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Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich
photo Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich
(1919 - 30. 7. 1943)


Mr. manhole Nicholas Elizarovich deputy commander of the 1 st Squadron, 31 th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (268 th Fighter Division, 8 th Air Army, the Southern Front) Guard lieutenant
. Born in 1919 in the village (now city) Shilka the Chita region in the family of the railway. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1942. Graduated from high school. He worked as an electrician. Simultaneously, he studied at the flying club. In the Red Army since 1938. In 1940 he graduated with distinction Bataisk military aviation school pilots name of AK Serov. Sent to the 11 th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

In Private World War II with its first day. Soon became a flight commander of the same regiment (6-th Fighter Aviation Corps, Moscow air defense zone). He took a link to the cover of their troops, enemy ground attack voesk, reflect enemy air raids on Moscow. Once his link into fight with 10 Ju-88 and 4, Me-109. 30 minutes of battle the enemy lost 4 planes, 2 of them on account Glazov. Our pilots have returned to the airfield without loss. Results in the sky near Moscow held 40 fights, shot down 8 enemy aircraft.

In August 1942, the regiment sent to Stalingrad. In November 1942 he was transferred to the 273rd Fighter Regiment (268 th Fighter Division, 8 th Air Army, South-Western Front). There was genuine master of aerial combat, shot down enemy planes with the first attack. He flew on a free-hunt ". September 15, 1942 at the head nines Yak-1 entered into battle with 18 bombers and 12 fighters Me-109. Our pilots shot down 6 enemy aircraft without loss returned to their base. One bomber shot down NE Glazov. During this battle was awarded the Order of Lenin.

November 1 in the pair with his wingman covered the group of 8 Il-2. In the air battle shot down 2 Me-109. He had brought the entire group without loss to their base. He flew aerial reconnaissance, brought very valuable information about the location and movement of enemy troops.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Nicholas Elizarovich Glazov awarded May 1, 1943 for the 475 successful sorties, . 62 air battle, . 13 personally, and 5 in the group shot down enemy planes.,

. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, Order of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, medals.

. Evening, July 30, 1943, squadron commander of the same regiment Guard Lieutenant Glazov N.E
. returning from a combat mission near the town of Krasny Luch. From the earth on the radio, that appeared on the front edge of the enemy spotter FW-189. Finding "frame", he went on sbizhenie. Using the advantage of altitude (3000 m), Glazov decided to shoot down the enemy in the first approach. Catching him in sight, pulled the trigger, but the queue is not followed - the cartridges had been expended in the battle. Then the eyes decided to go to ram. He wanted to strike a screw, but in the twilight miscalculated and ran into one of the fuselages "Focke-Wulf". Enemy aircraft broke into pieces, but the Yak-1 caught fire and fell to the ground. Glazov died.

In this made 537 sorties (of which more than 100 exploration), in 80 air battles personally shot down 21 and in Group 7 enemy planes. Buried in the c. Shterovka Krasnoluchskogo City Council Voroshilovgrad (Luhansk) region. Order of the Minister of Defense of February 13, 1945 ever enrolled in the lists of 31-th Guards Fighter Regiment Nikopol. In place of death obelisk. In Shilka street named after him, a monument, a memorial plaque and bas-relief at the school Б•¬ 52. In Moscow, the Central Museum of Armed Forces is a memorial plate.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich, photo, biography
Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich, photo, biography Nicholas GLANCE Elizarovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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