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KLEIN, Robert A.

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography KLEIN, Robert A.
photo KLEIN, Robert A.
(9. 3. 1913 - 1990)

P Obert A. Klein, captain, scout guerrilla unit named Chapaeva. Born March 9, 1913 in a. Krivtsovke Kamyshinsky region Volgograd region. German. In 1931, Mr.. Marx graduated from the Automotive College. In 1932, on the Komsomol went to the Red Army. After two years of service in the Far East was sent to study in the Ulyanovsk Armored school after VI. Lenin, from which he graduated in 1937.

Great Patriotic War, met on the South-Western Front with the rank of lieutenant, as commander of a tank company. September 12, 1941, under Mr.. Oster was seriously wounded and unconscious remained on the battlefield. Local residents had been picked up and hiding from the Nazis. Cured, worked as head garages Perejaslavskogo Gebietskommissariat, where he created an underground group of patriots. In June 1943, blowing up the garage, crossed the partisan detachment. In 1944 he was chief of intelligence and the Assistant Chief of Staff, 1-st Ukrainian Partisan Division, acting on the territory of Ukraine and Poland. Under Warsaw was again seriously injured. For Combat Service to the Motherland was awarded the Order of Bogdan Hmelditskogo 3rd degree (1944), . medals "Partisan of Patriotic War," 1-th degree (1944), . "For the defense of Kiev" and two other medals, . as well as the highest military award of the Polish People's Republic, the Golden Cross of the Order "Virtutti military".,

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal to Robert Alexandrovich Klein awarded on Jan. 4, 1944, for the exemplary performance of special tasks in the rear of the enemy's command and special merits in the partisan movement in Ukraine.,

. In 1946, R.A
. Klein disability discharged from the Soviet Army and has since lived and worked in Mr.. Orel. He died in 1990.

P Obert Klein conducted dozens of bold in conception and daring in execution of operations in the rear of the Nazis. One of them was implemented in September 1943. At the headquarters of the partisan movement in Ukraine Klein got a task to delay departure 4 th Panzer Army, . avoid exercises its pre-prepared defense line on the right bank of the Dnieper and thereby facilitate the troops of the Voronezh Front forcing the river,
. Dressed in the form of Colonel General Staff of the Germanic army, Klein, along with a chauffeur-partisan AV. Tkanko, wearing the uniform sergeant, went to Mr.. Cherkasy. Luxurious "Opel Admiral" stopped near the crossing, the Nazis across the Dnieper. Klein out of the car, summoned the head of the crossing, and introduced herself as authorized by the Fuhrer, ordered:

. The Dnieper any machine not to miss! Army should hold the bridgehead on the left bank of the river and wait for the appropriate reserves in the west
. This plan will begin a new offensive against Hitler ...

Head of the ferry began to carry out orders "Colonel". Retreating back of the back and take up defensive positions on the specified boundary Klein. The commanders of the German units were dissatisfied with this decision. Head of the crossing asked the Klein documents, and written confirmation of the order. There was a critical moment. Tkanko already crawled under the tarp for hand grenades. But the silence suddenly pierced the furious cry Klein:

-In the name of the Fuhrer! "-" Colonel "pulled out a pistol and shot at point-blank head crossing. His brand new nickel-plated "Walter" flashed a silver plate with the monogram Guderian ...

Shot put an end to doubts about the Nazi officers. They were finally convinced that the person in front of them, clothed with unlimited power. Order "representative of the Fuhrer" was carried out with even greater zeal.

Six hours Klein disposed of the enemy crossing. By calling on the radio aircraft and cut the wire leading to the potential for an explosive charge under the crossing, he left. Soon our bombers attacked. The enemy suffered enormous losses.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.
2) Rumyantsev.N.M. People legendary heroism ". Saratov. 1968

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KLEIN, Robert A., photo, biography
KLEIN, Robert A., photo, biography KLEIN, Robert A.  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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