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Archilochus (Archilochos)

( Greek poet)

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Biography Archilochus (Archilochos)
Archilochus, Archilochos, from Paros, ca. 680-OK. 640 years. BC. e., Greek poet. According to ancient tradition, the son of an aristocrat and slave Telesikla. He soon left his native island, which before the opening of the famous marble deposits were very poor, and went to the island Fasos, which earn a living by fighting as a mercenary with the Thracian tribes. Great influence on life and, above all, creativity A. it has probably unhappy, love to Neobule aristocrat whose father first gave her hand AA, but then refused to promise.

A. began to pursue the failed tests, and his daughter caustic iambs and, as legend says, brought the whole family to suicide. S A. The first relates the exact date in the history of Greek literature, he is in one of his works have described the surprise and horror that gripped the people in the solar eclipse, which is dated April 5, astronomers 648 g. BC. e. A. probably died in battle on the island of Naxos. - Creativity And. Alexandrian scholars have collected and divided according to the metric of elegies (Fr.), iambic (Fr.), trochaic tetrameter (Fr.), hymns (Fr.), epody (Fr.),. And the first lyric poet in the history of European culture. He created a subjective poetry, in which the poet appears not as a representative of the genus or the state, but said in his own person. In the work of a. find a mirror image of his sober, but sometimes uninhibited nature, his life as a soldier, the uncertainty of his social position as the illegitimate son of an aristocrat.

The capacity for independent thinking and daring of opinion led to the fact that A. rejected the heroic tradition, provided the Homeric epic, with its code of military honor, and described in the elegies own code of life, a measure of which served the needs of a mercenary, fighting not for glory, but for the sake of earnings. As far as can be judged on the basis of the surviving fragments, A. served as a warrior and a poet who is not too much to expect from life and do not envy the rich and powerful. The ideal leader for him was not a great athlete in expensive armor, but those who brave and knows how to skillfully fight. Thus A. first contrasted the natural dignity of internal qualities. A loud glory. earned a bold recognition of the fact that while fleeing from the enemy, he threw the shield, which, according to tradition, deprived of his rank warrior. A. also argued that the most important thing to save lives, and the new board can always get.

This was the position of a mercenary, which - if you believe another point - good and necessary as long as he lives and fights, but after the death of his condone. We often find in a. reflections and guidance on human behavior, . which should remain calm and composure and joy, . in sorrow, . example, . in a fragment containing the address to itself, . or addressed to a certain Pericles elegy on the shipwreck, . in which the lives of many fellow A., . as well as its relative,
. Striking contrast with the calm, thoughtful tone of most elegiac pieces are excerpts from iambs and epodov, reflecting a rapid surge of feelings. They A. extolled his great love for Neobule, admired her beauty, pain of disappointment and jealousy, and finally, the intense hatred for her father Likambu, who broke a promise to give him a daughter. The most powerful tool bilious satire A. epody were written by different sizes of iambic, which alternated two lines of different lengths. Epody began with a story (fable about animals) to the second part of the sharp sting to hurt the hated enemy. Many pieces are obscene content.

Of the most famous hymns hymn was Heracles, who a few centuries in a row were performed in honor of the Olympic winners. Poetry And. distinguished bravery in the selection of words, whole and expressive imagery. Few places took mythology, much more devoted to fables, folk origin. From folk A. borrowing as a rich repertoire of poetic dimensions, thus introducing them to literature. A. was highly appreciated by the ancients and was placed next to Homer. The influence it has had on the Greek lyric poetry, is comparable with the value for Homer's epic. A's creations. inspired by the great poets, among them Alcaeus and Anacreon, he borrowed the motif of abandoned shield. Nevertheless A. was cursed in Sparta as shameless poet stained honor soldier. In the next century be seen as primarily a scoffer. Alexandrian scholars have put a. headed the list yambografov. He imitated Callimachus, and therefore Palatine anthology devoted much of his caustic epigrams muse. In Rome, guided him to Lucilla, Catullus and Horace, who reproduced the motif of an abandoned missile shield and in his book epodov, building resembling epody A., proud of being first introduced to Rome from Parian iambs.

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Archilochus (Archilochos), photo, biography
Archilochus (Archilochos), photo, biography Archilochus (Archilochos)  Greek poet, photo, biography
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