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DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich
photo DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich
(29. 2. 1916 - 27. 4. 1944)

And Alexis Fedorovich Donukalo (guerrilla nicknamed Alex) - lieutenant colonel, commander of the partisan brigade. Born February 29, 1916 in a. Novoroslyaevke Dergachivske district of Saratov region. Ukrainetz. Education - a seven-year school, Balashov School of Agriculture, the military-political school. In the Red Army called in 1937.

In June - August 1941, fought on the Western Front, from September 1941 to April 1944 - the partisans on the territory of Vitebsk region. For military distinction was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (1942), World War 1 degree, a medal.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Fyodorovich Donukalo conferred posthumously on Aug. 15, 1944, for the exemplary performance of command assignments behind enemy lines, and special achievements in the development of the partisan movement in Belarus.

. April 27, 1944 in a battle with the punitive parts of the Nazis, in a raid by enemy aircraft, п░.п╓
. Donukalo died in d. Great Doltsy Ushachi district, Vitebsk region. Buried in g. Lepel Vitebsk. In the name of Hero of the street named in Vitebsk and the Lepel, collective farms in Liozno and Sennitsa parts of the Vitebsk region, schools in the Vitebsk region.


In as much as World War II found Donukalo political instructor at the western border
. He was Commissioner of the tank battalion. In a heavy defensive battles tankers inflicted heavy losses. In early August, at Smolensk, the battalion was surrounded. To the last fought in Donukalo Soloviev crossing. By providing a departure comrades, he himself with a group of men, among whom were seriously wounded, was unable to break the connection with our units and went into the woods.
In September 1941 Donukalo created a small guerrilla unit. By the spring of 1942, this unit has grown into a guerrilla brigade, were on more than fifteen thousand. Acting on the territory of the Vitebsk oblast, partisans under the command of Donukalo spent a lot of brilliant military operations, have caused great damage to the enemy. Just one year - from May 1942 to May 1943 - a team has conducted over 200 combat operations, . in the course of which was destroyed 10 Nazi garrisons, . 17 police stations, . 14 township management, . slaughtered and captured about 7 thousand of Hitler's soldiers and officers, . destroyed 44 trains, . 242 cars, . 3 tanks, . 2 aircraft, . 5 bridges blown, , . 50 machine guns, . 570 rifles and submachine guns, and many other combat equipment of the enemy.,

. But the record of follow-up of military affairs guerrillas in his diary Alexei Donukalo, which he carefully brought up to the day of his death.

. "4.6.43 g
. Partisans of "Progress" and "Sailor" in the battle with a large detachment of the Nazis in the villages Borki and Badgers killed 25 Nazi soldiers. Our losses: one was injured ...

13.6.43 d. The men, members of the Komsomol unit "Seaman" under the command of Chief of Staff of the detachment of the Nile Denisov and zamkomissara of the Komsomol Pirogov in an ambush near the village of Volosovo strafed a group of fascists. Killed five enemies. Our losses do not have ...

23.6.43 d. Order behalf Selivanenko raided the enemy garrison in the village Slidchany. At the signal zamkombriga Vasili Blokhin guerrillas went on the offensive. About two hundred fascists were driven out of the village. Killed and 36 wounded Nazis. Loss squad: three injured. Taken by the Nazis two light machine guns, three rifles, eight pistols ...

27.6.43 d. Demoman detachment "Seaman" Milashevskaya, Sviridenko and rolled under the command of Chief of Staff, H. Denisova mined railway Vitebsk - Polotsk on site Old Village - Sirotina. Lowered under the slope troop train (one locomotive and six wagons of ammunition, 24 platform cars )..."

All military operations recorded in his diary brigade commander, it is impossible to list. There are many. No wonder Hitler's command, troubled high activity of the people's avengers, does its utmost to destroy the guerrillas. Against teams Donukalo Nazis conducted dozens of punitive expeditions, but they were unsuccessful. The guerrillas, supported by excellent knowledge of local terrain, the enemy inflicted heavy blows, while they themselves remained elusive.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich, photo, biography
DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich, photo, biography DONUKALO Alexei Fyodorovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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