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Nikolai Vlasov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Nikolai Vlasov
photo Nikolai Vlasov
(11. 11. 1916 - 26. 1. 1945)

In lasov Nikolai Senior Inspector of technology piloting fighter aircraft Inspections Red Army Air Force - Colonel. Born November 11, 1916 in St. Petersburg in the family working. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1939. He worked as a mechanic at the plant "Leningrad caster, was secretary of the Komsomol committee Plant. In the Red Army in 1934. In 1934 he entered the 1-S Kachin Red Banner military aviation school pilots the AF Myasnikov. After flying school in 1936 and left in her flight instructor.

In Private World War II on the first day. Squadron Fighter Regiment (West Front) Major NI Vlasov. flew reconnaissance, accompanied the bombers, stormed the position of enemy troops, took part in repulsing the massive, including the night, enemy air attacks on Soviet defense facilities.

. August 18, 1941 from the airfield near the city of Bryansk, Major Vlasov flew on alert to intercept enemy reconnaissance aircraft
. In the air, he found a Ju-88. Noticing the prosecution, the enemy pilot started to maneuver and tried to hide in the clouds. Vlasov ran on cutting the. When the distance between the aircraft dropped, the arrow "Junkers" opened fire. Vlasov left reversal came out from under fire and dived under the belly of a scout. "Junkers" also dived, firing at the fighter to another place, and hid in the clouds, but Vlasov again overtook him. The front line was already close and to not allow the enemy to withdraw, Vlasov had decided not to pay attention to the route of enemy lines and resolutely went on the attack. Going back on top close to the "Junkers", he caught sight in the cockpit and pulled the trigger, but the guns were silent. Then he threw her on the tail of an enemy fighter plane. He broke into pieces and fell to the ground. The blow Vlasov briefly lost consciousness. Arriving in himself, he had difficulty falling lined samolt and planned on its territory. When planting a fighter hit in the funnel and skapotiroval. Vlasov came to the rescue infantrymen learned from the cab and taken to the hospital.

Upon returning from the hospital Vlasov was able to fly so far only on the U-2. On the night of July 20, 1942 on this plane he flew across the front line, . landed between the two highways in the vicinity of the station Millerovo, . which the troops were moving enemy, . took on board the wounded bomber pilot shot down Hero of the Soviet Union lieutenant FT Demchenkova, . off under fire from the Nazis and took him to their base.,

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star", Nikolai Vlasov was awarded on Nov. 23, 1942 over 220 sorties, 27 air battles and shot down 10 enemy planes.

. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner
. Altogether during the war has made 280 sorties.

29 July 1943 in getting on a plane Yak-1 in the besieged Leningrad Vlasov was shot down by antiaircraft fire over enemy territory and in an unconscious state captured. In the concentration camp near the city of Lodz (Poland), Vlasov was one of the leaders of the underground. In the spring of 1944 for attempting to escape he was transferred to the fortress-prison of Wurzburg (Germany), where he began preparing a new escape. The attempt was unsuccessful. The Gestapo seized him, and after severe torture thrown in prison in Nuremberg. Here, in August 1944, he again tried to flee, but denounced by a traitor was arrested and sent to a concentration camp Mauthausen (Austria), to block the death Б•¬ 20. When Soviet troops entered the territory of Yugoslavia, Vlasov, among other leaders of the underground began to prepare an uprising, but denounced by the provocateur was captured and was tortured esesovtsami January 26, 1945 burned alive in a crematorium. But his writings were not in vain: on the night of February 3, 738 prisoners of Block Б•¬ 20 uprising. With his bare hands, they broke heavily armed guard, seized the machine gun towers, preodaleli stone wall, overgrown with barbed wire and escaped to freedom.

. P rikazom Minister of Defense of the USSR of December 10, 1960 Lieutenant Colonel NI Vlasov
. ever enrolled in the lists of the military unit. On the street its name in the city of Moscow region Ljubercy obelisk. His name are also street and a school in Moscow, a school in Tashkent and Lyubertsy. In St. Petersburg at the school Б•¬ 516 a museum Hero.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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  • Good day! 'll Show - how to communicate with the school? 516 St. Petersburg ????? (telephone, e-mail). In our school? 5 Lyubertsy also have muzey.My would like to work ! Thank you !
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    Nikolai Vlasov, photo, biography
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