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Biography Nikolai KRAVCHENKO
photo Nikolai KRAVCHENKO
(9. 10. 1952)

By ravchenko Nikolai - the company commander of a separate 345-th Parachute Regiment (a group of Soviet troops in Afghanistan) Captain. Born October 9, 1952 in the city of Omsk in a working class family. Graduating high school Б•¬ 22 in the city of Omsk.

In the army since 1970. He studied at the Ryazan Higher Airborne School. In 1974, after graduating from the college he served in the Odessa Military District in the position of interpreter in the intelligence 98 Guards Airborne Division. In 1976 he moved to the 299 Guards Airborne Regiment. He served as commander of Parachute Platoon, deputy commander of the parachute company (November 1977), commander of the parachute - Airborne Company (1980).

. In 1979 he took part in the exercises of the Warsaw Pact Shield-79 in Hungary with 299 parachute landing - landing shelf with appliances.

. In April 1981 a group of officers Division Captan Kravchenko has already left for the replacement of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
. He served in Bagram - in 345 separate airborne regiment (commander of the regiment - Colonel Pavel S. Grachev, Russia's defense minister later). Was a company commander.

In January 1984. 345-th regiment marched about 400 miles, participated in a major operation to release Urgunskoy valley on the border with Pakistan. The operation lasted about a month in difficult winter conditions. Log into the valley must have been through the gorge. The road, only in the gorge along the river, was mined and well-sweep. During the week the vanguard of paratroopers slowly literally moved 10-15 kilometers on foot and gradually occupied the commanding heights along the gorge. As a result, the valley was unlocked and the main forces of Soviet troops was destroyed by a large base camp Dushmans captured many weapons ammunition and equipment of foreign manufacture. During this operation, NV Kravchenko, presented the award to the first order of "Red Star".

Participated in the 8-month Panjshir operation. May 19, 1984 First Airborne Battalion 345 th Regiment at the exit from the Panjshir Valley after the operation was ambushed. In the first minutes of battle killed the battalion commander and battalion captain Fedorov doctor Yevgeny Kozlov. Second parachute - commando company suffered significant losses. 18 wounded, the battalion lost control. In difficult circumstances captain Kravchenko took command of the battalion. He managed to quickly establish control of companies were, to shoot down the enemy from the commanding heights, restore communications with the regiment and organize the evacuation of wounded. The battalion was organized embroidered in an ambush with minimal losses.

Since June 1984. February Captain Kravchenko participated in several operations as chief of the battalion headquarters. Two weeks have pins and needles in infectious hospital after surgery with a diagnosis of Panjshir enterkolit, exhaustion, dehydration. In the autumn of Nidzhrabskoy operation hit an bronetransparter -70 and received a concussion, but refused hospitalization.

. W and courage during the Panjshir operations Nikolai Vasilyevich Kravchenko decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on Sept. 27, 1984 Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.,

. In February 1985
. Captain Kravchenko finished serving in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and was again sent to the 98 Guards Division in the position of commander Parachute Battalion in g. Kishinev. In 1986. entered the military academy named M.V. Frunze, where he graduated in 1989. and appointed deputy commander of the 234 Parachute - Assault Regiment. In the regiment carried out special tasks in Baku, Vilnius. Then he was appointed deputy commander of 23 separate air Airborne Brigade in g. Kremenchug. After the collapse of the Soviet Union refused to take oath of allegiance to Ukraine, asked the commander of the air assault troops, Colonel General Podkolzina E.D. to transfer home to serve in the Siberian Military District.

Since February 1992, to December 1998. - Deputy Head of the Omsk Combined Arms School. In 1993, Mr.. "early" for the successful execution of official duties received the rank of colonel. Since December 1998, the Acting Head of the Omsk obschevoyskogo Command College has made the latest release of officers in March 1999,. In 2000, according to government decisions and orders of the Minister of Defense school was disbanded and its base was formed Omsk Cadet Corps of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Currently, Colonel Kravchenko yavlyaeetsya chief of the corps.

Biography provided by Natalia Plotnikova

1) Autobiography
2) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary
. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.

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Nikolai KRAVCHENKO, photo, biography
Nikolai KRAVCHENKO, photo, biography Nikolai KRAVCHENKO  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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