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Litvyakov Lidia

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Litvyakov Lidia
photo Litvyakov Lidia
Litvyak Lidia commander of the 3rd Squadron, 73rd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (6 th Guards Fighter Air Division, 8 th Air Army, the Southern Front) Guard Lieutenant. Born August 18, 1921 in Moscow. Russian. Member of the Komsomol. Graduated from high school.

From childhood a girl literally raved sky. At fourteen she was admitted to the flying club, and already at 15 made the first solo flight! Then a school pilots in Kherson. At the end of Kherson Aviation Pilot School instructors worked at the Kalinin Aeroclub. She became one of the best trainers. Through Lidin 'drill' has been more than fifty future pilots. But she dreamed about. She was drawn to the front.

Hearing that in Moscow formed women's air regiments, Litvyak immediately went to the capital. Until the dream she lacked a total of 100 flight hours. And then went to Lida trick - a shortfall attributed herself and was enrolled in a pilot of 586 First Female Fighter Regiment (144 th Fighter Division, Saratov, Balashov divisional district PVO). The first sortie flew in June 1942 in the sky Saratov.

In August 1942, with the account one group win (Ju-88), has transferred to 268 th Fighter Division. In early September, moved to the 437 th Fighter Regiment (287 th Fighter Division, 8 th Air Army, South-Eastern Front). Mastered the fighter La-5.

September 13 in the second sortie in the skies of Stalingrad was opened by his victories in the new shelf: shot down a Ju-88 bomber and fighter Me-109. September 27 in a dogfight with a distance of 30 m hit Ju-88. Then, paired with R. Belyaeva shot down Me-109. At the end of the month moved to a separate female link, organized with the division headquarters.

Soon she was transferred to the regiment aces - 9 Odessa Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, commanded by Hero of the Soviet Union LL Shestakov. After a short but significant stay in the regiment Lily Litvyak, her technique Ina Pasportnikovoy and Catherine Budanova etched in the memory of the Guards. School 9 GvIAP tempered brave pilots, and improve their combat skills. At the end of December 1942 Litvyak destroyed near their airfield bomber Do-217. New military victory had been crowned with glory and after their transfer to another regiment under the command of NI Baranova same division. By the time the account is already to Litvyak 6 air victories.

. His 'other half' a girl lucky enough to meet a native regiment in the face of one of the best pilots - Alexei Solomatin.

. Fighting the first days of war, Lesch was recognized by the Soviet ace, members of the legendary battle '7 to 25 '- March 9, 1942 when Mr.
. seven of the Soviet Air Force pilots of the Southwestern Front attacked a group of 25 enemy aircraft, won in an unequal battle, shooting down 7 aircraft without the loss of his hand! May 1, 1943, Mr.. Solomatin named a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Lida was initially are attached to him as a co-worker to cover up in the fighting. One day after a heavy battle Alyosha, looking into his blue eyes girl, said: "Lida, you - a miracle '. Their sympathy quickly grew into love. They did not hide their relationship. Solomatin anxiously watched the departing to take off her 'hawks', which itself had to remain on the ground.

Lesha is very kind to his beloved. After one flight, he gave Litvyak small knife with a patterned grip. Girl hitched a mascot in a leather case to your belt and never parted with him. In turn, Alex, that for a moment not to forget the favorite, has attached to the cockpit of his fighter Lidin photograph. Soon the guys were married.

11 February 1943 the commander of 296 th Fighter Regiment, Major NI Baranov took four fighters in the battle. And again, as in September, Lydia 2 aircraft shot down - personally Ju-88 and in group FW-190. In a battle of Yak-1 was hit and Lydia made a forced landing in enemy territory. Jumping out of the cab, she, being shot, rushed to flee from the approaching German soldiers. But the distance between them rapidly decreased. And suddenly swept over the heads of the enemy, our attack. German soldiers poured fire, he forced them to rush to the ground. Then, firing chassis, planned next to Lida, and stopped. Not getting out of the airplane, the pilot frantically waved his arms. The girl ran to meet them, squeezed the pilot on his knees, the plane started to take off and soon Lydia was in the regiment.

. February 23, 1943 Litvyak awarded first military award - the Order of the Red Star.

. In March, the situation in the air even more complicated
. March 22 in the region of Rostov-na-Donu Litvyak participated in the interception of a Ju-88. During a long and difficult battle she managed to shoot down one "Junkers". At this time, came up to help "Junkers" six Me-109 went on the run attack. Lydia noticed them first and to thwart a surprise attack, one got in their way. 15 minutes revolved deadly carousel. With great difficulty wounded aviator has crippled fighter back. He reported that the task is executed, she lost consciousness ...

After treatment in hospital, she went to Moscow, giving a receipt, that within a month will dolechivatsya home. But a week Lydia returned to the regiment. May 5, is not yet firmly established, Litvyak flew to escort bomber groups. During the flight got into a dogfight and Lydia was hit by enemy fighter. Two days later she was hit by another "Messer".

In late May, the section of the front, where the regiment acted, appeared balloon-spotter artillery. Repeated attempts to bring down this "sausage", a veil covering the strong anti-aircraft fire and fighter planes, nor to no avail. Lydia decided this task. Take-off, she passed along the front line to the side, then delved into the enemy's rear and the balloon had already gone from the depths of enemy territory, from the sun. Fleeting attack lasted less than one minute!.. For this brilliant victory Lieutenant Litvyak was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In addition, 1 May 1943 husband of Lydia, Alexei Solomatin, was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. The couple was ever proud of each other. But their happiness was short-lived.

May 21 in heavy fighting Alexei died. In the air battle over the village Pavlovka Solomatina plane was hit, its very badly wounded. With great difficulty Alex overstretched fighter to the airfield, but the plant was not able, broke into the eyes of colleagues and his wife. For the death of Lydia's husband was a heavy blow.

July 16, 1943 flew out of six in support of ground attack. In the area of the front line of our fighters engaged in battle with 30 bombers, accompanied by 6 "Messerschmitt", trying to strike at our ground troops. In this battle Litvyak personally shot down "Junkers" and paired with the knowledge of Me-109, but she was injured. On the demand going to be treated responded with a categorical refusal.

By the time the name of brave pilots already well known in the 8 th VA. Command tolerated Litvyak to fly to "sweep". On the hood of his Yak-1, she drew a bright, visible from afar, a white lily. No occasion to her to accompany our attack planes and bombers. In one of the flights it had shot down Me-109, a couple of days - once again battle. Flailing of 3 Me-109, Lydia came to the aid of his commander MI Golyshev, at which overwhelmed Quartet Messers ". Check all caught up with enemy aircraft. But it was hit and the plane. Pursued to the ground, she managed to put his "Yak" on the fuselage. Watching the fight infantry fire closed down its landing. They were delighted to learn that the pilot was a fearless girl.

August 1, 1943 Lydia Litvyak not returned from combat zadaniya.V that fateful day, she flew 3 sorties. In one of them paired with a wingman shot down Me-109. In the fourth radius six Yak-1, entered into battle with a group of 30 Ju-88 and 12 Me-109, tied a deadly maelstrom. And now burns "Junkers" falls apart "Messer". Coming out of the next peak, Lydia saw that the enemy takes. Gathered and our six. Standing close to the upper edge of the clouds, they went home. Suddenly a white sheet leapt "Messer" and before you dive back into the clouds, had time to turn to lead the third pair with an onboard "23". "Yak" as it fell, but land aviatrix, apparently tried to align it ... In any case, so his comrades driven Lydia in this battle - Alexander Evdokimov. This gave birth to the hope that she is alive.

Were immediately organized its search. However, neither the plane nor the pilots could not be found. After the death of one of the battles Sergeant Evdokimova, who knew which area fell Lidin "Yak", the official search ended. Lidia Litvyak was presented to the regiment commanded by Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

Soon the enemy's territory returned one of the downed pilots previously. He reported that, according to local residents, on the road near the village of Marinivka got our fighter. Pilots had a girl - blond, short. By plane approached a car with German officers, and the girl went with them ... Most airmen hearing did not believe and continue to attempt to clarify the fate of Lydia. But the shadow of suspicion has already moved beyond the shelf and reached the higher headquarters. Command, demonstrating "caution" not approved the submission Litvyak for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, limiting the Order of the Patriotic War of 1 degree.

. Once the moment of revelation Lydia said the mechanics of aircraft, her friend: "My biggest fear gap missing
. Anything, not that ". To this concern, there were reasonable grounds. Lida's father was arrested and shot as an "enemy people" in 1937. Girl perfectly understood what it meant to her, the daughter of the repressed, the gap missing. Nobody and nothing could save her good name. Fate played a cruel joke with her, has prepared just such a fate.

But Lydia searched, looking for hard. In the summer of 1946 the commander of 73 GvIAP I. Zapryagaev sent to the area Marinivka car a few people to search for traces of. Unfortunately odnopolchane Litvyak missed just a few days. Debris Lidin "Jaka" has already been destroyed ... In 1968 the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" attempted to restore the good name of pilots. In 1971 he joined the search for young rangers schools N1 City Krasny Luch. In the summer of 1979 their quest to succeed. Being in the hamlet tannery, the guys learned that the summer of 1943 at its edge down a Soviet fighter. Pilot, wounded in the head, was a woman. She was buried in the village Dmitrievka mining areas in a mass grave. It was Lydia Litvyak, which was confirmed by the course of further investigations.

In July 1988, in the personal file Litvyak record "missing" was finally changed to "died in the combat mission". Her name was memorialized on the burial ground, and veterans of the regiment, in which she fought, renewed the request for assignment of her title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Decree of the President of the USSR on giving it the title of Hero was released May 5, 1990. In Moscow, at the house N14 on the street Novoslobodskaya, in which she lived and where went to the front, a memorial plaque.

For 8 months she flew 168 sorties, 89 air battles personally shot down 11 and in the Group 3 enemy planes, destroyed the balloon spotter. She was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, 2 orders of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, the Order of the Red Star, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

Photos of Litvyakov Lidia
  • Litvyakov Lidia

Photos of Litvyakov Lidia
Litvyakov Lidia

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  • K. Jean Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • I am a retired professor and intelligence analyst. The stuff published here about Lidya Litvyak is a disgrace: it is full of shocking errors. Litvyak wasn't married and she wasn't killed. Period. In other words, it is nothing but a fairy tale. Her name was not Litvyakov! What next?
  • Kazimiera J. Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • A person so named didn't exist. The pilot's real name was Lidya Litvyak. She didn't marry her squadron commander, she was not nicknamed "The Red Rose of Stalingrad". She was not killed in combat. Why all this mythology and senseless sensationalism? What useful role does it this play? I am truly disgusted.
  • K. J. Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • Why haven't you at least corrected her name? The article is full of inaccuracies as I ala al
  • K. J. Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • Why haven't you at least let me finish the sentence? What a disaster this is!
  • Kazimiera J. Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • Her name wasn't Litvyakov. It was Litvyak. Was not nicknamed The Rose of Stanlingrad. Was not killed. Parachuted to safety, was taken prisoner by the enemy. After the war lived in Switzerland.
  • Kazimiera J. Cottam for Litvyakov Lidia
  • Please correct "Litvyakov". There is no such Russian name. The name is "Litvyak".
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