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VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich
photo VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich
(19. 7. 1914 - 3. 11. 1943)

In olovodov Boris Naumovich Squadron 47-Attack Air Regiment (11 th Novorossiiskaya Assault Air Division, Air Force's Black Sea Fleet), Lieutenant. Born July 19, 1914 in Grozny (Chechnya) in a working class family. Russian. In 1938 he graduated from the Kherson flight training schools. He worked as an instructor pilot in the flying club Stavropol and Kuibyshev. In the Navy since 1942. He served as instructor pilot in the Navy School of the Air Force pilots.

H and front with May 1943. After graduating in September 1943, commander course units, sent to the 47 th Attack Aviation Regiment, which is included in the 3rd Squadron,. Commanding a link, and then the squadron, a candidate member of the CPSU (b) Lieutenant Volovodov BN. participated in the battles for the liberation of the Taman Peninsula, supporting troops on the peninsula Kerchinsky. He flew 15 sorties to attack enemy. His squadron sank 2 patrol boats and 4-speed landing barges.

. On the afternoon of November 3, 1943 left a group of 12 Il-2, accompanied by destroyers 9 th Fighter Regiment, the same division to attack the enemy troops and tanks, . attacking a base near the village Eltigen (now in the city Kerch), . who occupied the 1 st Battalion 31 th Infantry Regiment (318 th Infantry Division, . 18-Army, . North-Caucasian Front),
. When the storm troopers came to a goal on them opened fire, enemy anti-aircraft guns. In spite of this, "oozes" went into attack. When the ground attack is coming to an end, the west appeared a group of Ju-88 bombers with fighter escort. The Nazis kept the course in the direction of the battalion. Crews attack planes have decided to block the course and rushed to meet them. Build bombers broke. At this time Volovodov noticed as one of "Junkers" rests on the combat course, aiming to drop bombs. Without hesitation, he led his IL-2 in a frontal attack. The planes approached at great speed. At the last moment an enemy pilot attempted to escape, but did not. From a frontal impact both aircraft exploded. Together with the commander of the crew died and the Party squadron navigator Lieutenant Bykov VL, who served as air gunner.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Volovodovu Boris Naumovich conferred posthumously on Nov. 17, 1943.

. Awarded the Order of Lenin and medals.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich, photo, biography
VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich, photo, biography VOLOVODOV Boris Naumovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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