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Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich

( Theater and film actor)

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Biography Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich
photo Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Height, weight - 185 cm, 90 kg.
Hair color, eyes - dark brown hair, brown eyes.
Place of birth, date of birth - August 13, 1971, the city Gusev, Kaliningrad Oblast.
Marital Status - Happily married for about 4 years.
Financial position - Fair.
Place of work - Artistic Academic Theater Mossovet.
What girls like - My wife.
What do not like - There is no.
Hobbies - grow flowers. Any from ficus to a fern.
Nickname - None.
Favorite food - one who appears at the right time in the right place.
Table Book - Perhaps this is not, priorities change.
Favorite pastime - not counting rehearsals and performances, I love going to the movies.
Favorite time of year - such as now. Deep autumn with rain.
Act, for which a shame to this day - now I can not remember in the morning bad head thinks.
What is common between you and your hero? - Loyalty and devotion to close people.
As you might deduce from myself? - Blatant rudeness and simulated defenseless girls.
What kind of cigarette smoke? - At the moment, "Mild Seven".
Favorite alcoholic drink - whiskey.
What are you afraid? - Private uselessness. Not professionally or personally.
Machine - what? - There is no.
Where to live? - In-room apartment that I bought. We live in it with my wife.
Favorite vacation spot - On the couch.
Where do you prefer to dress? - House (laughs). Not so long ago ceased to dress markets. Not because disdain, simply for the years of life in Moscow know the place where you can dress with high quality and inexpensive.
Love - is ... - Daily open.
I love ... - His wife, mother, wife, parents, their work.
I hate ... - Violence, even though it is often forced to play in the theater and cinema, and a sense of fear.
Your favorite color - in the clothes - black, dark gray. Machines like the bright.
I regret not having played the role ... - I do not regret nesygrannyh roles, I am sorry that I could never play with such geniuses as Smoktunovsky, Plyatt, Mironov ...
Your weakness - No.
Had to risk his life? - This morning when I woke up. Life is generally a dangerous thing.
So why can sacrifice career? - For the sake of the family.
Believe in God? - Yes.
The largest amount of money held in their hands - Twenty thousand dollars.
The most expensive acquisition - Apartment.
The biggest dream - I want permanent happiness over the edge.
The most senseless act - got on the train and left for Moscow.
For the sake of love I am ready for ... - At all ...
How do you see yourself in ten years - wiser.
If it had not become an actor, you would have ... - Actors. Whatever.
Favorite movie - "White Bim Black Ear," "Forrest Gump".
"Brigade" - about what? "- The friends who tried to build their own life independently.
When drunk the last time? - Long. Even I do not remember.
Your principles - they are constantly changing.
You are in love? - I'm always in love with his wife.

. Born August 13, 1971 in Gusev, Kaliningrad Oblast.

. In 1988 he graduated from high school.

. In 1988 came, and in 1989 graduated from the 42-th seaworthy school in Kronstadt.

. In 1997 joined the faculty of VGIK acting (Workshop G
. Taratorkin). He graduated in 2001.

. Artiste Mossovet.

. In October, the theater Vakhtangov will premiere "Imperial hunting", where Vladimir would play the role of Alexei Orlov.

. In the "Brigade" is the first big movie role.
. At this point is removed in the movie "Heavy Sand" (directed by Dr.
. Barshcheuski) in the role of Anatoly Rybakov.

. Working in the theater
. Hamlet on the quarter hour "
. "Cyrano de Bergerac (Edmond Rostand) - the role of Ki MRS.
. "Anna Christie" (Eugene O'Neill) - the role of "Metberk" (final performance).
. "King Lear" (William Shakespeare) - the role of "Duke of Cornwall.

. Working in film
. "April", role: guard, dir
. K. Murzenko, 2000
"Brigade", the main role: Phil, dir. A. Sidorov, 2002
"Boomer", the main role: "Kostya cat", dir. V. Buslov, 2001

Work on television

Music video of the "Bachelor".
"A citizen of the head" role: "Kohl-Afghan" dir. N. Dostal, 2001
"Turkish March", dir. M. Tumanishvili, 2001
"Boundary. Taiga novel, "A. Mitta, 1999


Dance, vocals and fencing, boxing, swimming, gymnastics.
Knowledge of the English language.

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  • Feliz for Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • I would like to learn about Nearest performances with your participation! looked "Royal Hunt", remained in ecstasy!
  • Feliz for Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • I would like to learn about Nearest performances with your participation! looked "Royal Hunt", remained in ecstasy!
  • vik for Vdovichenkov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • The people with whom Vdovichenkov now? All information is so old, can anybody know anything? "My wife is the same or another already?
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