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Evseev Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Evseev Alexander
photo Evseev Alexander
(16. 9. 1926 - 13. 4. 1945)


A LEXANDER A. Evseev, . Sergeant, . Senior scout platoon control 1 Battalion 12 th Mortar Regiment (43rd Brigade mortar, . 3rd Guards Artillery Battalion, . 5 th Artillery Corps breakthrough, . 43rd Army, . 3rd Belorussian Front),
. Born September 16, 1926 in a. Lower Chernavka Volsky District, Saratov Region. Russian. He studied in the seven-year school in his native village, then g. Tahta-Bazar and n. Kushka in Turkmenistan, where in 1937 he moved with his parents. Graduated 6 classes. In early 1942, was adopted at the personal request of the pupil in the artillery unit in which structure in January 1943 went to the army.

In 1943 - 1945 he. fought in the West and 3-Byelorussian fronts. Participated in the liberation of Smolensk Oblast, Belarus, Lithuania and defeating the enemy on the territory of East Prussia. For military distinction was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd degree (1945) and the medal "For Courage" (1944).

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander Alexandrovich Yevseyeva awarded posthumously June 29, 1945 for the destruction of 37 enemy soldiers and officers during the reflection of counterattacks and shown courage and bravery.,

. AA Evseev buried in n
. Seaside Kaliningrad. Name Hero are trawler MPI, the streets in the town of Seaside and. Lower Chernavka.

With Asha Evseev donned a military overcoat, when he was only fifteen years. Having served as an artillery scout, he was keenly hunting down the hidden weapon emplacements, pillboxes and bunkers, command posts and communications centers of the enemy, which are then destroyed by the fire of our artillery and mortar. How best warrior, the command in 1943, provided short-term leave Yevseyeva. After visiting Kushka, he returned to the front. He was appointed to the Mortar Regiment GDH, with which the young soldier walked away from Vitebsk to Konigsberg. Sasha liked in the division for truthfulness, honesty, wit and courage of military. He performed many feats that he knew about the whole front.

Spring of 1944, our part of south-east of Vitebsk were fighting to improve their position. Promotion of infantry prevented the enemy machine guns, which could not be found. The infantry took cover, carrying a loss. Evseev, risking his life, moved to the positions of the enemy from of old, found six guns and a radio correct the fire of one of our batteries for as long as all the firing points were not destroyed. For this feat of intelligence soldier received his first award.

In early March 1945 in the area of Cynthia in East Prussia the enemy counterattacked our part. Sasha fire with a machine gun at point-blank shooting Nazis, and when the battalion commander was wounded captain Bugrinova, slung it on his frail shoulders, carried from the battlefield to a safe place and with the help of nurses evacuated to the field hospital division.

. On the outskirts of Koenigsberg, near the village of Gross-Holstein, April 9, 1945, our advancing troops met stiff resistance
. Sown in the fort for the multimeter stone walls, the Germans were firing from all types of weapons. The offensive stalled. Break into the fort was possible only through the gate. Evseev destroyed by grenades a machine gun, was covering the gate, and his comrades at that time disposed of the gun of the enemy. Together with the soldiers of the platoon control group of infantrymen and machine gunners, Evseev first broke into the fort and forced the surrender of the garrison, numbering 250 officers and men. For courage and daring young man was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd degree.

After the capture of KцІnigsberg mortar along with the advance units of infantry advancing along the northern shore of the bay Frishes-Huff Pillai. Near Nauttsvinkel (now p. Zhukovsky) in 16 hours on 13 April the enemy launched a surprise counter. Against three dozen intelligence and communications personnel, traveled to a new vantage point, surged more than 200 self-propelled with three submachine guns and six armored personnel carriers. Artillerymen took battle. When the ammunition was running out, they began to depart. Covering departure of his comrades, Sasha moved to high-rise and fire a machine gun killed more than 10 Nazis. In this battle, was seriously wounded and taken prisoner, where brutally murdered by the Nazis.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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  • Yuri Rzhevtsev Petrvoich for Evseev Alexander
  • I must add: A. Evseev - not just one of the heroes of the Great Patriotic, . namely, the only hero of the Soviet Union from among the juniors of the Border Troops NKVD. Below - a biographical note on him in my version, . I on the basis of publications of the open press did for the original Law Enforcement Encyclopedia of Kaliningrad region. Yours, . special correspondent of the Joint Editorial Interior Ministry of Russia on the Kaliningrad region police colonel YU.P,
    . RZHEVTSEV August 20, 2005 'Evseev Alexander (1928-1945), . Hero of the Soviet Union (1945, . posthumously) among inmates of Border Troops NKVD, . pupil and at the same time - a senior scout platoon control 1 Battalion 12 th Regiment mortar 43rd mortar brigade 3rd Guards mortar breakthrough artillery divisions 5 Artillery Corps breakthrough GDH 3rd Belorussian Front, . Party battles for East Prussia and the storming of KцІnigsberg, . Sergeant. Born on 15 (according to other sources - 16) in September 1928 in the village of Lower Chernavka Volsky district of Saratov region in the family working, . but since the early 1930's lived in the city Kushka Belorussian SSR,
    . Russian. Member of the Young Communist League in 1943. Education: six classes in Kushka. In 1933, left an orphan and has since been adopted in the border commandant Kushka on the Rights of the pupil. Since October 1941 - the pupil of one of the artillery units of the Red Army, . at the same time (according to other sources - in 1943) ubyvshey from Turkmenistan in the composition of the army,
    . He fought in the West, Stalingrad, Central, and 3-Byelorussian fronts. In 1943 he was encouraged to leave the city short Kushka. First his combat awards - medals "For courage" - was awarded for deeds, . perfect spring of 1944 the south-east of the Belarusian Vitebsk: along with two scouts was in the first trench,
    . The enemy in the course of counterattack in this sector could dislodge our forces from their positions. During the retreat companions Sergeant AA. Evseeva were injured and could no longer move independently. Sergeant AA. Evseev they had not abandoned: found a buggy pulled, . under close enemy fire drove the it to the place, . where the wounded comrades, . plunged past the cart and taken out of the zone of firing. A few days later in a battle near the settlement of old-fashioned way with a radio transmitter hidden behind the moved to the trenches of the enemy, . by visual observation revealed the location of the positions of the six well-camouflaged machine guns, . whose dagger-fire forged in this area of our infantry offensive, . and then on the radio began to correct the fire Sovestky on this very machine-gun nests. distinguished, and in March 1945 - during the battle for the East Prussian city of Cynthia (now - p Kornevo Bagrationovskom region): when 1 division of 12 th mortar regiment was suddenly attacked enemy infantry, . participated in the battle on the Rights of the gunners, . and, . noticing, . as the wounded fell Divisional Commander - Captain Bugrin, . crept up to him, . heaved his shoulders and crawled brought to a clinic. For feats, . committed in the storming of the fortress-city of Koenigsberg Sergeant AA,
    . Evseev was awarded the Orders of Glory 3rd degree. Specifically, . morning, April 9, 1945, . when the garrison of the fort? 7 stabbing fire forced our infantry to lie down, . as an artillery scout who was far ahead, . own initiative secretly crept up to the gate of the fort and cast one of the embrasures grenades,
    . This heroic act was the signal for a new, more powerful on the impact force attack. Fort fell. In this case only were captured two hundred and fifty scrambled to raise his hands up the Nazis. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was honored posthumously by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on June 29, 1945: April 13, 1945 for human settlements Nauttsvinkel (now - p Zhukovskoye Guriev district ) a group of seventeen mortar, . which included a 16-year-old staff sergeant AA,
    . Evseev, at novooborudovannom at a height of 10.9 MP battalion suddenly suffered a massive attack of the enemy. The enemy led the attack on Nauttsvinkel of the grove, . located to the right of him, . forces to two hundred infantry in three self-propelled guns and six armored vehicles. When the first wounded (including the division commander Captain Bugrin) and began to run out of ammunition, . remaining in the group of senior sergeant AA,
    . Evseev ordered everyone to leave, but he stayed to cover his comrades by fire from machine guns and grenades. In this unequal contest, being wounded, killed thirty-seven Nazis. The last two he threw a grenade into the midst of the advancing, . when the latter were already a few steps away from him. bleeding Soviet soldier fascist beasts martyred: the wild rage beaten with rifle butts, . stabbed with bayonets, . and then tied up and thrown into another living body to the fencing out of barbed wire. He was buried in the town of Seaside Svetly urban district in a mass grave of the military. the hero's name is immortalized in the name of streets in the town of Seaside in Kaliningrad and villages of Lower Chernavka Saratov regions,
    . It has also been assigned to the average trawler, hail 'Kaliningrad'. Memorialized, and twice in the Book of Memory of the Kaliningrad Oblast 'they are as follows: "1) v.3, p.. 103 and 2) T. 18, pp. 385-386. "
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    Evseev Alexander, photo, biography
    Evseev Alexander, photo, biography Evseev Alexander  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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