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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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(15. 5. 1902 - 13. 8. 1937)

A evanevsky Zygmunt A. - legendary polar pilot. Born 15 (2 st.s.) in May 1902 in St. Petersburg. Poly. In childhood and adolescence for a long time lived in the village Soklka Grodno province (now the city T Sok-ka, Poland). In 1916 he graduated from the Class 3 district school. He worked as a laborer in a factory.

Member of the October Revolution of 1917, a Red. Participated in conducting mass searches in the city, looking for food stocks at the railroad station.

In the army since 1918, a soldier food detachment in the Vyatka province. Member of the Civil War: from 1919 T the company commander and battalion chief of staff and commander of the Infantry Regiment (Eastern Front). In 1921 participated in the elimination of gangs in Dagestan.

Since 1921 T steward 4 th balloon detachment (g.Petrograd). Autumn of 1923 aims to study in the Sevastopol military aviation school of marine pilots, but too late for the start of classes. Time worked as assistant warden of Sevastopol VASHML. In 1924 Sevastopol VASHML T cadet, graduated from it in 1925. He served in line units air. Then T pilot-instructor Sevastopol VASHML. From 1928 T in stock. In 1928-1929 T pilot-instructor flight school Osoaviahima Nicholas. In 1929-1933 T chief of the Ukrainian summer school Osoaviahima (Poltava). Since spring 1933 T in Polar Air. The summer of 1933 overtook the flying boat Dornier-Val -= v= Sevastopol in Khabarovsk. July 13, 1933 flew to Chukotka to help an accident victim in the performance round the world flight American pilot Dzh.Matternu. July 20, 1933 brought the Americans to the city of Nome (Alaska). Autumn of 1933 made a number of agitpereletov in Ukraine.

In February 1934, through Europe took off with GA Ushakov and MT Slepneva in the U.S. for the purchase of aircraft. On them they had to participate in the rescue Chelyuskinites. Were purchased two aircraft -= Consolidated Fleyster v=. March 29, 1934 on one of them flew with GA Ushakov from Nome to Vankarem. Because of the severe icing made a forced landing. The plane was broken, and therefore SA Levanevsky unable to take part in flights to the camp Chelyuskinites. But nevertheless, he still (lost the aircraft) delivered to the head of the rescue operation Vankarem GA Ushakova.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union KRZYZANOWSKI Gleb awarded April 20, 1934 for their courage and heroism during the rescue Chelyuskinites.

. Since 1934 he studied at the Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky
. In early 1935 interrupted his studies for the preparation of trans-flight to the U.S. via the North Pole, an idea which he put forward in the pages of the newspaper Pravda -= v=. August 3, 1935 at the ANT-25 (second pilot T GF Bajdukov, navigator T VI Levchenko) attempted flight Moscow T T North Pole San Francisco (USA). However, due to technical problems the flight was interrupted over the Barents Sea, the plane landed at the airfield Krechevitsy (near Novgorod).

The summer of 1936 left the U.S. for the purchase of aircraft for the new trans-flight. Not finding anything suitable there, bought a seaplane Valti -= v= V-1A. August 5, 1936 it flew from Los Angeles and, through San Francisco, Whalen, Yakutsk and Sverdlovsk, 13 September 1936, arrived in Moscow.

. In April-May 1937 has experienced in Sevastopol, and then overtaken in Moscow purchased in the U.S. S-43 amphibian and flying boat, Douglas -= v= DF.

. August 12, 1937 at 18.15 in the four-engine plane DB-A (tail number N-209) (co-pilot T NG Kastanaev, . navigator T VI Levchenko, . airborne radio operator T N. Ya Galkovsky, . mechanic T GT Pobezhimov and NN Godovikov) was launched on the route Moscow T T Fairbanks North Pole (USA),
. From Fairbanks aircraft after refueling, had to fly to New York. The flight took place in difficult weather conditions. August 13, 1937 to 13.40 aircraft was the North Pole. At 14.32 from the aircraft received a radio message with the message that stopped the rightmost motor. This link was broken. Despite the search, which lasted about a year, the plane was never found. In one of the most grounded version, H-209 crashed off the coast of Alaska.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, the Red Star. His name is given to the streets in Moscow, Kazan, Tula, Lipetsk and other cities. Nikolaev Military Aviation School for Marine pilots bore his name.

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. Rostov-na-Donu, 1935.

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KRZYZANOWSKI A., photo, biography
KRZYZANOWSKI A., photo, biography KRZYZANOWSKI A.  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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