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Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich

( Theater and film actor)

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Biography Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
photo Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
Height, weight - 195 cm, 85 kg.
Hair color, eyes - dark brown hair, blue eyes.
Place of birth, date of birth - July 9, 1978, Astrachan.
Marital status - Single.
Financial position - I do not complain.
Place of work - MTYUZ.
What girls like - Good.
What not like - Bad.
Hobbies - Jobs, tourism, travel to monasteries.
Nickname - I have had so many ... As a child, called hedgehog. Now - Space.
Favorite food - Anything but tasty.
Tabletop Book - God's Law.
Favorite pastime - nature walks - the river, near the sea, the mountains.
Favorite season - Fall.
Act, for which a shame so far - As a child, occurred intsendent with odnaklassnikom. I beat a boy, then his parents came to understand my. I scolded. It was a shame. That day I went to the temple. That's when I realized that the church has forgiven and relieved soul.
What is common between you and your hero? - Love of humor, to the formulation of non-standard situations.
As you might deduce from myself? - I was practically impossible to ruffle.
What kind of cigarette smoke? - I do not smoke.
Favorite alcoholic drink - Tequila.
What are you afraid? - Nothing. And if you say who I am afraid that God.
Where to live? - I am in search.
Favorite vacation spot - Parents in Astrakhan.
Where do you prefer to dress? - Houses, and also home to undress. And in the dressing room theater.
Love - is ... - ... Life.
I love ... - I love you, life! I love it when all is well.
I hate ... - There is no such. There are things that constantly straining, but life - is patience. I try everything philosophically.
Your favorite color - Blue.
I regret not having played the role ... - Yes, I do not play anything yet ...
Your weakness - Women.
Had to risk his life? - Risk points were, but I did not know what to risk my life.
So why can sacrifice career? - For the sake of.
Believe in God? - Yes.
The largest amount of money held in their hands - 35000 dollars.
The most expensive acquisition - is now trying to buy an apartment.
The biggest dream - I dreamed of entering a convent or go to an Orthodox Institute. This happened after the death of my sister's and father's suicide. Now I dream to get married.
Most rash - In a drunken state at the wedding of bees stole the car of his friend. It is true, then returned.
For the sake of love I am ready for ... - At all reasonable.
How do you see yourself in ten years - as God wills, and will.
If it had not become an actor, you would have ... - I wanted to become a sailor.
Favorite movie - "Birdy" by Alan Parker.
"Brigade" - about what? "- A story about how you can revel in sweet and dirty life and all this leads to the inevitable end.
When drunk the last time? - In 14 years. This was the first and last time.
Your principles - In God helps those who help themselves..
You are in love? - Yes.

Born July 9, 1978 in the city of Astrakhan.

In 1995 he graduated from the "school for gifted children."

In 1995 joined the faculty of directing at GITIS (acting group). Studio M.

Zakharova. He graduated in 1999.
Artist MTYUZ.

There are currently engaged in a large theater project "Boris Godunov" (International Confederation of Unions of Theater, director - Declan Donevan). In this regard, was forced to abandon filming in the movie "Bayazet.

Currently, just busy in the new picture of O. Pogodina Motherland waiting "as an agent of the FSB. Kim) - role: "The serpent Gorynych."
Tatyana Repin (A. Chekhov) - role: "The Deacon".
"Mad Money" (p. Samghin).
"Morning Bride" (p. Yudkovskaya) - role: "Thomas" 1998.
"The Master and Margarita" (M. Bulgakov, p. Aldonin) - role: "Basoy Juice"

Working in film

"The Ark" role: "She was lucky," dir. YU. Kuzin, 2002
"Brigade", the main role: "Cosmos", dir. A. Sidorov, 2002
"Shnek" role: "Andrian, dir. E. Lavrentiev.
"24 hours", role: "sergeant", dir. A. Atanesyan, 1999
"April", role: "guard", dir. K. Murzenko, 2001

Work on television

"Gossip" role: "Petechka", dir.: In. Zelenski, A. Kuznetsov, 2002


Dance, vocal, stage movement, Recitative, plastic, block flute, swimming, martial arts.
Knowledge of the English language.

Photos of Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich

Photos of Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
Dyuzheva Dmitry PetrovichDyuzheva Dmitry PetrovichDyuzheva Dmitry PetrovichDyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich

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  • jyravlik for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • 89166696993
  • jyravlik curcus for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • 89166696993
  • Marina for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello! And it really get to know Dyuzheva DP??
  • margo for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • I wish I could meet with Dimitri. Such deep and a little sad eyes, I still have not seen anyone.
  • Svetlana AM for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello, . Dima, I want to say, . you're very nice chant, . you are beautiful, . warm, . gentle, . bewitching voice, and I dream to have a CD with songs in your performance! "And you really like me, . as an actor and as a man, You a spectacular man! Stay well! With best wishes, . Svetlana M.,
  • DD for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • All deeply grateful for the nice words! Write, try to answer
  • ksenia for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitri - You are a wonderful actor, wonderful person, who so sincerely believe in God. I wish you everything beautiful that is in this complex world!
  • berd for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Djuzhev meets Olga Sidorova!
  • berd for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • sorry! this question was confused znak.dyuzhev meets Sidorova?
  • Daiana for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitry, I very rarely brought to watch our movies, and not ours, too, though ... recently watched "Dead Man's Bluff" ... Honestly, did not represent you in this role! You have been very easy to grow accustomed to the role? A strange mix of kindness and stupidity ... mind and anger ... Until now, I can not understand the nature of the hero ... I'm an actress at heart, but this play I would have been hard!
  • Verusik for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • One movement of lips .. and waving hands, painfully unfamiliar-familiar to me. I will give this all! Your leashes so I was kept firmly outside the house !...........
  • Nata for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dimochka you're a very good actor, you have talent, only to be cheerful! You get everything in life!
  • Tatyana M. Malkovich for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dimulkin, I sincerely wish you continued prosperity and good luck in everything! :)
  • Vanja Lazarova for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • zdraveite Dimitrii! az sam ot Balgariq! mnogo mi xaresvate kato aktior! bix iskala da si pisha s vas! bixte li mi dali vashiq E-mail adres? pozdravleniq vie ste edin dobar mlad aktior!
  • Vanja Lazarova for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • zdraveite Dimitrii! az sam ot Balgariq! mnogo mi xaresvate kato aktior! bix iskala da si pisha s vas! bixte li mi dali vashiq E-mail adres? pozdravleniq vie ste edin dobar mlad aktior!
  • Vanja Lazarova for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • zdraveite Dimitrii! az sam ot Balgariq! mnogo mi xaresvate kato aktior! bix iskala da si pisha s vas! bixte li mi dali vashiq E-mail adres? pozdravleniq vie ste edin dobar mlad aktior!
  • Vanja Lazarova for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • zdraveite Dimitrii! az sam ot Balgariq! mnogo mi xaresvate kato aktior! bix iskala da si pisha s vas! bixte li mi dali vashiq E-mail adres? pozdravleniq vie ste edin dobar mlad aktior!
  • Sue for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitry, you're wonderful! And you can somehow get your e-mail? It would like to talk!
  • Valeria for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello Everyone! I have a question for the DD. In Volgograd, a full swing is advertising tours of the Moscow Art Theater. I would like to watch a play with your participation "Primadonna". Do you really plan to come to Volgograd on tour? Or play will be "second part"? Does it make sense to buy tickets?
  • Valeria for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Thank you in advance for the timely response! All you the best!
  • Lapochka for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dima! My favorite person looks like you, and the character I think, too ... I noticed it more at the first meeting with him ..... I love him very much! I just wanted to share my happiness)
  • Lilyth for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello. I do not think, of course, that good use of the fact that the personal lives of actors in a certain sense in the public domain. I do not think it could benefit someone who does. Just now out of nothing, I suddenly (2 years ago) there was a question of faith. Rather, from idleness. I do not have a lot of acquaintances. Or t.n.druzey. And I'm not sociable people. There may, therefore, from idleness, and appeared a question. Which slightly obscure my higher education, uncomplicated brain. I am a fan of. And the "Brigade" I just can not see. That's "The Island" - looking. That is, I want to say that do not use as a dream before bedtime your image. Just do not know among his entourage, who would understand me. Syndrome of "big city" or as it is. People - a lot, but man - alone. He did not talk to anyone and it sour in inete. I think that you could talk on the subject religion. Just Friends clerics no. Yes, there does not need a chaplain. Or psychologist. Must be a person who has similar thoughts, if it is simply a spiritual person, that is, of course, it would be nice. But, as already stated, these I do not know. You too, of course, but I hope (in DMB - I understand your feelings, I myself have experienced, or rather, I hope to experience - is when he became acquainted with the widow of a cemetery:)) The idea that turned out to people - being social. I want to communicate. Chatter. Sometimes. Here's a day like today - I have something to say and I do not mind to do it. But those who can not understand what I just now have in myself, I have already told. They do not understand. I want to say to those who have the capacity to understand. True, I can not know for sure, but the writing here is not prohibited. Thank you, if you stick to this place. Yes, and yet - well, if other than the site administrator, it read and Dmitri Djuzhev. P.S. This message was originally sent to piplz.ru. But for some reason there did not appear. The meaning of what. My address is. Number aysikyu - 461446038. While this is certainly too
  • ELIZA for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • PRIVET DIMA, . esli kanechno pazvolish mne tak abrashatsya k tebe.Znayesh ya tebya ochen xarasho panimayu, . ti ne paverish no eto tak, . ti daleko no ya chestno za tebya tak perejivayu, . kak butto ti ryadom.ya smotrela vse tvoyi filmi i mne kajetsya ya tebya znayu luchshe vsex.sechas mne tak trudno viskazatsya, . no nadeyus ti menya poymyosh i paverish.ya ot vsevo serdca jelayu tebya lichnogo shastya mnogo detey, . tvorcheskix uspexov.Nadeyus kagda nibud ya smagu uvidet tebya i po drujeski pagavarit.Ranshe chestno ya uvidela v tebe lyubimogo mujshinu, . daje plakala, . sobirala vse tvoyi fotki, . no kagda povzraslela ponila shto ti mojesh bit xaroshim drugom, . s katorim ya smagu otkravena pogavarit.esli napisat vsyo shto ya xachu tebya skazat, . navernika slava ne xvatyat,
    . NO segodnya eto vsyo shto ya xar \ tela skazat, a esho ya otpravila svoyu fotku ya iz ARMENII.vot i vsyo moy xaroshiy drug.POKA
  • Natalia for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitri! Am writing to you with a very strange proposal, but it should be me and you. In November 2006goda me a glimpse of the woman who introduced your mom and asked me to establish contact with you. But I thought that this treatment can be misunderstood. That's what I told a close. On 21 May 2007. trigicheski killed my 24 year old son in a car. 20 July 2007. I again came the vision of women, . which appeared to me the last time your mom (blonde, . average growth) and suggests, . that she is caring for my son, . I shall contact you and share your motherly love and accept you as a son,
    . She never told me: "You call, and he will fly." At such moments I am very tyazheno apply to you, but to leave this appeal without the attention I can not either. My mobile phone. UMS-MTS 8-050-6823956
  • Vituska for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello! Yesterday saw the film "Antidur, except for your eyes, smile, hair and especially the hands, I do not look anywhere. I really like how you get used to the role, although I understand how much it's hard, given your position in life. For me You're just the perfect man, of course, only on film, in life I do not know what you. And looks just go mad,. Thank God that there are such men as you.! With respect and best wishes, Victoria
  • Masha for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • very talented and kind man, an example for all men.
  • Dina for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello Dmitry! I admire the song "Deltoplan" I listen to probably 50 times in a row and not get bored and it means that we must continue! Seductive voice! I admire once
  • O.na for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Hello, . Dear Dmitry, I am each time with great pleasure that I look, . listen, . I read about you: in the movies, . on television, . Internet, . everywhere! I immediately improves mood and a thought: "What a handsome man!" And man, . maybe))?), . good! "Dmitry! Be, . please, . real man, . large (but, . chur, . not get fat!))), . strong and good! In general, . quite active, . desire to effeminate male half - for you only hope!) And more! You know this joke: "Children - flowers of life,
    . Men! Give flowers to women! "Well, Dmitri! Give women" Flowers "!))) You must have many children, I understand that this is difficult, expensive, responsibly, and so. But you simply owe it to humanity (as a professor of Transfiguration, which in its own cared about evgenike) to contribute to the improvement of the human species.) Sorry for the intrusion into such intimate zone. Of course I'm joking, but ... I wish you good luck and implementation, as complete as possible!
  • FaraoN II for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Tell me, do you have more recordings of any songs? And where they can listen to? Thank you.
  • matri for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • let's get married?
  • matri for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • let's get married?
  • grachobax for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Wonderful actor!
  • Alexandra for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • And my fiance like Dimochku.Poraduytes for me !
  • Natalie for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dear Dmitry! Do not know: I am writing to you or not, but very much that it came to you. You are very similar to my fiance. I love him very much. We were together for 3 years. They wanted to get married after his flight (he was a sailor). It is like you are tall (1,96 m), broad-shouldered, but as you both have similar faces ... eyes, lips, eyebrows, hair color, temperament, and his voice, the voice, the voice ... I have no words. He was such a humorist. he loved so much friends. January 4, 2008 he died. That's already 8 months have passed, and the pain never goes. And when I see you, you can imagine my feelings. I have photos of his way, also called Dimka. I would show, but no connection with you, but here it is impossible to add photos. It would like to talk with you to learn: it only looks like you so. Even if it is read by another person - I hope this letter will not remain without attention. And someday .......
  • Parviz for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Zdrvstvuy Dmitry prochitaesh you do not know it or not, if so, I will be glad. I want to say, . what is really talented actor and reading on the internet about you sorry stanovitsya.Ty good guy hold on buddy's nose up and do not leave Niski emotional but rather feel like American actors joyously above the nose is like an ocean of luck to you each and all of your friends from я└п╦п╩п╪п╟ of board team in Tajikistan you all love.,
  • Maria for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitry, Hello. How can we contact you or your press secretary. Regarding the interview. Thank you.
  • Anastasia for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Marry a husband! It is a pity that all this is not toes! )) Perhaps such feelings at all, but I am not all.
  • Anastasia for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dima, you are simply fellow! I understand that a simple girl just can not meet you ... and suddenly ...:) I just want to wish you good health. and of course, that your little boy was healthy! and strong family happiness! always be so beautiful and dpbrym. with great respect to you dalegoko Primorye ...
  • Alik for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dima, I'm just п╬п╠п╟п╤п╟я▌! You best man I've ever seen. I recently watched you on the transfer by the First Channel, . I have no slov.Ya could not imagine that such a young and handsome man so much in life perezhil.Vashey wife with you povezlo.Mne 18 and I would want my future husband was the same as you, . more than anything to me and did not have to by.Day GOD that my dream sbylas.Vy amazing man,
  • Tatiana for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • Dmitry, You are very charming and great actors on our stage. I just want to wish you all the best, clean, bright, and that you have many, many years delighted us with his talent!
  • Natasa for Dyuzheva Dmitry Petrovich
  • One big and warm salute for dear mr. Dyuzhev, one talented and amazing actor from Serbia! Was one great pleasure to watch your work on tv, and of course nothing more to hear some of your songs on youtube! Salute for you and your family and wish you all succes in your private and professional life as an actor! Keep that way! Hug! Natasa Nikolic, Belgrad!
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