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Kreizer Yakov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Kreizer Yakov
photo Kreizer Yakov
(4. 11. 1905 - 29. 11. 1969)

By raiser Yakov captain 1-st Moscow Motorized Rifle Division (20 Army, Western Front), Colonel. Born November 4, 1905 in Voronezh, in a family of small torogvtsa. A Jew. Member of the CPSU since 1925. He took courses in construction and road case for workers in Voronezh, after which he was appointed foreman, apprentice to the Committee of public facilities. In the Soviet army in 1921. Volunteered in the 22 th Infantry School. By the end of it was appointed a platoon commander in one part of the Moscow Garrison. Since 1928 in the Moscow division of the proletarian. In 1931 he graduated from the course "The Shot", and in 1941 Kuksa at the Military Academy of Frunze.

In Private Great Patriotic War from June 1941. Colonel Kreizer in early July 1941 near Borisov (Minsk region). Well-organized fighting division, which is causing the enemy counter-attack, delayed his advance for two days at the turn of the Berezina River. In the battle of Orsha Kreizer ensured the successful conduct of hostilities in the main direction of the Army. His personal participation in combat and fearlessness inspired warriors.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal Yakov Kreizer awarded July 22, 1941 for the successful conduct of military units and for displaying personal courage and heroism.,

. From August to December 1941 Kreizer was the Commander of the 3rd Army, which participated in the defense of Smolensk and Moscow
. In 1942 he graduated from a crash course in the Military Academy of the General Staff. He was deputy commander of the 57 th Army, commanded the 1 st Army Reserve. In October-November 1942 and February-July 1943 the commander of Б┬  2 Guards Army. Since August 1943 Б┬  commander of the 51 st Army, that distinguished itself during the liberation of Donbass, Crimea, the Baltic. The troops under his command fought on the Western, Bryansk, Steppenwolf, South, South-West, Leningrad, 1 st and 2 nd Baltic, Leningrad front.

. Fter the war in 1949, graduated from the higher academic courses at the Military Academy of the General Staff
. He commanded the troops of the South Urals (1955-1958), the Trans-Baikal (1958-1960), the Urals (1960-1961) and the Far East (1961-1963) military districts. In 1963-1969 Б┬  chief officer Higher rates Б▄═ Б√═ Shot. Since 1969, the Panel of Inspectors General of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Member of the Central Auditing Commission CPSU in 1961 - 1966 he. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1962 - 1966 gg.

Army General (1962). He was awarded five Orders of Lenin, four Orders of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov 1 st and 2 nd step., Kutuzov 1-st degree of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 1-st degree, medals.

In action Nov. 29, 1969. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

W Cola education for Kreizer, as for many of our other famous military leaders, was the Moscow Proletarian Infantry Division. For thirteen with a small pre-war years, he consistently took it way from the platoon leader to commander of this division.

Combat Division received the baptism of the Berezina River in the Borisova. It has popped up here at noon on June 30, carrying nearly semisotkilometrovy march from the capital. Could even be three days earlier, if the headquarters of the 20 th Army in ignorance of the situation at the front, not stop it first before Orshoy, then in the very Orsha. The delay is proved to be detrimental. The division immediately got in adverse conditions. The defense had to hold hastily, under artillery fire and bombs.

Before dawn, Colonel Kreizer arrived at his observation post, situated on the edge of the forest northeast of Borisov. He was told that prisoners captured: corporal and soldiers. Both of the 18 th Division, General Guderian's Panzer Corps.

Thus, the division would have to fight with selected tank corps. Moreover, the enemy has complete air supremacy. At dawn, the enemy bombers appeared. They were accompanied by three groups of fighters.

- Hundreds of fifteen, no less - said Kreizer - massive raid. Purpose.

After the bombing of 18 Panzer Corps under General Guderian, entering into the attack to a hundred tanks, crushed our divisions in the bridgehead and broke the bridge across the Berezina. A platoon of combat engineers did not have time to blow it up.

A menacing situation. Colonel Kreizer decided to throw in a counter-Tank Regiment, the division. This option provided for in advance.

The forest resounded with the roar of engines. Next streamed fast BT-7, and distinguished himself in war, but then are new - T-34 and KV. The regiment attacked the enemy in flank. Raged tense battle. It was attended by more than one hundred cars.

. The much-vaunted Nazi tank "strategist" Guderian recalled in his memoirs because of this fight: "18 Panzer Division was a fairly complete picture of the strength of the Russian, . For the first time they used their tanks T-34, . against which our guns at that time were too weak. ",

. Division Kreizer detained for two days selected German armored corps, destroying dozens of tanks and armored personnel carriers knocked down twelve aircraft, destroyed more than a thousand Nazis.

. Twelve days of the division had no possibility of Guderian's Panzer Corps to develop a rapid advance along the highway Minsk - Moscow
. During this time, our forces managed to pull himself and take up defensive positions on the Dnieper.

P farthest YA.G. Kreizer took command of the armies, carried out several successful operations to defeat the large groupings of the enemy in battles at Stalingrad and the liberation of the Crimea and the Baltic. Marshal I.H. Bagramian, who commanded the 2 nd Baltic Front, called it offensive general, the master attacks.

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Heroism Warrior Jews in WWII
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. Voenizd.1984
3) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.1. M.: Voeniz.1987.

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Kreizer Yakov, photo, biography
Kreizer Yakov, photo, biography Kreizer Yakov  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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