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Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
photo Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
(29. 1. 1913 - 20. 7. 1944)

B endeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich navigator, 54-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (1 Guards Fighter Air Division, 16 th Air Army, the Central Front), the Major. Born January 29, 1913 in the village Chokhatauri (now smt) (Georgia) in a peasant family. Georgian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1940. Graduated from the 7 classes. In 1933 he graduated from an agrarian. He worked as the forwarding agent and simultaneously studied at the Tbilisi aeroclub Chkalov. In the Red Army from September 8, 1935. Graduated 1 st Kachin military aviation school pilots the AF Myasnikov in 1937. He served as a pilot, a junior pilot, flight commander 5 Squadron, 43rd Fighter Air Regiment (Air Force Kiev Special Military District).

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War on the front. Fighting account opened in the early days of the war, shooting down an air battle on the outskirts of Kiev is an enemy bomber.

. In July, commander of the 43rd Fighter Air Regiment (Air Force 21, Army, South-Western Front) Lieutenant Bendeliani of the Quartet-16 fighters circled over the front edge
. Our pilots have discovered a large group of enemy bombers, which are accompanied by fighter jets were sent to bomb the crossing. In the ensuing dogfight Bendeliani expended all ammo. Then he decided to go to ram. Ploskotyu a fighter, he cut the tail Me-109. That stone fell to the ground. Bendeliani left the damaged aircraft and prezemlilsya by parachute in the location of our troops. For this feat was awarded the Order of Lenin.

In oeval Stalingrad. Covered the ground troops, and crossing the Don, accompanied by bombers and attack aircraft. Often led groups to combat assignments, showing the young pilots the most effective methods of air combat. In the air battles at Stalingrad shot down 5 enemy bombers. In summer 1943, fought at Kursk.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Chichikov Kaysarovichu Bendeliani awarded on Aug. 24, 1943 over 385 combat sorties, . 72 air battles 7 personal and 12 in the group shot down enemy planes.,

. July 20, 1944 the Deputy Commander of 54 th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (6-th Air Army, . 1 st Belorussian Front), the Major flew Bendeliani led a pair of P-39 attack planes to escort to the West Bug,
. In the target area attack aircraft attacked six FW-190. Bitter and long dogfight. In this battle Bendeliani down one of "Focke-Wulf" and knocked out the second. At this time, attack aircraft completed their mission and turned back. Fighting with the four remaining "Focke-Wulf", Bendeliani noticed that a new pair of fighters and went after the attack aircraft. He rushed to the rescue. The label of all, he shot down the leading pair and has already begun to perform combat turn, as he came under fire haunted his quartet and was mortally wounded. Bleeding, managed to put lined Aerocobra near the front edge, and then died at the hands of infantry soldiers picked him. Buried in the village п-я-я-п¦п+я- Kovel region Volyn region.

All made more than 400 combat sorties, shot down a person 12 and in group 20 enemy planes. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner, World War 1 and 2 degrees, medals. November 2, 1965 order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR the Major Bendeliani ever enrolled in the lists of aviation regiment. His name were street in Tbilisi, an agrarian to urban village Chokhatauri.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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  • Maya for Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
  • Chichikov was my great-grandfather, dyadem my mom. I am proud
  • Maya for Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
  • Get plenty of such people would
  • Vadim.PAVLOGRAD, Ukraine for Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
  • Mayan hieroglyphs, . I am very proud of your grandfather! This is an example, . what should be a real combat officer! And the fact that Moscow did potentates of the Georgian people --- the enemy, . for themselves and their environment, . I would like to tyknut them under the nose of your military biography deda.Nu God be their judge! They will get their! If possible, I will talk about him on his work, . his comrades, . friends and blizkim.A May 9 in the day of great victory we will raise a toast to your grandfather ------- wartime flier, . who gave their lives for the honor and independence of our country, . like millions of other fallen soldiers and officers! Both my grandfathers fought in this terrible war, and I am proud, . that they are together with your grandfather fought in one army ------ in the Soviet Army against the common enemy! MAYAN HIEROGLYPHS, . remember that the Major Bendeliani Chichikov KAYSAROVICHA will always be remembered in Ukraine ! with great respect to you and your family,
    . Vadim.
  • Natalka for Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
  • In the regional center of Ukraine - Lutsk, there is a street named in honor of the hero Bendeliani. There is a proposal for a house to install a board with a bas-relief.
  • Chernatkin for Bendeliani Chichikov Kaysarovich
  • This was a man. Pilot. The parents were with him.
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