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SORGE Richard

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography SORGE Richard
photo SORGE Richard
(4. 10. 1895 - 7. 11. 1944)

W vechi Soviet spy Richard. Born October 4, 1895 in the village of Sabunchi, near Baku in a family of German engineering petroleum. German. In 1899, the accumulated state of Sorge's father left the family in Germany. Sorge graduated from higher secondary school, got carried away early in the history, philosophy, politics. In 1914 he volunteered for the front, was wounded. Returning to Berlin, joined the Berlin untversitet, but not survival rates, went to the Eastern Front. In 1916 he became friendly with the Left Socialists and became a convinced Communist. On the eastern front, Richard received three wounds, the last being in 1918. makes him lame for life - one leg is shorter by 2.5 cm. In the same year was discharged, having received for participation in the war Iron cross 2 nd degree, moved to the University of Kiel. Participated in the revolt of the sailors in Kiel in November 1918. He graduated from University with a degree of Doctor of Political Sciences. In 1919 joined the KPD, he taught, was the editor of the Communist newspaper, worked in the private institute. For political activity, was subjected to repression.

In 1924 arrived in the Soviet Union and adopted Soviet citizenship, worked in the Soviet institutions, wrote several works on international relations. Member of the CPSU since 1925. In 1925 - 1929 a scientist in the Institute of Marxism-Leninism. In 1929, Sorge was recruited by the head of the Soviet military intelligence YA.K. Berzin and carried out assignments in Germany, China. In the first half of 1930. Ramsay worked under a pseudonym in Shanghai (China). During the years of work in China under the guise of a German journalist and the "true Aryan", Sorge worked well in Nazi circles, and in 1933 joined the Nazi party. In 1933, arrived in Japan as an officer in the German newspaper. Unconventional in many ways, personality, subtle analyst, a talented journalist, Sorge became a valuable source of information. The meaning of Sorge is to prevent the possibility of war between Japan and the USSR that they were brilliantly executed. Autumn 1941 Sorge reported that Japan would not enter the war against the Soviet Union, and will fight in the Pacific against the United States, it allowed the USSR to transfer troops to the west. Since the Siberian Division of the steel strike force which helped win the battle for Moscow. After his arrest in the Soviet Union leaders Sorge Berzin and Uritskyj destruction of his wife 3.E. Maximova he refused to come to the USSR "on holiday" and, naturally, did not trust Stalin.

October 18, 1941, was arrested by Japanese authorities. In 1943, Sorge was sentenced to death. Attempts to exchange Sorge, a Japanese resident of the USSR has been undertaken. November 7, 1944 Sorge was executed in Sugamo Prison. He was buried in Tokyo.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union, Richard Sorge was posthumously awarded November 5, 1964.

. E st named after a street in Moscow, where he established a sculptural composition, created a film "Who are you, Dr. Sorge?"


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SORGE Richard, photo, biography
SORGE Richard, photo, biography SORGE Richard  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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