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Basil the Great (Basileos)

( Greek Christian writer, speaker, Father of the Church)

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Biography Basil the Great (Basileos)
Basil the Great, Basileos, of Caesarea, St.., C.. 327-379 years. n. e., Greek Christian writer, speaker, Father of the Church. Born in a large family of a wealthy lawyer and teacher of rhetoric at Caesarea in Cappadocia, his brother Gregory of Nyssa. He studied rhetoric at Caesarea, philosophy - in Istanbul. He continued teaching at Nicomedia, Antioch Syrian speaker at Libanius and in Athens (along with the future emperor Julian the Apostate). After his father was the chair of rhetoric at Caesarea. Converted to Christianity, visited the desert of Egypt, Palestine and Syria. Then there was a hermit in the Pont Neokesarii. Then he made two statutes monastryskoy life and, perhaps, wrote Filokalii (a selection of works by Origen).

Ok. 364 g. became a priest in 370 g. - Bishop of Caesarea. Has distinguished itself as the defender of the orthodox teachings of the Church, . organizer of public life in his diocese (he built the hospital, . Shelters, . involved in organization of assistance in times of famine, . epidemics, etc.) and the monastic life, . thus he was still alive was the nickname of the Great,
. Tried to achieve reconciliation of the Roman Church with the Eastern churches. - Its rich art consists of speeches, dogmatic works, ascetical treatises and letters. As the author homilite, ie speeches on religious subjects on the model of the Cynics-Stoic diatribe, discovered a wonderful knowledge of life and human nature. He was also 9 homilite the 6 days of creation of the world (Heksaц╚meron), containing the principles of the Christian cosmogony, which had a significant impact on the religious and philosophical culture of the West (which handles, among others, and Ambrose). Also been preserved homilite In. on the psalms, commentary on the Book of Isaiah, and 23 other speech. In two dogmatic writings in. wrestled with the Arians. His ascetic writings Moral (Ta ethika) and two monasteries of the statute reveal the basis of the ascetic and monastic life in the East.

An Appeal to adolescence (Sermo ad adolescentes) in. urges young to comprehend the ancient art through reading the poets, historians and speakers, warning, however, on the observance of certain rules of precaution. This work has had a great influence on the school system of the Byzantine era and the Renaissance. 365 letters (including friendly letters, messages of consolation, canonical, dogmatic, liturgical, correspondence with Julian the Apostate is apocryphal) become a valuable source of knowledge of the history of the Church in the IV. in the Eastern Roman Empire. Liturgy of St.. Basil's probably really is a work in. Trudy W., translated into Slavic languages were the source of familiarity with the ancient writers, who abound in quotes. Especially recommended in. reading of Homer, and then Hesiod, Theognis, Solon, Archilochus, Euripides, from the writers - Herodotus and Plutarch, of the philosophers - Plato. There was a moderate degree attitsistom.

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Basil the Great (Basileos), photo, biography
Basil the Great (Basileos), photo, biography Basil the Great (Basileos)  Greek Christian writer, speaker, Father of the Church, photo, biography
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