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VAKHILID (Bakchylides)

( Greek lyric poet)

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Biography VAKHILID (Bakchylides)
Vakhilid, Bakchylides, with CEOS, ca. 518-OK. 450 years. BC. e., Greek lyric poet. Born on the island of CEOS, near Attica. His uncle, a famous poet Simonides, probably taught him the rules for the choral songs and helped to get jobs. V. wrote to representatives of the powerful Thessaly birth to Alexander I, king of Macedonia, for Hieron I, tyrant of Syracuse, for the inhabitants of Aegina, Athens and the native CEOS. Perhaps he made several trips. The most likely trip to Sicily to the court of Hieron. For orders within. competed with Pindar. Both created a song in honor of members of some genera, but three times in the odes glorifying the one and the same victory in the games. At the end of the life of B., who was sentenced to exile, moved to the Peloponnese.

The last we know of his songs dates back to 452 g. - In. worked in many genres of choral lyric, but the surviving epigrams under his name are not authentic. During the Hellenistic period of creativity in. was divided into 9 books in accordance with the genre: I. Hymns (Fr.; II. Peany (Fr.); III. Praises (6 of them survived, some very source codec Xvid); IV. Prosody (songs for the processions, fr.); V. Parfenov (songs for chorus girls); VI. Giporhematy (dance songs, fr.); VII. ENCOM (songs of praise) or cleavage (drinking songs, fr.); VIII. Epinikia (songs in honor of sporting victories, 14 have survived, some corrupted); IX. Erotica (love songs, fr.). Due to the discoveries of papyrus, we now know best epinikia and praises.

Epinikia In. constructed by the same rules as the odes of Pindar, from which they, however, differ in nature. No glittering original and bold metaphors and not reached the severe hills characteristic of Pindar, but they are simpler and more purely Ionic grace. Magnificent style inherent in the choral lyric, is created in. due to accumulation of epithets around one noun. He readily uses compound adjectives, many of which are neologisms. V. praises the recipients of their songs and rewards them with exquisite compliments. Beautiful and poetic narrative of his works, which shows scenes from the life of gods and heroes, they are full of dramatic tension, even pathos.

Therefore above epinikia put praises V., are purely mythological narratives in the ballad style. V. used lesser-known version of the myth, often turned to the Attic tradition. The most interesting eulogy called Theseus (Theseus), having the form of a dialogue between the king of Athens Egeem and choir. It sees the transition from chorus songs to play, but as in. created in the period of full flowering of the tragedy, we must assume that it was under its influence he has given a form to his praises. Of the other works and passages in. deserves vniaainyach skolion written for Alexander I, king of Macedonia, perfectly the atmosphere of the feast of drunkenness and light wine. In Alexandria. was counted among the canon of 9 lyricists, and his works are collected and published (II in. BC. e.).

Were also written comments to his songs. Most echoes tyorchestva In. we find in Theocritus. In the later era of creativity in. looking not so much poetic heights as mythological, geographical, etc.. curiosities. In Rome, more than anything he was interested in Horace. Ancient theorists of literature, for example, Anonymous, author of the treatise On the hill, had a low opinion of him. However, its a long read, because it was fairly easy, therefore,. He knew even Julian the Apostate, then his works were lost. In 1896, Mr.. The British Museum bought 2 found in Egyptian papyrus scrolls containing epinikia and praises in. In the XX century. There are new pieces of papyrus.

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VAKHILID (Bakchylides), photo, biography
VAKHILID (Bakchylides), photo, biography VAKHILID (Bakchylides)  Greek lyric poet, photo, biography
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