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Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin
photo Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin
(18. 10. 1909 - 11. 3. 1982)

By amanin Nikolai Petrovich. Born 18 (5 to st.s.) in October 1909 in the city now Melenki Vladimir region. Russian. In the Soviet army from 1927. In 1928 he graduated from the Leningrad military-theoretical school Air Force in 1929 БT  Borisoglebsk Air Force Pilot School. He served in line units the Air Force.

In February 1934 he was appointed commander of a mixed detachment of aircraft to save the crew and passengers of the steamship Chelyuskin Б•  Б•L. He flew in bad weather on the plane P-5 group flight Olyutorka БT  Vankarem length of about 2500 km. At 9 flights to the ice floe of ice brought from the camp 34.

W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin awarded April 20, 1934 for their courage and bravery shown during the rescue Chelyuskinites. later he was awarded the medal "Gold Star" for the Б•¬ 2.

In 1938 he graduated from the Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky. In the 1938-1940 aviation brigade commander (Kharkov Military District). Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1-th convocation. Member of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. In 1940-1942 БT  deputy commander of the Air Force of the Central Asian Military District.

In the first months of World War II 1941 - 1945 period was engaged in the formation and training of air units to send them to the front. July 1942 БT  Commander 292-Attack Air Division (Kalinin Front), from February 1943 БT  commander 8-th mixed and 5-Attack Air corps (1 st and 2 of the First Ukrainian Front). Parts under his command participated in Luki, Belgorod-Kharkov, Kiev, Korsun-Shevchenko, Lvov-Sandomierz, Budapest and Vienna operations; liberated Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. He has made a significant contribution to improving the tactics of fighting the IL-2.

Fter the war he continued to command the corps. From 1947 he worked in the Main Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet, in 1951-1955 БT  deputy chairman DOSAAF Aviation. In 1956 he graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff. In 1956-1958 БT  commander of the Air Force, from 1958 БT  Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for combat training. Since 1960 served as Assistant Chief of Air Force Space and actively participated in the selection and preparation of the first Soviet cosmonauts. Since 1971, Colonel General Aviation Kakmanin NP. БT  retired.

Lived in Moscow. Died March 11, 1982. He was buried in Moscow, the Novodevichy cemetery.

. Awarded 3 orders of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, 2 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of Suvorov 2 nd degree, Order of Kutuzov of degree 2, Red Star and medals, and foreign awards
. Its named after a street in Moscow, at the school building in Melenki a memorial plaque.

The first citizen of the Universe
. , 1962;
The pilots and astronauts. Moscow, 1972;
Let us make a. M., 1982, etc.

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    Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin, photo, biography
    Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin, photo, biography Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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