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LUKYANOV Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography LUKYANOV Alexander
photo LUKYANOV Alexander
(6. 6. 1919 - 28. 1. 1942)

A ukyanov Alexander Jr. Pilot 159 th Fighter Regiment (2-Mixed Air Division, the Northern Front), Lieutenant. Born June 6, 1919 in the village of Mikhailovskoye now Plavskii district of the Tula region in a peasant family. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1941. He graduated from the 7 classes of junior high school. Engaged aviamodelizmom. In 1934 he moved to Moscow. He graduated from trade schools in TsAGI. He worked in the workshops TsAGI, then the plant. Simultaneously, he studied at the flying club, flying in gliders and aircraft. In the Red Army since 1938. For voucher Bauman district Komsomol committee of Moscow sent in the 2 nd Borisoglebsk Air Force Pilot School and graduated in December 1938. After flying school aims to serve in the 24 th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

In private trader Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 the. In aerial combat shot down 1 aircraft.

In Private World War II from June 22, 1941. July 4, 1941 Lukyanov п-.п°. year, flew to the MiG-3 with a pair of aviator Roschupkin I.F. intercept enemy reconnaissance. In the area of the city Porkhov Pskov region, they found a Ju-88. "Junkers" tried to escape in the clouds, but Lukyanov overtook him and opened fire. Queue only touched the plane. An enemy gunner returned fire. Lukyanov made a U-turn, caught sight of "Junkers" and opened fire, but acted only one machine. Then he began to push the intelligence to the ground. Both aircraft were at an altitude of 150-200 m. Soon silent shooter "Junkers" (apparently was killed), but have refused Luk'yanova gun. Then he added, gas and propeller struck the stabilizer in an enemy plane. He pecked his nose and crashed into the ground. Lukyanov his damaged aircraft landed in the meadow.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Alexander Lukyanov awarded July 22, 1941.

. In the winter of 1941-1942 covered from the air "lifeline
. January 4, 1942 in an air battle on the approaches to Leningrad, after exhausting other possibilities to avoid enemy air raids on the town, the collision destroyed the bomber hit the enemy. Landed the damaged plane.

P skirting in an air battle on the Volkhov front in the vicinity of the village Punyshevo January 28, 1942. Total has made 141 sorties, 16 air battles personally knocked 4 and Group 5 enemy planes. Buried in the town of Volkhov.

H agrazhden Order of Lenin. During the war, workers of the Bauman district on their savings built link fighters, which was the inscription: "Baumantsy - hero Lukyanov". His name is engraved on the monument Tula - Heroes of the Soviet Union, established in the center of Tula, as well as on the stele, erected in the town of Tula region Plavsk on the hill of Fame. Name of Hero was awarded the streets in Moscow, the Volkhov, where the house Б•¬ 4 a memorial plaque. The name of the Hero wore pioneer squads schools Б•¬ 348 Moscow, Б•¬ 3 Volkhov and Nikolskaya Plavskii school district, the farm in Tula region. In Moscow school Б•¬ 348 museum was created pilot.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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