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Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
photo Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
(8. 10. 1909 - 22. 6. 1941)

And Vans Ivan deputy commander of Squadron 46 Fighter Regiment Lieutenant. Born October 8, 1909 in the village Chizhov (now in the city Fryazino Moscow region), the son of a blacksmith. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b). After primary school in Grebneva. He worked as a blacksmith on the farm. In the Red Army in the autumn 1931. First, he served a Red Army before Moscow. Then he entered the aviation school in the Urals. In March 1933, transferred to 8 th Odessa military pilots flying school, graduating in 1934. He served in the regiment legkobombardirovochnom in the Kiev Military District. In 1935 he became flight commander. One of the first mastered flying at night, blindfolded and at an altitude of 8000 m. Excellent led the aircraft to drop bombs on the route, carried out the shooting.

The liberation campaign of the Red Army in the Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia in 1939.

Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 the. 7 He flew combat missions in P-Z (3 of them - at night). Then he served in the Kiev Special Military District. In late 1940, Senior Lieutenant Ivanov graduated from the training fighters. Appointed deputy commander of Squadron 46 Fighter Regiment (14 th Composite Air Division).

N a dawn June 22, 1941 Senior Lieutenant Ivanov I.I. flew on combat alert at the head level of I-16 to intercept a group of German planes approaching the airfield Mlyn. In the air, our pilots have found 6 He-111 bombers of the 7 th Squadron Detachment KG 55 "Grief", which flew away from the airfield and began to line up in the right Peleng. Ivanov took a link in the attack on the enemy. Commanding line up in the left bearing, he made a left turn and took the trigger. Link dived on the leading. Arrows "Heinkel" opened fire on fighters. Coming out of the dive, our fighters have repeated attacks. One of the bombers was shot down. Others, dropping bombs at random, went out to the west. After the attack, both slave went to their base, as well as maneuvering, spent almost all fuel. To let them land, Ivanov continued prosecution. A few minutes later he too decided to go to the landing. At this time, the airfield appeared He-111. Noticing this, Ivanov rushed to meet him. By this time he had already run out of ammunition and was running out of fuel, but he continued to attack. "Heinkel" answering machine-gun fire, to stay the course. Then, to prevent the bombing of the airport, Ivanov rammed. From blow "Heinkel", piloted by non-commissioned officer H. Volfeylem, lost control crashed into the ground and exploded his bomb. The entire crew was killed while. But Ivanov's plane was damaged. Because of the short height, he was unable to take a parachute and was killed. Happened in 4 hours and 25 minutes in the morning near the village Zagoroscha Rivne region Rivne region.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov was awarded posthumously on Aug. 2, 1941.

. H agrazhden Order of Lenin
. Bust of Hero is set Fryazino on Walk of Fame. His name in the street are Schelkovo Moscow area, street and school in the town of Dubno, Rivne region, where he served, Fryazino School Б•¬ 1. In the city of Dubno installed Stella, on the site of the crash near the village of Zagoroscha - obelisk in Schyolkovo - plaque.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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