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Mazurenko Alex Efimovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Mazurenko Alex Efimovich
photo Mazurenko Alex Efimovich
(20. 6. 1917)

And Alexis Yefimovich Mazurenko was born June 20, 1917 in the village Leninka Ustinov region Kirovograd region into a peasant family. Ukrainetz. Before recruitment into the ranks of the Soviet Army, worked as an electrical. He studied at the Glider School, and then flying club. In 1938 he was conscripted and sent to the Naval Aviation School, which he graduated in 1940.

During the Great Patriotic War has gone from pilot to commander of the regiment. Many thousands of miles he has flown on its Ilyushin over the sea, over the German fortifications, participated in the battles of Leningrad, on the Baltic. Altogether during the war, the brave pilots flew 300 successful combat missions. Personally sank 8 ships of the enemy and 22 in the group, and also destroyed a large quantity of military equipment on land.

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Alexei Mazurenko Efimovich awarded Oct. 23, 1942, for the exemplary performance of combat tasks and displaying bravery, . heroism and courage.,

. In the Torah the Gold Star Medal "awarded November 5, 1944, for the able command of the regiment
. Awarded as many orders and medals.

Fter World War II, Major General Aviation A. E. Mazurenko graduated from senior officers' tactical flight training and aviafakultet Naval Academy. He commanded the unit, worked in the higher military schools. Since 1972 is in stock, lives and works in St. Petersburg. In encyclopedias indicate the year of his death in 1990, but Alexei Yefimovich alive - all deaths in the evil.

P ovno at ten o'clock in the evening the Marine attack aircraft lifted-off the field and headed west. AE. Mazurenko night was to be found in a given square court-transports and hit them bombing. Gulf of Finland looked from the air-resin black. Against this background, it is difficult to find the target. Looking for skill and keen eye.

Over a given square, changing the direction of flight, Mazurenko intently stared at the expanse of the Gulf. A few minutes passed, and his attention was attracted by one point, then began to see the silhouette of transport.

The pilot sent the plane into a dive. Breaking the sea air, ground attack quickly rushed to the water and dragged to the bottom of the aircraft track machine-gun bursts.

In the derivation of the machine out of a dive Mazurenko dropped two bombs. Over the Gulf of foam fountains, explosions. One bomb fell into the enemy's operations, and he was wrapped in smoke, began to slowly subside.

Mazurenko honorably doing your responsible work.

Mr. eroya Baltic command was sent to. After graduation, he was appointed to the post. He used to come now and in the North and the Black Sea Fleet and the Baltic. During the first year of the war he learned to skillfully fly tactical skill to fight. Now, he taught his art young pilots. He flew with them on combat missions, and their example, in practice, persuade them of the correctness of one or other tactics against the enemy. Visual aid is often served as a Nazi ships. Thus, in the North Mazurenko personally sank two German transport and nine-together with a group of young pilots.

In January 1944 A. E. Mazurenko flew to the Baltic. He was appointed commander of the regiment, where he began his service. A joy to catch up with old friends fighting. Hard to learn about those who did not become ...

In the regiment have been major changes. Planes now have enough for everyone, but the flight crews for the most part, newcomers. But Mazurenko is no stranger to work with young pilots.

Our troops at this time prepared to make to completely destroy the blockade, more than two years dushivshee Leningrad. Before the pilots were challenges. Mazurenko round the clock did not go from the start. At his command attack aircraft flew combat missions day and night. At a particularly difficult task flew commander himself, drove the young pilots to attack.

March 24, 1944 the Soviet Information Bureau reported one of the exploits of pilots Balts. Especially distinguished then a ground attack. E. Mazurenko.

In the Gulf of Finland has started an enemy convoy, coming under heavy guard. In the gray, rainy morning, the pilots Guards Regiment flew to strike an enemy bomb-hit attack. Group led Mazurenko.

Anti-aircraft artillery from the ships opened a heavy fire on the storming. But the first couple of planes, skillfully maneuvering, broke through a tight defensive fire and caused damage to the patrol boat.

Rapidly sweep over enemy ships pilots Guard. While rising columns of smoke and flames. It's burning wrecked enemy ships. Along with the crews and cargo to the sea absorbs.

In the midst of battle in the car of Major Kashtankina got flak. Flames enveloped the plane. The airfield does not hold out ...

Burning attack fearless trooper crashed into the enemy ship. Explosion and on the spot an enemy vessel fragments were left alone. Germans pay dearly for the life of a pilot-hero!

Survivors of the Nazi court sought refuge from the storm strikes our aircraft in the nearest bay. But here they were overtaken by guardsmen! On this day the Germans lost two transports, two warships and patrol boats. Mazurenko personally sank an enemy transport.

. W and outstanding combat successes assault regiment, commanded by Alexei Yefimovich Mazurenko, awarded the Order of the Red Banner, and the commander himself was awarded a second Gold Star Medal.

. This is doubly significant event pilots of the Red Guards Regiment, said the new victory: a few Tend they sank three Nazi minelaying and damaged the German heavy cruiser.

. Stormoviks-Guard, headed by Mazurenko tirelessly searched and sunk enemy ships
. In 1944, when unfolded victorious advance of our troops, they sank or damaged over 150 German ships. Thank Guardsmen storm troopers and their commander Mazurenko spread across the front.

1) Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Brief Biographical Dictionary. V.2. M.: Voeniz.1988.
2) People of the immortal exploits. Moscow submarine v.2 1975

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Mazurenko Alex Efimovich, photo, biography
Mazurenko Alex Efimovich, photo, biography Mazurenko Alex Efimovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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