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ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich
photo ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich
(16. 11. 1916 - 10. 10. 1944)

M itrofan Kuzmich Zakharov, captain, assistant commander of the 807 th Attack Aviation Regiment of the air-rifle Service. Born November 16, 1916 in g. Balashov, Saratov region. Russian. In 1937 he was drafted into the Red Army and sent to study in the aviation school.

From July 1942 until the day of death - October 10, 1944 - fought in the 8-th Air Army at Stalingrad, Southern, 4 and 1 Ukrainian Front. Participated in the defense of Stalingrad, the liberation of the Crimea, Ukraine and Poland. Easily wounded Sept. 25, 1942. For military distinction was awarded the Order of Lenin (1943), two Orders of Red Banner (1942, 1943) and the medal "For Defense of Stalingrad.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Mitrofan Kuzmich Zakharov was awarded on Aug. 2, 1944 for 110 assault against the enemy and for displaying courage and bravery.

. October 10, 1944 in carrying out their assignment M
. K. Zakharov died a heroic death.

On the canopy in 1942. Stalingrad. Day and night does not stop din of battle. The whole city tightened smoke and dust. They burn houses, factories, oil storage. Lights Volga ...

Captain Zakharov has six "sludge" to attack the enemy, attacking in the direction Orlovka. The enemy seeks to whatever has been cut off ledge, retained in this area of our parts. The front line winding, but it is clearly seen from the air on threads of our trenches, the continuous outbreaks of gun shots and thick chains of enemy tanks, violently storming the Soviet defenses. Artillery and mortar batteries, infantry, vehicles, command centers, warehouses ... Goals lot, but Zakharov selects one, which at the moment he considers most important: a column of tanks and infantry moving from Erzovki in a southerly direction.

. From the Latoshinki, where the Nazis had already made their way to the Volga, furiously beating anti-aircraft guns
. Zakharov dropped sharply, leaving the band breaks at low level flight, attacking an enemy convoy. Two head tank wrapped with thick black smoke. But the convoy passes them and move on. Zakharov makes second run and again throughout the six strikes on enemy tanks. Two machines freeze on the ground, lit up by well-aimed fire attack aircraft.

The next two stopovers pilots set fire to five cars. Nazis leave cars on the road and run away on the sides. Column stops. Attack aircraft are taking a course at their base, cross the Volga River near the village of Upper pogrom ...

From a great height on the "sludge" suddenly lean four "Messer". Away from them is impossible, and Zakharov takes battle. He catches the gun leading the group and produces short bursts. "Messer" smokes, then the stone fell near the village of Upper Akhtuba.

Fascists are trying to incessant attacks to take revenge, to avenge the death of its leader, but in vain. Defense "sludge" invulnerable. Soon, another fighter gets a hefty portion of lead and with a long smoke plume goes west. The remaining "Messerschmitts" cowardly, leaving the battlefield.

Zakharov - a true master shturmovok, sniper bombing, an expert navigator case - wrote about the brave pilot, commander of the regiment Zabavsky. - He was the first in the regiment and division mastered night flights at the IL-2, flew combat missions in any weather conditions, perfectly mastered radio, was an excellent pilot and hunter. For each sortie Zakharov sought to improve the combat tactics of attack aircraft. For exemplary performance of tasks, but high government awards he had ten thanks the Military Councils of the field armies and air of command.

Captain Zakharov went with his regiment the way from the Volga to Sandomir. After Stalingrad, he fulminated against the enemy near Rostov, Melitopol, Nikopol, Sevastopol and Lviv.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich, photo, biography
ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich, photo, biography ZAKhAROV Mitrofan Kuzmich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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