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BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich
photo BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich
(1909 - 26. 4. 1945)

E FIM Egorovich Bukotkin, sergeant, commander of the gun anti-tank batteries 931 Rifle Red Banner Order of Suvorov Regiment 240 th Infantry Division, was born in 1909 in. Polukhin Arkadak district of Saratov region. Russian. In the prewar years, he worked at a veterinary nurse Rtischevskom railway junction.

During the Great Patriotic War from February 1942 until April 26, 1945 fought in the Bryansk, Voronezh, 1 and 2 of the First Ukrainian Front. Participated in Ostrogozh-Rossoshanskij and Voronezh-Kastornoye offensive operations. Battle of Kursk, the liberation of Ukraine, Romania and Czechoslovakia, 3a military distinctions he was awarded Order of the Red Banner (1943), World War 2 nd degree (1944), Glory 3rd degree (1945) and the medal "For Courage" (1943).

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Efim Yegorovich Bukotkinu posthumously awarded May 15, 1946 for the steadfastness and courage in repelling counterattacks in the area of the Czechoslovak city Uhersky Brod.


H agradnoy list on Yefim Bukotkina, but the regimental commander, signed a four generals
. It says that after the liberation of the Czechoslovak city of Trencin our troops from fighting continued to move westward. April 26, 1945 near the village of Koritna offensive? infantry units detained two enemy machine-guns. Suppress these guns means infantry was not possible. The arrows were lying under fire for several hours.

. The commander of 45-millimeter guns Yefim Bukotkin on its own initiative under a hail of bullets rolled out a gun at point-blank fire and destroyed the firing points and 18 enemy soldiers.

. The infantry went forward and captured the village
. In its combat formations moving and tool Yefim Bukotkina. Soldiers rolled him on his hands, dragged himself to the boxes of ammunition.

At one of the rifle companies from the edge of the forest suddenly attacked with a submachine two tanks. Arrows had no time to get ready for battle, the tanks found themselves next. Bukotkin quickly launched shells at the enemy at close range and hit the tanks. The first round he set fire to the home machine and then transferred the flame to the next. Duel ensued. An enemy shell landed near and slightly wounded in the leg Bukotkina. Hastily bandaging the wound, brave artillery continued to fire shells up to adjust until the steel tower HUGE hulks from the direct hit "EP," and the explosion of shells not own slid sideways.

The attack was repulsed by the Nazis. Gunners moved to the outskirts of Sukha-Laws. Our infantry in front were not there, she moved to the right of the village. Seeing this, the Nazis attacked the gun Bukotkina. The calculation took an unequal battle. Bukotkin with Ephraim gunner fired the gun, others reflect the Nazis attacked with machine guns.

Leaving the battlefield, two machine guns and more than a dozen corpses, the Germans retreated. But the heavy losses incurred and the calculation Bukotkina: it was put out of action gun, remained intact two-Bukotkin and Ephraim.

No sooner had the valiant men dress badly wounded comrades, as the Nazis once again went into the attack. At this time, four dozen Nazis went to the gun with three sides. He was killed by Efremov. Yefim Bukotkin fighting off enemies one at first fire of the machine, then hand grenades. Seriously wounded in the stomach and robbed him of consciousness concussion. Fascists in the fierce anger of defeat Bukotkina doused with gasoline and set afire.

Unbearable pain resulted in a feeling of Efim Bukotkina. Blazing like a torch, he jumped to his feet, pulled the pin out of the protective clutched in his hand, "pineapples" and threw it into the midst of enemies.

P rostuchala turn the enemy's machine. Hero has fallen. The Nazis threw the blazing body straw, firewood, and formed a fire burned down brave warrior ...

Volzhsky Danko "so-called comrades Yefim Bukotkina. With military honors, they buried him in the city Uhersky Brod.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich, photo, biography
BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich, photo, biography BUKOTKIN Yefim Egorovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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