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JohnDoe Mikheevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography JohnDoe Mikheevich
photo JohnDoe Mikheevich
(19. 10. 1913 - 28. 11. 1943)

P employee Mikheevich Ivanov, Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the 866 th Fighter Regiment. Born October 19, 1913 with. Novotulke Petrograd district of the Saratov Region. Russian. He graduated from the school seven years. In 1933 he entered the military school pilots name п?.пє. Myasnikov and successfully finished it, he served in parts of fighter aircraft. Participated in the Russo-Finnish War 1939 - 1940 period.

Since the beginning of World War II until the day of death - November 28, 1943 - fought in the 17-th Air Army in the South-West, Stalingrad and 3 of the First Ukrainian Front. He took part in defensive operations of the first period of the war. Battle of Stalingrad and the liberation of Ukraine. Double shot. For military distinction was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner (1939, 1941, 1943) and the medal "For Defense of Stalingrad.

. Died Nov. 28, 1943 in an air battle over the saddle Lower Hortitsa Zaporozhye region.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Ivanov Mikheevich conferred posthumously on Oct. 26, 1944 for 299 combat sorties, shot down 17 enemy planes and for displaying valor and courage.


August 22, 1943 aerial observation posts reported on the appearance of a large group of Dnepropetrovsk fascist bombers
. Ivanov raised in the air all serviceable vehicles - 22 Yak-1 - and himself led them into battle. When approaching the front line of our pilots first noticed the Nazis. There were a lot: 48 S-87 bombers and 8 fighters Me-109 and PV-189. They were tight formation, intending to strike at our advancing troops in the village Dolgenkoe Kharkiv region.

. Six "yak" on the orders of the lead tied battle enemy fighters, and the other headed by Ivanov swiftly attacked the bombers
. Ivanov went to the head "Junkers" on the fuselage where the black and white paint was painted dragon's mouth. Nazi pilots noticed the danger, but it was too late. Before he could open fire, Ivanov issued a sight of all. Motor "Junkers" first puffed, and then flushed a bright flame.

After the first attack our enemy fighters were missing four bombers. Build them was broken.

Ivanov abruptly soared and whirled, ran to the vulture, which took place just upholstered leader. Forcing the motor, the lieutenant colonel overtook slow-moving car and bursts, but the route passed. Ivanov is well aware of. Meanwhile, the Junkers became disorderly fall, leaving behind a thick trail of smoke. Ivanov realized that fascist cunning, imitates his own death, using a smoke bomb, known more for fighting in Spain receiving disorderly fall. Colonel brought his plane almost sheer height and chased after the "Junkers". Near the ground the Nazi pilot turned the car in a horizontal position and the hedge-hopping raced westward. At maximum speed Ivanov overtook the enemy, and from a distance of 80 - 100 meters from the machine guns lashed on the fuselage. The Junkers crashed into the ground near the village.

Abandoning their bombs at random, the German planes cleared the airspace over the disposition of Soviet forces. 23 minutes of hot battle group Ivanova destroyed 9 bombers and 3 fighters. All "Yaki" returned to their base, except for one aircraft and was damaged and landed on our territory.

. The next day, Ivanov, in chapter 26 fighter over the village Brazhevkoy as brilliantly had a fight with 66 bombers and 20 fighters of the enemy
. Bold Falcons, led by the brave commander, shot down in this battle 14 vultures and prevented the bombing of ground troops. As before, Ivanov destroyed two enemy aircraft.

"An excellent pilot, a great commander-organizer - Ivanov described the division commander, Colonel Smirnov. - He has 180 air battles. His regiment was the best in the division and perform the most complex jobs.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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JohnDoe Mikheevich, photo, biography
JohnDoe Mikheevich, photo, biography JohnDoe Mikheevich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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