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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

Comments for KUZNETSOV Innocent V.
Biography KUZNETSOV Innocent V.
photo KUZNETSOV Innocent V.
(12. 12. 1914 - 31. 7. 1996)

By uznetsov Innocent V. deputy commander of the 30-th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Major. Born December 12, 1914 in the village of Duma (now Nukut Alarskij district, Irkutsk region) in a peasant family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b). He graduated from the 7 classes of secondary school and tractor. He worked as a mechanic in the MTS. In 1934 his family moved to Irkutsk. Participated in the construction of aircraft factory. Then he worked on it a fitter. Simultaneously, he studied at the flying club. In 1938, for the Komsomol sent to Bataysk military aviation school pilots of. AK Serov, from which he graduated in 1940. He served in the 129 th Fighter Aviation Regiment (9-Mixed Air Division, Western Special Military District).

In Private World War II on the first day. Fighting account opened at dawn on June 22, knocking on the MiG-3 German bomber He-111. After the airfield Tarnovo, where the regiment was stationed, was occupied by the enemy, together with the pilots and technicians a few days of breaking through the encirclement to the east. Then fought in the 180 Fighter Air Regiment Rzhev. In October 1941 he was appointed commander of the link.

In March 1942 the regiment was placed in the rear to re-form. In the 22 th Aviation Regiment in reserve Kineshma (Ivanovo region). Kuznetsov, together with other pilots of the regiment has mastered English fighter "Hurricane". In June, 180 th Regiment has participated in the battles of Belgorod, where Kuznetsov shot down 5 enemy aircraft.

. In autumn 1942 the regiment was re-equipped with American fighter P-39 "Airacobra", but Kuznetsov, who became commander of the squadron, while flying and the Yak-1
. By March 1943 in 32 air battles personally shot down 5 and in the group of 15 enemy aircraft.

. March 3, 1943, squadron commander of 30 th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (273rd Fighter Division, . 6-th Fighter Air Corps, . 16-th Air Army, . Central Front) Guards Senior Lieutenant Kuznetsov I.V,
. led Quartet Aerocobra near Liski station near Kursk joined the battle with 6 fighters FW-190. Kuznetsov, attacked the enemy on the run and knocked one of them. But at this time has another six "Focke-Wulf", which linked the battle subordinates Kuznetsova. He was left alone with five Germans. They took it in a vise and set on fire. Kuznetsov said, as one FW-190 came to see him in the tail. Then he abruptly dropped the gas and took the pen over. Aerocobra to slow down, but "Focke-Wulf" slipped forward. Then Kuznetsov brought down his plane on the enemy. Sam landed by parachute in the neutral zone. Our artillery opened a barrage and infantry pulled out injured pilot and took him to the field hospital. For his feat Kuznetsov was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In April 1945, deputy commander of the same regiment of the Major Kuznetsov I.V. flew at the head of the Quartet Aerocobra to cover the crossing of the Oder River. Above the town Shternbek our pilots found 12 fighters FW-190 and entered with them into battle. Since the first attack shot down the plane Kuznetsov lead. Suddenly he noticed a pair of "Focke-Wulf" attacking his follower. Time to maneuver and there was no sighting, and then decided to ram Kuznetsov. From the German attack fell on the ground. His damaged Aerocobra Kuznetsov brought to the front lines and put on his belly in the neutral zone.

The war ended in Berlin. His last sortie Guard Major Kuznetsov made May 9, 1945. All during the war has made 356 sorties, shot down a person 15 and the group of 15 enemy aircraft.

In 1946 he retired to the reserve. He worked at the Irkutsk aircraft factory foreman Collector, then pilot Transport. In September 1951 transferred to work in the LII. He took courses test pilots. In 1954 he returned to the Irkutsk factory. He experienced serial IL-28 and An-12. Since 1963 - retired. Lived in Yeisk, then in Gelendzhik.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" retired Major Innocent Vasilyevich Kuznetsov was awarded March 22, 1991 decree of the President of the USSR.

. H agrazhden Order of Lenin, 2 orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War 1 and 2 degrees, Alexander Nevsky, Red Star and medals, the English Knight's Cross.

. In action July 31, 1996
. Buried in Gelendzhik. Name of Hero was awarded one of the schools of Gelendzhik.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
. Sources:
. 1) Order of Glory of three degrees
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2) Who was who in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.Kr.spr.-M.: Republic, 1995.
3) On the brink of possible. - 2 ed., Corr. and additional. - M.: "Limb", 1993.

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KUZNETSOV Innocent V., photo, biography
KUZNETSOV Innocent V., photo, biography KUZNETSOV Innocent V.  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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