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Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa
photo Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa
(22. 12. 1918 - 16. 11. 1944)

Mr. Useynov-Zadeh Ganifa Mehdi oglu (Michael) - Yugoslav partisans. Born December 22, 1918 in Baku in a working class family. Azerbaijanian. In 1932 he entered the Azerbaijan art school and successfully completed its. In 1937, Mehdi was a student at the Leningrad Institute of Foreign Languages. And in 1940, returning to Baku, he continued his education at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute named after VI. Lenin. In the Soviet Army from 1941. He graduated from the Tbilisi military infantry school in 1942.

In the battles of World War II from July 1942. In August 1942, severely wounded, Hussein-Zadeh was captured, was a prisoner of war camps in Italy, Yugoslavia. In early 1944 a group of comrades fled. The Yugoslav partisans involved in the resistance movement in Yugoslavia and Northern Italy. Killed in battle Nov. 16, 1944.

W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Mehdi Husein-Zade posthumously awarded April 11, 1957.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin. He was buried in the village Chepovan (west of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia). Baku is a monument to the Hero. His name is given to secondary school, the steamer, the streets in the cities of Azerbaijan.


Numerous battle scenes from the life of a courageous guerrilla-Azeris speak about his extraordinary bravery, skill, resourcefulness
. Mehdi (Michael) a good command of several languages, knew the engineering business, the car drove perfectly.

Being in a Nazi concentration camp, Mehdi Husein-Zade has created an underground anti-fascist organization. She played a major role in preparing a mass escape from German captivity captive, who joined the Yugoslav partisans.

A special detachment of scouts, saboteurs, led by Michael terrified and fear in the enemy. Mehdi Husein-Zade in the form of a German officer, in the clothes of a poor peasant appeared in cities and towns of the Adriatic, collected intelligence data necessary guerrillas, sabotage, where and what could only abhorred the Nazis.

. Once Husein-Zade organized explosion cinema building, which were Nazi soldiers and officers
. 80 Nazis were killed, 110 seriously injured. Later Mehdi squad blew up in Trieste cafeteria nazi. As a result of this diversion many fascists were killed and wounded.

Once in a summer day in 1944, a brave guerrillas slipped to a large fascist benzoskladu in the suburbs of Gorizia. Time bomb he blew up the warehouse. Three weeks later, nearby were set on fire and the second store of fuel.

. Mehdi along with his detachment of scouts, saboteurs blew up bridges, destroyed warehouses, vehicles of the enemy, destroyed the Nazis and their accomplices, pulled out of the fascist captivity local patriots and Soviet prisoners of war.

. In the town of Udine (Northern Italy), the Germans imprisoned 700 people Б┴┬ local patriots and Soviet prisoners of war
. Arrested were waiting for certain death. The headquarters of the partisan detachment decided to release the slaves. This risky and daring operation was entrusted Mehdi. Nadia a German officer, he was a small group of guerrillas infiltrated the jail, disarmed the guard and released all prisoners, among whom were 147 Soviet soldiers were captured.

. The next day, the fascist radio broadcast, allegedly attacked the prison three thousand partisan division ...

. Bold and daring raid was the hero-spy on the German airfield, where he entered as an officer under the guise of Hitler's Technical Service
. He succeeded with the help of time-bombs to blow up several planes.

All deeds committed Mehdi, not count. In late 1944 he undertook one of the most daring of its operations.

... To the officer casino where kutili fascists, a car drove up. Of her with a suitcase in his hand came in the form of Hitler's army captain Husein-Zade. He appeared in the hall. Welcoming tipsy company, Mehdi sat at the table, put the wall brought a suitcase. After some time, an imaginary officer left this place. Already in the way of the mountains Mehdi along with his Slovenian friend heard an explosion. And this time were killed and wounded many Nazi officers. Brutal fascists set for a head Mehdi reward in the amount of 400 thousand pounds. But the brave guerrillas was elusive. In a short time he made a few more daring sabotage. So, once he entered the bank, captured and delivered to the guerrilla headquarters million lire.

November 16, 1944 Husein-Zade left for the execution of the next combat mission. He had to blow up a German ammunition dump. Successfully completing this task, Mehta returned to the corps headquarters. In the village Vitovle he came across a Nazi ambush. Hero fired until he ran out of ammo. The last bullet he shot himself in the heart.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Golden Stars Azerbaijan: Baku 1975.

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Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa, photo, biography
Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa, photo, biography Gusein-Zade Mehdi Ganifa  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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