assured his friends and acquaintances, all that he intended to do - all now been achieved, or at least was in some sort of step away from the goal.
. 1972, Hong Kong: Great response from the audience got his new movie 'Fist of Fury', also known as 'Chinese liaison'
. This film broke all previously known records, even one that was set film 'Big Boss'. For thirteen days, he turned off the record 'Big Boss' - 3,5 million dollars and is already close to 4 million. Appliances Bruce was even more lethal than in the 'Big Boss', more dramatic, and the audience sometimes blood froze blood in the veins. His battle cry, cry like an angry leopard or panther, cold blood. His kicks and jumps were even more dramatic than previously. Bruce is also the first time used in the film nunchuck, whose deadly efficiency was demonstrated to them in all its glory. His second film made Bruce, perhaps one of the most desirable (especially for producers) actors in the world of show business. On the night of the premiere in Hong Kong so many admirers of his talent flocked to the cinema, . that a huge flow of cars had to stop, . hopelessly snarling, . resulting in a demonstration film had to be suspended for a week, . and during this time traffic services was transferred to the flow of traffic on other streets,
. After work on 'Big Boss' and' Fist of Fury "Bruce is no longer committed to any contract. The success of 'Big Boss' and 'Fist of Fury' again convinced Bruce that he must create a picture that can win public acceptance, and simultaneously make even more respect for the world of martial arts.

. 1972, Hong Kong: Bruce insists that the script of the new film in line with Hollywood standards, but when he makes suggestions to the script 'Yellow Tiger', and Luo Wei refuses, it would finally rassorivaet with director Bruce
. This encourages Lee to create together with Raymond Chow's own studio 'Concorde Film'. In the same year, Bruce will now begin filming the movie 'The way the dragon'. Bruce made the film almost single-handedly, speaking as director, producer, performer and director starring fight scenes. Also to participate in this film he invited along to Italy and Hong Kong U.S. karate champion Chuck Norris and Bob Wall. The movie was filmed in Rome, and the most exciting scene - in the abode of the ancient gladiators - Coliseum. Within two weeks all that was planned to shoot in Rome, was captured, and the entire group returned to Hong Kong to work on. Staging fights was a privilege and a specialty Bruce. He wanted to be just perfect. Initially, each fight was planned on paper, every movement by every angle. For example, only the last big duel with Chuck Norris demanded twenty pages of instructions. He supervised all the work on the film, no detail escaped his attention - the duplication, the device sets, the choice of costumes and t. etc., and finally, he edited the film and mounted. As a result, the film 'Way of the Dragon' blocked the line of 5 million. dollars.

1972, Hong Kong: Bruce began work on his next film - 'The game of death', in which he wanted to collect the world's best experts on martial arts. In contrast to the 'Way of the Dragon', based, according to Lee, mainly on the Chinese audience, this time Bruce wanted to make a film of international class. It is not too listened to the opinions of those who considered a bad omen to include the title of the movie the word 'death': the Chinese are superstitious in all spheres of life, especially that associated with the transition to another world. Bruce invited removed along with him in the movie of his friend and pupil Kareem Abdul Dzhabarra - American professional basketball star, and Denny Innosanto. His friend, Danny Inosanto in an interview with an American edition said that the main Bruce's plan was to adopt the idea underlying his Jeet Kune Do: a true master above any tradition. Work record of Bruce and some of his statements make it possible to restore the approximate scheme conceived of the film. The action takes place on the island. On the top floor of the temple, the pagoda was stolen treasure. The way to protect his master different fighting styles. On the first floor of the treasure seeker should stop Karateka, the role that Bruce, apparently, wanted to invite Bolo Yang-Tse. The second floor guards specialist in the field of Hapkido in the film - winner of the seventh Dana Chee Hong Joy. The third floor takes care of an expert in kung-fu, the fourth charge of the master control Escrima, played by an old friend of Bruce Dan Inosanto. Consistently overcoming all of these carriers of traditions, the hero (of course, in the performance of the Bruce!) Gets to the floor where it meets the 'master without traditions', free fighter, as such. This role was to perform Abdul-Jabbar. Bruce decided that it is difficult to think of anything more intriguing for the audience than his fight with the enemy, which is almost two feet above him. Abdul-Jabbar was a colorful figure: he had a growth of 7 feet 2 inches (about 220 cm), while Bruce himself has been the growth of only 5 feet 6 inches (about 168 cm),. Karim enthusiastically responded to this proposal, and within a week they come up and filmed one of the most fantastic, most wonderful battles, which have ever been shot. When Bruce photographed the scene with a fight in his head were still only a vague outline of the future scenario. He assumed that within a few months he will be able to refine.

1972, December 28, Auckland: dying brother Bruce - James.

1972, Hollywood: Hollywood finally caught himself. Firm 'Warner Brothers' invited him participating
ment in his movie 'Enter the Dragon'. The picture should have been removed well-known in Hollywood athlete John Saxon, . Jim Kelly - the world champion in karate in 1971, . Bob Wall-time U.S. champion in 1970 for professional karate, . Peter Archer - the champion of the National Federation of Karate, . Yang Jie - the champion of South-East Asian style Shotokan and Angela Maoyin, . known as 'Lady Karate',
. Bruce agreed, in addition to an ensemble of stars and the high fee he was attracted to the possibility of independent productions of all the battle scenes in European films.
. 1973, . winter, . Hong Kong: In February 1973, Fred Heller, . film director Robert Klos, . John Saxon, . Jim Kelly, . beautiful actress Anna Capri and Bob Wall (performed the role 0'Harry) arrived in Hong Kong, . where for thirteen weeks of exhausting work, they filmed a movie,
. Many members of this group of Hong Kong shook. Jim Kelly was surprised by the extremely high crime, and especially the cruelty of youth gangs. Banda, who is called 'triads', extremely cruel and vicious. While working on the film, there were three terrible incident, which inflicted Bruce not only physical but also psychological trauma. Each of them, taken separately, were nothing more than trivial, but in sum they are unlikely to help Bruce. The first occurred when he was badly hurt his hand during the filming of a fight with Bob Wall and Paul Eggert. When staging a fight with Bob Wall, Bruce was supposed to move with extreme caution and precision, as Bob Wall was holding two bottles with a broken bottom. Bottles made of safety glass at a time in Hong Kong did not know how to produce, and the sharp edges of this glass is a real danger, which made it possible to avoid a filigree technique of Bruce. Unfortunately, during one of the duplicates Bruce struck so quickly that Bob did not have enough time to let go of the bottle. Bare fist Bruce crashed into jagged fragments of the bottle, and the blood gushed from the terrible wounds. A week passed before he again was able to start work. In another scene, Bruce was supposed to catch a cobra. To the dismay cobra bit him. Fortunately, she had previously been taken away the poison, however, for Bruce it was not too pleasant experience. In addition to all other troubles were also the inevitable clashes with the masters, including those from participating in the filming of. There were regular visits by artists, challenging Bruce. Many newspaper people entertained themselves and the crowd that Bruce used to pit those who summoned him to a duel. In that case, if he refused, the same newspaper people began to mock him. In fact, he could never be a win-win. If he took the call, then he was accused of bloodthirsty, if refused, then said that he poser. Thus, no matter how he did, it always becomes 'cherished history' for the press. Film was assumed to capture for four weeks, but it took on a ten weeks.
. 1973 April: By the end of April 1973, Bruce more or less decided for himself that he will soon return to live in America, where life was less tense and there were more opportunities
. And once or twice a year, probably will return to Hong Kong and make their films here, as in Hong Kong, it was easier to control everything, where his authority was higher and, consequently, he had more freedom in the process of working on films. Fantastic offers rained down on him from all sides, both from the horn of plenty. In the meantime, waiting for public reaction to the 'Island of the Dragon', he had worked on the script for the movie 'The game of death', intending to finish it, and then to make any proposal.
. 1973, May 10: On this day, Bruce worked in the studio 'Golden Harvest' at the Hammer Hill Road
. He was busy dubbing the last piece of 'Islands', when he suddenly became severely ill. Bruce suffered as a dress rehearsal for his own death - he suddenly lost consciousness, his breathing has broken down, the whole body convulsed convulsion. He was literally gasping. His eyes were half-open, but everything did not react. Some time later he woke up.

1973, May, Los Angeles: a full survey was conducted in Los Angeles at the best doctors of America. They have not found anything that does not correspond to the functions of a healthy brain. Dr.. Langford said that Bruce suffered from cerebral edema, t. e. increased fluid in the skull, which led, naturally, to increase the pressure of the fluid on the brain. There are no more damage could not be found throughout the body of Bruce. On the contrary, he was told that his state of the body corresponds to the body of eighteen young. Eventually, doctors decided that Bruce suffered from convulsions of uncertain origin. The usual treatment in such cases is the use of prescription drugs, which are slightly lower activity of the brain (calming).
. 1973, Hong Kong: Bruce returns to Hong Kong to re-take for the 'Game of death'.
. 1973, July 10, Hong Kong: On this day, Bruce was at the studios' Golden Harvest 'and discussed the script for the film "Game of death' with Raymond Chow, when suddenly I heard that in the next room is Lo Wei
. For a long time (starting with his first film in Bangkok), Bruce and Lo Wei constantly squabbled with each other. Bruce believed that the director is too vain and selfish man who thinks only about how to better 'he borrowed' actors. To Bruce in this behalf summarized almost all the shortcomings of Chinese films and Bruce instantly exploded and ran into the room where loud enough laid Lo Wei everything I thought about it. Satisfied that he threw at him all his feelings, Bruce returned to the office of Raymond. It seemed that the incident was over, but there was a wife, Lo Wei, and the atmosphere began to heat up again. By that time, when their voices reached the most angry tones, around them gathered a large crowd. Mrs Loh went to her husband, leaving Bruce boiling with anger and despair. Under normal circumstances, he would quickly calm. Instead, he again broke into the crew room and shared with Lo Wei still some of my thoughts about it. Director Bruce accused that he was threatened with physical violence - an absurd charge, of course, but one of those who tend to win the sympathy of the audience. The police were called, who came accompanied by a crowd of journalists. Luo Wei demanded that Bruce signed the paper, in which he was supposed to guarantee no harm Lo Wei. Bruce, partly shocked and upset by what had happened, and trying to quickly remove journalists from the premises, agreed to sign such a paper. Later, he 'tore his hair' because of this, as happened with Lo Wei, Bruce always could incriminate this document. If Lo Wei was a young man, then an explosive temper Bruce could find a way to fight with him, but the idea that he could hit and injured an old man lying outside the probability. Bruce was asked to come to Hong Kong television, where again the incident was the subject of discussions. Trying to show, . how absurd is the assumption that some reporters, . that Bruce was trying to use the weapons against Luo Wei, . He decided to demonstrate a simple push on one side of the journalists, . inviting him to be his assistant, . he immediately agreed,
. Bruce used only a fraction of the force, which was capable of, but it was enough that the audience seemed to him extremely violent action. The next morning, newspapers, hungry for sensation, have brought the whole incident in the major headlines.
. 1973, July 18, Hong Kong: On this day, the talisman of Bruce Lee, mirror man, standing on the roof of his Hong Kong home and driving away evil spirits away from him, fell to the ground.
. 1973, July 20, Hong Kong: From 2 to 4 hours of the day, Bruce and Raymond Chow worked on the draft of the 'Games of death' in order to show him that evening, George Lezenbi
. Betty Ting Pei performed in this film one of the main roles, and somewhere around four hours of the day a man went to her apartment to discuss details of the forthcoming meeting with Lezenbi. At the apartment Betty Bruce came in quite good condition. The three of them sat down at the script, perfecting the details. Later, Bruce complained of headache, Betty gave him a pill ekviagezika (sort of aspirin), in time Betty has prescribed them to her personal doctor. In addition, Bruce has not taken anything except for some light cocktails. Around seven-thirty in the evening when Raymond Chow began to gather in a restaurant to meet with Lezenbi Bruce again complained about not feeling well and went into the bedroom, where he soon fell asleep - and woke up. His fans (at the funeral came more than twenty-five thousand people) was nearly szhili with light poor girl Betty. And yet she was not with it - the affair was not interested in Bruce Lee's wife, he left only for the sake of cinema and kung-fu. After it became known that Bruce died, the press like mad. On all sides began to appear all kinds wildest theories and rumors concerning his death. Said, . that before he finally got Triad, . Shifu jealous that he killed his "lethal touch", . that it destroyed drugs, . that in fact he is not dead, . and disappeared to nowhere ... The results of the autopsy have not dampened, . rather, . opposite, . increased the number of false rumors, . concerning the death of Bruce,
. Traces of either of cannabis, whether on marijuana were found in the stomach Bruce. Newspapers immediately tore through the city thought that Bruce was a drug addict and took drugs in order to help you achieve such extraordinary results. He died before the age of 33 years. An autopsy found cerebral edema, which occurred because of the rare sensitivity of the organism 'very healthy person in the world' to the components of headache tablets.
. 1973, July 25, Hong Kong: Official ceremony of the funeral of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong was held for his friends and admirers who gathered more than 25 thousand people
. Bruce was dressed in Chinese costume, in which he starred in 'Isle of the Dragon', he loved it and often put on, because he felt it very comfortable. The funeral turned into a real demonstration, in which young girls were given a vow of celibacy, and was even a few suicides. And in the town cemetery appeared slab with an inscription in English and Chinese: "Bruce Lee. The founder of Jeet Kune Do '. Houses in Hong Kong, a museum was created in which today you can see the death mask Lee and his personal belongings.

1973, July 30, Seattle: The second official funeral of Bruce Lee, where his body was laid to rest. Bruce was buried at the cemetery in Seattle 'Lake View', located on the shores of Lake Washington, which he very well knew and loved. Funerals in Seattle were much quieter and calmer. It drew about two hundred friends and relatives. Among them were Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Danny Inosanto, Taki Kimura and brother Bruce - Robert Lee.

1973 August: Premiere of the movie 'The Island of the Dragon'. Bruce died before the 'Island of the Dragon' appeared on the screens of cinemas. In fact, Bruce himself had no idea how beautiful the picture will. Certainly, that 'Warner Brothers' were impressed. 'Enter the Dragon' leads in popularity around the world. He passes on the popularity of all the films this year. The film has been invested only 500 thousand dollars, he brought to this moment more than 300 million dollars.

1978, autumn: 'The tiger is dead, but left the tiger's claws' - say in the East. The dragon is dead, but his claws and from the world once again extended their hand to the screen to make his mark: in 1978, rolled out, finally, 'The game of death', work on which Bruce did not have time to finish (the film was completed with the participation of another actor ). About how much material was filmed by Bruce Lee, went quite contradictory information. In fact, Bruce himself was captured just 28 minutes, . but the representative of the 'Golden Harvest' in an interview said, . that one can only associate with each complete episode, . as suitable for the installation of the film is more than enough for one movie,
. But his optimism should be considered as advertising the course of a film company who decided to earn money for Bruce after his death. Poor editing and poor doubles virtually destroyed the screenplay. Although it was touted as 'tribute to Bruce Lee', unfortunately, is not so. And yet, through the power of the impact of its name, the fees from the movie worldwide exceeded 300 million dollars.

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Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee), photo, biography
Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee), photo, biography Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee)  Actor, photo, biography
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