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KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich
photo KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich
(25. 4. 1910 - 18. 11. 1994)

By aratsupa Nikita Fedorovich legendary frontier guard retired colonel. Born April 25, 1910 in the village Alekseevka now Kuibyshev region Zaporozhye region in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. Member of the CPSU since 1941. In 1913, Mr.. with his mother (his father, who died very early, he did not remember), he moved to Kazakhstan, he lived in Atbasar. In seven years, was left an orphan, was raised in an orphanage Shchuchyn Kokchetav area.

In the border troops called in October 1932. In 1933 he graduated from the Far Eastern district school junior nachsostava service dog, in 1937 Б+T nachsostava training at the Central School of service dog breeding Border. He served as a guide and instructor of service dogs on the frontier "Poltavka" Grodekovskogo Red border unit at various positions in the armed forces of the Pacific, Eastern, Western, Trans-Caucasian border districts. In 1957, Б+T 61 worked in the Directorate Border country, helped to establish the border guard service in Vietnam.

. About Blood rare qualities, strong-willed, fearless, resourceful, he found violators despite the most ingenious contrivances of
. In the outer movements concealed ability to slow the border guard to the instantaneous reaction in the acute minute meeting with the enemy. He could run thirty, fifty kilometers Б+T long as it takes on the most difficult terrain in the rain and cold in a blizzard and a snowstorm and, ignoring the danger, to enter into battle, armed to the teeth to detain trespassers. Even with very modest by today's outfit Б+T horse Dragunka, Mauser, faithful shaggy in military affairs assistant Ingus Б+T Karatsupe managed everything.

. Over 20 years of service at the border Karatsupa involved in 120 collisions with enemies, living detained 338 infiltrators, destroyed 129 spies and saboteurs, not laid down their arms.

. Since 1961, Colonel Karatsupa Б+T in stock.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal Nikita Fedorovich Karatsupe awarded 21 пTя¦п+я¦ 65 years for the exemplary performance of tasks of command to protect the state border and shown the courage and heroism.,

. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star and medals
. Name Karatsupy named schools, libraries, river craft, frontier posts in Vietnam and India. Order of the military commander of the Red Banner Pacific Border District Karatsupa enrolled honorary border guard outpost, where he was being relieved carrying combat watch the first ten years of its border guards. In recent years he lived in Moscow. He worked in the Central Museum of the Border Guard.

In action 18 November 1994.

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KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich, photo, biography
KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich, photo, biography KARATSUPA Nikita Fedorovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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