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Sergey Egorov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Sergey Egorov
photo Sergey Egorov
(1917 - 8. 8. 1944)


With ergey Vladimirovich Egorov - a senior lieutenant, company commander of the pontoon 134-th single-motorized pontoon bridge battalion (6-I-pontoon bridge crew, 40 Army, 1 st Ukrainian Front)
. Born in 1917 in Mr.. Volsk, Saratov region. Russian. He graduated from the seven high school. He worked as a mechanic at the telephone exchange. In 1938, drafted into the Red Army. In 1941 he graduated from the Leningrad Military Engineering College.

From July 1942 until the day of death - August 8, 1944 - fought in the South-West, Voronezh, and the 1 st Ukrainian fronts. He took part in defensive fighting near Voronezh, in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of Ukraine and Poland. For military distinctions awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st degree (1944) and Red Star (1943).

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Sergei Yegorov was awarded on Jan. 10, 1944 for bravery and courage in crossing the Dnieper.

. August 8, 1944 during the crossing of troops 13th Army across the River Vistula in the region of Sandomierz SV
. Yegorov died a heroic death. At one of the streets g. Wolski and at the school building Б•¬ 20 memorial board. His name is the city street.

In the second half of September 1943 the troops of the Voronezh Front in a broad band came to the Dnieper. In many parts of the infantry divisions crossed the river on the run, using the crossing fishing boats, rafts and other improvised means. But the heavy military equipment (tanks, guns, vehicles) in this way could not be transported. To lift it needed the ferries and bridges, heavy-duty.

September 25 company under the command Yegorova was tasked to ensure the crossing of our troops across the Dnieper in the villages. Balyk and Monastyrek Rzhischevskogo district, Kyiv region. Fulfilling the order, the soldiers shot at night with heavy pontoons machines and lowered them on the water. Morning began crossing.

From the left bank of the Dnieper simultaneously pushed off a pontoon, three loaded guns. The Nazis stepped up shelling. Around the pontoons were exploding shells and mines, rose water fountains. Dnipro soon clouded by fog, and this prevented the Nazis to conduct aimed fire.

In the middle of the river a direct hit was damaged pontoon Egorova, killing and injuring several people. Flared motor. A minute later could explode lived through fragments tank with gasoline and to destroy all the people. Egorov not confused. He put the motor cape and came to the rescue with the help of the men threw him into the water, in the course were put oars. Although slowly, but pontoon is moved to the target.

Approaching the right bank of the Nazis opened machine-gun fire on landing. Despite the furious bombardment, pontoons still time moored to the sandy spit. Gunners quickly unloaded guns and by deploying them straight in the water, hit on the enemy firing points.

After dropping off people, pontoon went to the return flight. When reached the middle of the Dnieper, the Luftwaffe flew. "Junkers" struck at the crossing. Part of the pontoons was divided. Egorov got concussion, but continued to lead a company. In the afternoon, he personally led the construction of the pier and build ferries for the crossing of tanks.

October 3, fascist aircraft launched a massive raid on the ferry. One of the ferries was broken, wooden flooring shattered into pieces, broke away from the ferry dock and floated down the river. Egorov, along with two soldiers rushed into the cold water, He swam to the ferry and drove the it to the bank. After making the ferry, the ferry company resumed its military equipment.

Many days in a row engineers worked day and night, without rest under constant enemy artillery fire, under incessant air strikes, with a constant risk to life. From September 25 to October 25, they crossed to the right bank of the Dnieper two infantry and one artillery division, several armored brigades and artillery regiments.

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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Sergey Egorov, photo, biography
Sergey Egorov, photo, biography Sergey Egorov  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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