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VAZHINSKY Alexander G.

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography VAZHINSKY Alexander G.
photo VAZHINSKY Alexander G.
(27. 2. 1910 - 2. 10. 1970)


In azhinsky Alexander Grigorievich - Squadron 6 th bombandirovochnogo Krakow Aviation Regiment (219-Bomber Air Division, . 4-Bomber Air Corps, . 2-Air Army, . 1-st Ukrainian Front), . Major,
. Born February 27, 1910 in the town of Maikop - the capital of Adygea in the family working. Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1942. After primary school, worked as an electrician. In the Soviet Army from August 4, 1933 (for use by a special drafting of the CC, CPSU (b)). Graduated voennnuyu pilots flying school in Kharkov in 1936.

. H as the Great Patriotic War in May 5, 1943, consisting of 18 bombandirovochnogo Aviation Regiment (5 th Air Army) and from 15 May 1944 in the 6-th bomb
. Aviation Regiment. He fought in the skies of the Voronezh Front (Belgorod-Kharkov direction), . 1-st Ukrainian Front (Kiev, . Zhitomir, . Vinnitsa, . Korsun-Shevchenkivske, . Proskurovo, . Tarnopolsky, . Stanislavsky-Chernigov, . Lviv, . Krakowskie directions, . Sandomierz bridgehead),
. By April 1945, made 116 sorties in the exploration and bombing zheleznodororzhnyh stations, airports, and accumulations of manpower and equipment protivnikaka. Of these, 72 sorties for combat missions group, to explore for the benefit of the division, corps and army - 19 missions and free-hunt "in extremely difficult weather conditions - 15 sorties.

. Major Vazhinsky in the Great Patriotic War, the first to introduce the method of Pe-2 for free of hunting.

. The squadron under his leadership had made 554 successful sorties, losing one crew
. During this same time, the squadron has destroyed 240 vehicles, 90 tanks, 28 warehouses, fuel and ammunition and a number of other facilities and equipment, as well as inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in manpower. In air combat squadron shot down 9 enemy planes.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Alexander Grigorievich Vazhinskomu awarded on June 27 1945goda.

. Since 1947, Б+T in Stock
. Lived and worked in gororde Sochi. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner (1943, 1944), the Order of Alexander Nevsky (1944), Medal for Military Merit "(1944), and other medals.

. Died Oct. 2, 1970.


In several examples of normal everyday life of the army of Alexander Grigorievich.

. January 24, 1944, Major Vazhinsky when performing a combat mission to explore the nature of the army in the Vinnitsa region was attacked by 4 IU-109
. In this unequal air battle, thanks to the skillful maneuvering, the crew of the attacks by enemy fighters brought the aircraft and the job was done perfectly.

January 9, 1944. nine under the command of Major Vazhinskogo was ordered to destroy the rolling stock and disable the station Tagancha, in adverse weather. With Vazhinskogo approached the goal and two stopovers thoroughly destroyed the railway station. In several places the canvas and pristantsionnye destroyed buildings, blew up the warehouse with military supplies and equipment.

January 10, 1944 nine under the command of Comrade. Vazhinskogo was ordered to bomb the tanks and troops of the enemy in the woods, south Turzun. About the approach to the target group Vazhinskogo 5 times attacked by ME-109. Group recorded all the attacks, while shooting down enemy planes 3. Destroyed 10 tanks, 15 vehicles and several soldiers and officers.

January 25, 1944 a group under the command of Vazhinskogo was crucial task - to disable the enemy airfield near Uman. Under heavy fire antiaircraft artillery Vazhinsky made two passes at the target. Dozens of bombs exploded on take-off field. Moreover, arose 7 fires, destroyed by a direct hit 7 aircraft, 2 of the enemy hangar, killing 50 pilots and technical personnel. The task was performed perfectly, with no losses for that Lukashenka and his navigator were awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

. January 27, 1944 Vazhinsky conducted at nine bombing enemy tanks and infantry in the area Turvo, accumulated for a counterattack of our parts
. On the approach to the target group Vazhinskogo met with 10 German fighters PV-190. Through skillful maneuvering in the air group and the perseverance of the enemy's attacks were repelled. Bombers continued to fly to a given objective. In the pre-selected technique and the enemy was not. Did not find the enemy, Vazhinsky launched the group and tight formation led deep into enemy territory. It was found a large number of vehicles and enemy infantry. At a signal from the leading crews dropped their bombs in crowds of enemy troops. In the target area having fires and explosions of great force. On the way back a group of bombers attacked the German fighters. In this battle, each crew is strictly adhered to its place in the ranks in a variety of maneuvers. Enemy fighters did not attack the bombers, and frog-radio operators have opened a concentrated and organized by the fire, thus creating in the way of the fascist fighters dense curtain of fire. The success of this battle decided to iron discipline in the air, burn a clear interaction between the crews, as well as courage, boldness and skill Vazhinskogo, excellent control group.

. January 30, 1944, the Germans concentrated on the front-line airport of Uman many planes
. For detailed exploration airfield crew went Vazhinskogo. He brought photographs of the location of aircraft and details of the air defense of airfield. In the afternoon went to the enemy airfield nine "Petlyakov", which was leading Vazhinsky. It was his task to disable the airfield and did not give up in the air fascist aircraft. When approaching the airfield bombers were met by the concentrated fire of the enemy anti-aircraft guns. Vazhinsky skillfully led a group from the zone of fire, and nine bombers dropped their load on the airfield. For the second call group Vazhinskogo fired machine-gun fire aircraft parking at the airport enemy. At this time, start taxied a few German fighter planes, but to fly them and could not. Crews Vazhinskogo killed at least 12 enemy aircraft and wrecking concreted airstrip airfield.

. July 16, 1944 at the direction of Lvov Vazhinsky was assigned to bomb a group of nine Pe-2 in paragraph Grabkovitse accumulation tanks and enemy
. Not reaching goal, nine major Vazhinskogo was fired heavy fire antiaircraft artillery and attacked 12-ME-109. Fire, one group of bombers, Messerschmitt was shot down and, thanks to the skillful maneuvering in the air, the commander was able to bring a group of shelling and attacks by enemy fighters, dropped payloads for a given purpose. As a result, accurate bombing raids had destroyed 11 tanks, up to 3 artorudy. The result of the bombing confirmed by photographs and supervision of crews.

March 16, 1945 leading nines Vazhinsky cluster bombed trains in the city Leobschutz. The attack was effectively. As a result, lost up to 50 rail cars loaded, emerged 5 large pockets of fire power.

. March 29, 1945 at bombardment of enemy targets in the city Ratibor his well-aimed bomb strikes nine major Vazhinskogo blew up a fuel depots, . Ammunition, . resulting in 10 fire seats of great power and destroyed up to 5 artorudy enemy.,


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) awards list

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  • Vazhinsky AG - Uncle of my mother Vazhinskoy Ludmila Anatolyevna. Alexander G. is a brother of her father Vazhinskogo Anatoly. I would like to find rodstvennikovyu If anyone has information contact: ripalkina@yandex.ru
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    VAZHINSKY Alexander G., photo, biography
    VAZHINSKY Alexander G., photo, biography VAZHINSKY Alexander G.  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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