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Yakov Vernikov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Yakov Vernikov
photo Yakov Vernikov
(31. 10. 1920 - 30. 9. 1993)

I kov Ilyich Vernikov navigator 147-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (Baltic Front) Guard Captain. Born October 31, 1920 in Christ-Demensk Kaluga region. A Jew. From 1921 he lived in Smolensk. Graduated ten high school. Engaged model airplane and the sport of gliding in the Smolensk Aeroclub. In 1938 he graduated from the airborne branch of Smolensk aviation club and was left in him an instructor pilot.

Since October 1938 √ Army. In May 1940 he graduated from the Odessa Military Aviation Pilot School. After graduation he served in line units the Air Force, in Belarus.

. Since July 1941 YI Vernikov involved in the Great Patriotic War in the 234 th Fighter Regiment, who served on the Western Front Defense
. This regiment YakovIlich held positions pilot, deputy commander of the squadron, commander of the squadron. Since April 1944 YI Vernikov √ navigator 147-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (Baltic Front). War, he graduated from the assistant commander of the regiment on the air-shooting service.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Vernikov Yakov Ilyich awarded on Nov. 18, 1944 for their courage and heroism in aerial combat.

. In this time of war, he made 424 sorties, carried out 68 air battles, which shot down 16 enemy planes in person and 1 paired with a slave.


Since February 1946 YI Vernikov √ Test Pilot Flight Research Institute
. He takes part in the tests trophy jet Messerschmitt-163 ╚ ╩ (in glider version), domestic jet Yak-15.

. Soon, James I. became the acknowledged master of tests on a tailspin: he is testing at a spin of the first domestic jet MiG-9 (1948) and testing the MiG-15 on the straight and inverted corkscrew (in 1949-1950)
. April 16, 1949 YI Vernikov performs its first flight on an experimental weatherproof two-seat fighter-interceptor OKB Mikoyan I-320 (╚ P-2 ╩), and in 1949-1950, together with S.Amet Khan holds his factory testing. In 1949-1950 YI Vernikov involved in flights to test the system, fueling the Tu-4, the first conducting refueling at night.

. At the same in December 1948 it will receive a 2-nd, and in December 1950 √ 1-st class test pilot.

. In 1951, YI Vernikov with VA Komarov is testing aircraft CE, established on the basis of MiG-15
. This flying laboratory was enlarged up keel and rudder, as well as more rigid wing slightly larger area. The aircraft MiG-17F YA.I. Vernikov one of the first in the country reached the speed of sound in level flight. October 5, 1952 YI Vernikov made its first flight on the plane ╚ 150 ╩ German designers and in 1952-1953 conducted its tests.

. In 1956, YI Vernikov graduated from the Air Force Academy in Monino.

. In the second half of 1950 YI Vernikov actively cooperates with EDO OKAntonov
. In particular, it performs the first flights on AN-8 (11 February 1956), An-10 (March 7, 1957), An-12 (16 December 1957) and holds their factory testing. In 1958-1959 Yakov is testing the An-10 and AN-12 in critical conditions and at high angles of attack.

. September 20, 1960 Yakov Ilyich Vernikov was awarded ╚ Honored Test Pilot of the USSR ╩ (╧ √ mark 21).

. In 1962, YI Vernikov involved in testing airborne early warning aircraft Tu-126.

. Since July 1966, Yakov Ilich √ chief pilot SV Ilyushin Design Bureau
. March 13, 1969 he completed the first flight and tested the IL-62M. Participated in trials of IL-18, IL-38, IL-62, IL-76. In 1972, YI Vernikov tested the system in-flight refueling aircraft IL-38 (including √ night).

. July 4, 1975 on IL-76 YI Vernikov set 4 world aviation records: altitude flight with a cargo of 60, 65 and 70 tons (equal to 11,875 meters) and maximum load raised to a height of 2000 meters (70121 kg)
. For setting these records, in 1975, YI Vernikov was awarded the title of Honored mastersporta USSR ╚ ╩. A little earlier, in 1971, he was awarded the rank ╚ Major General Aviation ╩.

In December 1975 YI Vernikov was forced to withdraw from the flight operations. Then he went into the reserve. During flight operations YI Vernikov mastered about 140 types of aircraft and gliders.

. In June 1976 Yakov worked Yakovlev, deputy chief at the beginning of flight test facility, and in 1979-1985 respectively √ acting chief of flight test facility
. Since August 1985 YI Vernikov √ principal engineer flight tests. In June 1988, he retired.

In the last years of his life Yakov lived in Moscow. Died Sept. 30, 1993. According to his testament, he was buried in Zhukovsky, on Bykovsky cemetery.

. Hero of the Soviet Air Force Major General James I. Vernikov was awarded 2 orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . 4 Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st degree, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . 3 Orders of Red Star and 13 medals.

Biography provided by A. Simonov


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Yakov Vernikov, photo, biography
Yakov Vernikov, photo, biography Yakov Vernikov  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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