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Aurelius Ambrose (Ambrosius Aurelius)

( Christian Latin writer)

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Biography Aurelius Ambrose (Ambrosius Aurelius)
Aurelius Ambrose, Ambrosius Aurelius, Saint., C.. 337-397 years. n. e., Christian Latin writer, Father and Doctor of the Church. Born in Treviso in the famous Roman family. After the early death of his father, mother with three children returned to Rome: A nurse here. Marcellina came to the monastery, and his brother, the Satire has become a high government official. Upon completion of the rhetorical and legal education A. was promoted to manager of Liguria and Emilia with residence in Mediolane (ca. 370), where he became bishop in 374 g. A Biography. created his secretary Paulinus, at the request of Augustine.

A. had a great influence on the ecclesiastical and political life of his time, of course, to some extent due to his position. He fought for the recognition of the primacy of the Christian religion to interfere in matters of public life, has made ending government subsidies for the maintenance of a pagan cult, and 382 g. - Removal of the statue of the goddess of victory (Victoria) from the conference room of the Senate. With a view. emperors were considered the time. A. died Mediolane 4IV397. After receiving the episcopal dignity A. developed a lively literary activity in various areas of theology. The most important works of A. include: Geksameron (comment to the 6 days of Creation), based on interpretation of Basil stories of creation from the Old Testament and Psalms, as well as several treatises, which explains the books of the Old Testament with the allegories of Philo.

From the comments to the New Testament is particularly valuable commentary on the Gospel of Luke (cm. Bible). From the writings on the ethical issues should be called: the spiritual duties (De officiis ministrorum), a manual on Christian ethics, based on an essay of Cicero De officiis, and also glad treatises on virginity. From the dogmatic writings seem essential: a treatise on faith (De fide) - posted by Emperor Graziani: On the Holy Spirit (De Spiritu Sancto) - commissioned by Gratian, On Repentance (De poenitentia). Preserved and its katehizisnye compositions, the most significant of which Secrets (De mysteriis) and sacrament (De Sacramentis). From the speeches should be mentioned on the death of his brother Satire (De exessu fratris Satyri), . On the death of Valentinian (De obitu Valentianiani), . On the death of Theodosius (De obitu Theodosii), . written according to the canons of rhetoric and find a great awareness A,
. in this area.

For an introduction to the works and directions, which prevailed in that era are very important letter (there are 91). It is also the author of dozens of hymns (scientists call a different number). At the language and style was greatly influenced by rhetoric, but in a later period - studying and reading of the Fathers of the Church and religious writers of the Eastern Empire. And even then belonged to the rare Latin writers, who know the Greek language. A. contributed to the further adaptation of the Latin language to the needs of the Christian Science. Effect A. on the formation of Catholic ethics and theology was very large: a set of practical guidelines (on the life of the community of believers), as contained in the writings of AA, to a large extent shaped the later views on these issues. A. enjoyed enormous prestige in the West, as best evidenced by his title of Doctor of the Church. He added a lot of respect for his noble, although emphatic, and sometimes tyrannical behavior.

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Aurelius Ambrose (Ambrosius Aurelius), photo, biography
Aurelius Ambrose (Ambrosius Aurelius), photo, biography Aurelius Ambrose (Ambrosius Aurelius)  Christian Latin writer, photo, biography
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